Revision year 8 grammar


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Revision year 8 grammar

  1. 1. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/2011 This booklet tells you what you need to know. All the information in this booklet came from your most common mistakes. If you follow the booklet, you will most likely improve on most of your weaknesses. Buku ini akan memaklumkan kamu apa yang patut difahami. Semua maklumat di dalam buku ini datangnya dari kesilapan kamu. Jikalau kamu menghayati buku ini, besar kemungkinan kamu akan meningkat dari kelemahan yang ada. This is page 01
  2. 2. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/20111. Simple Mistakes ______ 1.1 ‘Primary School’ Mistakes ______ 1.2 Articles A . An . The ______ 1.3 Pronouns He . She . It . I . You . We . They ______ 1.4 Negatives ______2. Common Mistakes ______ 2.1 Infinitives ______ 2.1.1 To + Infinitives to eat, to sleep ______ 2.1.2 Do + Infinitives did eat, doesn’t sleep ______ 2.1.3 Modal + Infinitives could eat, will sleep ______ 2.2 Verbs ______ 2.2.1 S.V.A (Subject-verb Agreement) ______ 2.2.2 What Tense to Use? ______3. How To Answer Comprehension Questions ______4. How To Plan A Composition ______5. I Want My English To Sound Smooth ______6. I Want My English To Sound Impressive ______7. Checklist for your composition ______8. Model compositions ______ This is page 02
  3. 3. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/2011Primary school mistakes are silly mistakes to do. It shows that you are a lazy student. You donot put enough respect to your work. Capital letters are important! We’ll call them big letters.  Your I must be in big letters. A name must start with a big letter  Names with more than one word? Each word starts with a big letter.  Proper nouns must be in big letters  Starting a sentence with big letters Be careful with C F I J K M O P S U V W X Y ZNow doExercise 1 :Rewrite the paragraph. Correct the mistakes:can i tell you something? i know a girl named anne. she likes to playvideo games. her favorite game is monster rampage. she plays it with herlittle brother safwan. today, safwan went to the dentist so anne was allalone at home. she just called me to come to her house. we are actuallyneighbours in this beloved kampong of ours, lambak kanan.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is page 03
  4. 4. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/2011Now doExercise 2 :“In the space below, write about yourself. You must use at least 10 I’s. You must have 10names of people and places. You must include 2 names of months and 2 names of days. “____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________( write until here) Tick if yes Tick if no  CHECKLIST TIME!Has she written all her I in big letters?Has she used 10 I’sHas she included 10 names of places and people?Has she included 2 names of months?Has she included 2 names of days?Has she made any spelling mistakes? This is page 04
  5. 5. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/2011Marked by : There are 4 types of articles. You have been taught how to use 3 of them: a, an, the.a we use ‘a’ for singular nouns that we talk about for the first we use ‘an’ for singular nouns that begins with the sound of aaaa, eeeee. Iiiiiii,ooooo or uuuuu. The same thing, we use it for nouns that we talk about for the first time.the we use ‘the’ for 1) singular nouns that we talked about already. 2) plural nounsNow doExercise 3 :1. We saw __________ scary house. _________ scary house looked very old.2. My brother bought some books. ____________ books were very expensive.3. _________ woman came into the room. ____________ The woman said “Cak boom boom!”.4. We came into __________ strange forest. _________ eagle was flying above ________ forest.5. There is _______ glass of water on the table. (Think about why we use the with table)Now doExercise 4 :“In the space below, write about your room. You must use at least 10 articles.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is page 05
  6. 6. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/2011Something general. { ???? }General + singular (a) A banana is yellow.  What banana? Any banana.General + plural (b)  Bananas are yellow.  What banana? All bananas.General + uncount (c)  Fruit is good for you.  What fruit? All types of fruitSomething specific but not definite { ? }Specific + singular (d) I ate a banana.  Some banana from somewhere.Something definite { this! this! this! }Definite + singular (g) Thank you for the banana.  We know which banana. Definite + plural (g) Thank you for the bananas.  We know the bananas. Definite + uncount (g) Thank you for the fruit.  We know the fruit.  General Specific DefiniteSingular a a ThePlural  some TheUncountables  some The This is page 06
  7. 7. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/2011Your own ideas 1 :What is your understanding of these terms?General : _______________________________________________________________________________Specific : _______________________________________________________________________________Definite : _______________________________________________________________________________Now doExercise 5 :In the following dialogues, try to decide whether the speakers would probably use a/an orthe. 1. A : I have an idea. Let’s go on a picnic Saturday. B : Okay. 2. A : Did you have fun at the picnic yesterday? B : Sure did. And you? 3. A : You’d better have ______ good reason for being late! B : I do. 4. A : Did you think ______ reason Jack gave for being late was believable? B : Not really. 5. A : Where’s my blue shirt? B : It’s in ______ washing machine. You’ll have to wear ______ different shirt. 6. A : I wish we had ______ washing machine. B : So do I. It would make it a lot easier to do our laundry. 7. A : What happened to your bike? ______ front wheel is bent. B : I ran into ______ parked car when I swerved to avoid ______ big hole in the street. 8. A : Did you damage ______ car? B : A little. 9. A : What did you do? B : I left ______ note for ______ owner of ______ car. This is page 07
  8. 8. Year 8 Revision Notes ENGLISHGURU WWW.SHAIOMARALI.COM | WWW.SHAIOMARALI.NET/2011 10. A : What did you write on ______note? B : My name and address. I also wrote ______ apology. 11. A : What is ______ about? B : ______ book is about ______ life of Helen Keller. 12. A : Joe Roebling is ______ name of ______ engineer who designed the Brooklyn Bridge. He died in 1869 from ______ infection. He died before ______ bridge was completed. This is page 08