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Induction%20 ppt


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Induction%20 ppt

  1. 1. WelcomeName of the company (enter photograpf of thecompany)
  2. 2. Agenda/Topics to Be Covered History of company & company vision Company policies Other resources Required paperwork Summary
  3. 3. History of Company When was the company founded Company vision and charter/mission statement Company products/services This may take more than one slide
  4. 4. Who’s Who List key company executives An organization chart might be effective here
  5. 5. Company Policies Highlight most important policies and review Review company business hours Talk about company expectations of employees Distribute company handbook This may take more than one slide
  6. 6. Benefits Review Health/dental options Vacation/sick/holidays Disability/life insurance Retirement benefits Training/educational opportunities Other benefits Detailed coverage of benefits might require afollow-up meeting
  7. 7. Performance Reviews Purpose of reviews Frequency and timing of reviews Outline the review process Distribute and review the forms
  8. 8. Other Resources Company Handbook Other policy documents Contact name/phone for each area
  9. 9. Required Paperwork Review any forms needing immediate action Present timeframe for completing new employeepaperwork
  10. 10. Summary Discuss topics covered Reiterate welcome Reminder to submit paperwork Wrap-up