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link building strategies


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It is about how to build a link

Published in: Business, Technology
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link building strategies

  1. 1. New Link Building Strategies
  2. 2. • Google Places Implementation• Creation of Twitter and Google Plus• Local Business Directory• SBM• Niche Directory Submission• Blog Commenting• Niche Forum Commenting• Web 2.0 Creation with unique content• Guest Posting• Video Submission• Image Optimization• Regular Social Media Optimization
  3. 3. Local Business Directory• Local Business Directories should be with high page rank and popular site. Examples
  4. 4. SBM• The Social bookmarking sites should be of following criteria• Page Rank should be 4+• Very popular Example
  5. 5. Niche Directory Submission• Submitting to the category related sites• Example• For a fashion related sites•••••
  6. 6. Blog CommentingCommenting in do follow Niche Blogs with page rank +1
  7. 7. Forum Commenting• Commenting in Niche Forum• Creating profile• Starting New Thread
  8. 8. Web 2.0 Creation• Creating profile and publishing content in web 2.0• Blogger• Tumblr• Word press
  9. 9. Guest Posting•• suggestions-for-guest-posts-at-problogger/
  10. 10. Video Submission• Creating a video and submitting in video sites like You Tube• PPT Submission
  11. 11. Regular Social Media OptimizationUpdating social media sites like• Facebook• Twitter• Google +• Linkedln
  12. 12. Thank You