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Shailie king ignite

  1. 1. • Slide 1: Hook/attention grabber • We all have worked with or went to school with a person that has an overall bad attitude. What usually makes the situation worse, is that person is most likely a good worker or good student that is blinded with negativity. What if we had the power to change our attitudes and in return change our lives?
  2. 2. • Slide 2: Hook/attention grabber • What do you lose when you have a negative attitude, leadership, follower ship, creditability, and likability. • When we have a negative attitude we usually have a different perception of ourselves than others do. We usually don’t recognize that we have a negative attitude we only see how we are the victim.
  3. 3. • Slide 3: The Big Idea (pages 78-79) • We control our own thoughts, whether they are negative or positive. If we wake up everyday with a negative outlook and attitude we are going to produce a negative life. Negative thoughts lead to negative behavior, positive thoughts lead to positive behavior. Think of treating your mind the way we treat our bodies, if we eat healthy and work out for a couple of weeks we began to think of our bodies in a positive manner and feel good about ourselves. We can make those same changes with our minds.
  4. 4. • Slide 4: What’s in it for your audience? Explain why your topic is important or worth discussing. • Changing your attitude can drive your success in your career. • Imagine being at a job interview, you are interviewing against a person that has the same education and experience. The difference between the two of you is attitude, the other individual interviewing for the position has a positive attitude, appears driven and willing to work for the common good of the organization. You present yourself with a negative attitude, seem unwilling to want to work with others. Who do you think would get the job? The individual with a positive attitude would. !
  5. 5. src=BBu6M305vBPORiBVBEiwJQ-3-7 Positive Attitude = Success • Slide 5: Why should your audience listen to you? Explain your ethos (personal experience, expertise, and credibility). • I have been guilty of having a negative attitude, it cost me chances at advancing in my career, and not feeling good enough as well as not having the ability to lead properly. • I chose to change my attitude, not just for myself but for everyone that is involved with me. I started small, waking up and just telling myself I will have a positive attitude no mater what. If I deviated from that I wrote down what caused me to have a negative attitude that day. What I realized is that I did in fact have the capability to control my attitude even when outside sources gave me a reason to bring it down. The change was slow, and it took persistence, but I did change and became more successful and happy than I thought was possible.
  6. 6. - John Maxwell “Must manage your thought life daily and then you can manage your life.” • Slide 6: Call to Adventure (pages 38-39) • Before you can start changing your entire life, you need to start with your attitude. Make your goal “I want to be a better leader, mentor, family oriented” and then make your thought process match what you desire.
  7. 7. • Slide 7: Preview the three main points that will support your big idea • How to change your attitude: Change does not happen overnight, start small, start now, work on it everyday. • Steps to maintain your positive attitude: Hold yourself accountable, Self-Reflect, Have others hold you accountable. • How to put your attitude to work for your: Mentor others, set the example, once you do people will follow. !!!
  8. 8. src=BBu6M305vBPORiBVBEiwJQ-3-66 • Slide 8: Introduce and set up Supporting Point One • Identify you have a positive attitude: Accepting that you have a negative is one thing but identifying what gives you a negative attitude will help you eliminate it and correct it. • Change the negative influences: Once you have identified what causes your negative attitude, learn how to either overcome its negativity or remove it from your life. • Start liking you: Praise yourself for your success, if you tell yourself that you can’t then you will believe it, if you keep telling yourself that you can, then you will believe it. !!
  9. 9. You Are Capable of Anything src=BBu6M305vBPORiBVBEiwJQ-3-81 • Slide 9: Factual or emotional evidence • The evidence is all around us, what we put into ourselves is what we get out of it. Leaders John Maxwell and Zig Zigler preached for years and still continue to spread their teachings and beliefs that we are capable of doing anything we set out mind to. They have published hundreds of books and are credited motivational speaker and have created multi-million dollar leadership certification courses focusing on creating positive attitudes and positive people.
  10. 10. • Slide 10: Factual or emotional evidence • Once I identified the things in my life that made me have a negative outlook I was able to remove the ones that were not necessary and overcome the ones that I could not.
  11. 11. • Slide 11: Introduce and set up Supporting Point Two • Re-enforce positive thoughts: Continue to work everyday towards having a positive attitude • Reward yourself: Let yourself know that you are happy being you. • Maintain motivation from Maxwell. !!
  12. 12. • Slide 12: Factual or emotional evidence • I found praising myself made me feel great about myself. Once I seen how people reacted towards me when they seen a positive change in my attitude, I rewarded myself with self-praise everyday.
  13. 13. • Slide 13: Factual or emotional evidence • I maintain motivation by reading one John Maxwell book every two weeks taking a few minutes each day to read. This keeps me focused on what I want to achieve as well as getting more information on how I can grow. I also start my day with a positive attitude by listening to motivational podcast in the car on my way to work, this sets my day off on the right path of maintaining a positive attitude.
  14. 14. • Slide 14: Introduce and set up Supporting Point Three • Mentor others • Control your attitude for the better of the group • Using your attitude
  15. 15. • Slide 15: Factual or emotional evidence • I started feeling the most benefits of having a positive attitude when I started using it to benefit others. Our work center is very stressful and can have a negative impact of everyones life. Maintaining a positive attitude helped everyone else stay positive as well. Chain reaction.
  16. 16. Leadership • Slide 16: Factual or emotional evidence • I used my attitude to influence others which caused them to want to follow me. Once I established myself with good leadership skills and a positive attitude I was moved to a position of authority above my level or rank. I was able to use a positive attitude to gain recognition for the work I had been doing the entire time that was overlooked because I had a negative attitude.
  17. 17. • Slide 17: Call to Action (pages 42-43) • Once you have established your positive attitude, you have the power to control other effect on you.
  18. 18. • Slide 18: Summarize the main points • Change is a process • A positive attitude can change your life • You can change others with your attitude • Continue to work on it
  19. 19. • Slide 19: Restate big idea • Having a positive attitude can change your life. • We choose to be happy!
  20. 20. • Slide 20: Clincher/new bliss (page 44) • How do you want people to see you?