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Inverted Nipple Correction


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Nipple retraction is Congenital. Correction is for Cosmetic reasons. It is a complex operation where the ducts have to be preserved and the fibrous bands severed to correct the pulling force.

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Inverted Nipple Correction

  1. 1. Shailesh Nisal Ramya NisalSparsh Clinics Nagpur India
  2. 2. Will the everted nipple stay or re retract?Nulliparous….will she be able to breast feed?
  3. 3. Left Inverted Nipple with fibroadenomasboth breasts
  4. 4. Lumps and periareolar incisions markedpreoperatively
  5. 5. Excised fibroadenoma and dissection forducts/tethering bands
  6. 6. Sutures to pull at everted nipple, splint tokeep it in position
  7. 7. Splint can be lifted to inspect, retained for 3weeks
  8. 8. Satisfactory after 3 weeks
  9. 9. After 6 mths
  10. 10. Good projection
  11. 11. Periareolar scar mingling in surroundings
  12. 12. Shailesh Nisal Ramya NisalSparsh Clinics Nagpur India