Sony tablets project(relaunching)


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Sony tablets project(relaunching)

  1. 1. Product launch of ‘SONY WALKMAN TABLET’ Case study in Marketing Prof. S. Charania From EMBA 2013-15 Avi Pipada 13011 Divya Parekh 13022 Jayesh Porwal 13036 Yusuf Shaikh 13043
  2. 2. Sony name comes from the Latin word sonus(means sound). Sony walkman was the world’s first portable music player Walkman Prehistory :  Sept 1955: Japan's first transistor radio, TR-55  Oct 1968 : Trinitron color TV KV-1310  May 1975: Betamax home-use video cassette recorder SL-6300  The first affordable portable RADIOS were introduced in the late 1950-60.  The transistor gave cleaner sound than vacuum tube models, and transistors rarely wore out or overheated.  They also made radios much less fragile and also allowed them to be a lot smaller.  CASSETTE RECORDERS available at that time were not designed for the general public.  Sony called theirs Pressman and marketed it exclusively to reporters.  These recorders lacked stereo sound and were very expensive.  They also used (typically) microcassettes, which had no support from record companies (and were expensive to boot). How Walkman invented :  Sony's first stab at the personal tape player market came in 1978, with the TC-D5.  It had excellent quality sound and was easy to operate.  Unfortunately for most potential customers, the price was around $1,000 (¥300,000), and it was hardly portable. Who invented Walkman :  The first walkman was developed and designed by Nobutoshi Kihara, an audio division engineer at Sony, in 1978.  The technologies involved in making the novel product were not new, but merely assembled in a new way.  Factors influencing the decision included the popularity of Superman at the time and the fact that the new product was based on the Pressman.  The name "Walkman" contributed to the dynamic, fun image of the concept.
  3. 3. Introduction Walkman Tablet formerly known as Sony Tablet, is the brand name of a series of tablet computers. The Walkman Tablet has a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels and the screen is shatter-proof. Rather than finding a typical looking tablet, the Sony Tablet is one of the more ingenious looking tablets of late thanks to its ergonomically correct and unique design approach. we’re astounded from the beginning by the very different approach it takes with the entire form factor and also surprise by its remarkably lightweight feel, which is mainly attributed by its glossy plastic exterior. However, it easily is dirtied up by the usual smudges and other nasty baddies. Nevertheless, we really need to commend Sony for crafting something that’s so different from the usual crop – and it helps when it feels solid all around! Equally as attractive, the 10.1” TruBlack display of the Sony Tablet is astoundingly brilliant in output as it incorporates the same technology found with Sony’s Bravia television sets. Naturally, blacks are deep in tone to make us sometimes question where the black bezel of the tablet start and end. Moreover, its cooler looking color production manages to keep things looking nice and vivid – without appearing too oversaturated like Super AMOLED Plus. On the other hand, its 1920x1200 resolution is more than adequate in producing enough detail with most things. Yeah, it sports an impressive design, but its display is able to captivate us in a similar fashion. Unlike some other manufacturers, Sony’s engineers must’ve meticulously thought out everything about the tablet beforehand – like its physical buttons. Specifically, both the volume controls and power button, which have a good feel and responsiveness, are actually placed on the tablet’s recessed right edge at an angle. With its placement, they don’t get in the way of our palms as we hold the tablet in landscape. Additionally, there’s a green colored LED built into the surface of the right edge that lights up when notifications are received. instead along the bottom left edge of the tablet, we find its proprietary charging port, which doesn’t leave us much confidence since the connector to charge it on the wall charger seems flimsy in construction. Above the display, a front-facing VGA camera Is perched squarely in the middle to offer easy self-portraits and the option to do video chat. Meanwhile, there’s a 8-megapixel camera in the rear and 2-megapixel camera in the front. Finally, there are left and right speaker grills poking on both edges of the tablet to offer support for stereo sound.
  4. 4. MARKETING STRATEGY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Superior Quality specially in music Reliability Friendly and easy to use Flexible Design Low Cost And Effectiveness Usage Both For Professionals And Young Customers Product : “Sony Walkman Tablet” delivers the perfect combination of hardware, content and network with seamless usability for a high-quality, engaging entertainment experience. Brilliantly vivid HD display Walkman Tablet is built with the latest Sony display technology, for the most vivid viewing imaginable. The 10.1 (25.6 cms) HD Reality Display, which automatically optimises every image. And with the fullest colour display, every scene is richer, brighter and more breathtakingly vibrant. Go-anywhere design Walkman Tablet has a sleek, minimal design that’s based on premium materials and symmetry in all directions. We call this OmniBalance design. At just 6.9 mm and 495 grams, Xperia™ Tablet Z is remarkably slim, light and portable? yet anything but fragile. With a water-resistant construction and super-strong glass display, your favourite entertainer can go anywhere you go
  5. 5. Snap and chat in HD Walkman Tablet has an 8 megapixel camera with ExmorR™ for mobile sensor, to take sharp shots in any light. Record the tie-breaking match in HD video. Go front-facing for crystal clear chats to far flung mates. Not a pro with settings? Superior Auto mode does the thinking for you, so all you have to do is shoot. Entertainment at your fingertips Movie screen. Game console. Web browser. eReader. Whatever you’d like your tablet to be, Walkman Tablet is ready to entertain. Accessing Sony Entertainment Network puts thousands of music tracks and movies at your fingertips. And you can discover more than 600,000 apps. Challenge your high score with the latest games for PlayStation. Swipe through the pages of a book. Or scroll through a list of blockbusters. Walkman Tablet delivers it all with a breathtaking display, the sharpest graphics and the best tablet sound. Party Streaming Unlike conventional experiences with WiFi audio streaming, Party Streaming perfectly synchronizes playback between multiple connected network speakers* throughout your home. Now you can move from room to room without missing a single beat. Introducing Swift and Smooth Experience. Sony's latest software technology brings you faster web browsing, a more responsive touch panel and smooth animation through the menus. You'll appreciate the enhanced speed in everything you touch. PlayStation Enjoy games for PlayStation™ Certified devices that you already love from the original PlayStation®.
  6. 6. This is the first PlayStation™ Certified tablet ever, which means you get out-of-the-box gaming with PlayStation favourites Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes. More capable than a smartphone and more intimate than a laptop.Game changer and affordable.Bridges the gap between notebooks & smartphones.Responsive and precise.The whole music world in your hands.Battery life big due to mobility restrictions.Low energy consumption without performance compromise. Features Screen size: 10.1 inches Resolution: 1920x1200 pixels Weight: 495 grams Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (1.5 GHz quad core) RAM: 4 GB Camera: 8MP rear, 4 MP front Internal memory: 64GB Expandable memory: Up to 128 GB
  7. 7. Graphics: Integrated Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology UNIQUENESS: The tablet has some exclusive Sony apps, such as Sony Music (six months subscription free), Sony LIV (free access to SAB, Sony Entertainment and Sony Max channels) and X4 video (can play 4 videos at once). Enjoy content from your tablet on your HDTV and more. With cross-connectivity between the Sony Tablet™ and your DLNA-compatible TV, PC or speakers, it's easy to share the fun Keep your content organised You can use Windows Explorer to create and name your own folders, and arrange your MP3 music, pictures and videos files Then choose the tunes and movies you want on your Walkman® and just drag them across Manage your content with ease You can keep all your MP3 files and folders -music albums photo albums and videos - up to date using Windows Explorer. When you're ready to transfer them to your Walkman®, all your folders and labels will come too. Plug in and transfer files Transferring your files from Windows Explorer to your Walkman® is as simple as moving files on your PC. Just plug in via USB and drag your content into the appropriate folder that appears: MUSIC for music, VIDEO for video, you get the idea. Place : Sony India is one of the most recognized consumer electronics brand in the country, with a reputation for new age technology, digital concepts and excellent after sales service. In India, Sony has its footprint across all major towns and cities in the country through a distribution network comprising of over 10,400 dealers and distributors, 270 exclusive Sony outlets and 23 direct branch locations. Sony India also has a strong service presence across the country with 255 service outlets. Sony is committed to ensuring that both the products and the marketing activities employed truly make a difference to people’s lifestyles and offer them new dimensions of enjoyment. Price: Pricing also seemed to have played a significant role in Sony’s success. Differentiation is the key for a brand to be preferred by consumers, when there are so many brands within the same product category. Sony believes in providing good products at reasonable prices to its customers. Sony’s technology plank communications helped the company to gain market
  8. 8. share, even though it did not offers any discount or exchange scheme when it entered India. Sony focuses on cost-cutting measures to keep its price low which helps to combat the discount schemes of the local companies. Sony is very transparent in functioning. It has a fixed MOP(Marketing Operating Price) whereby the goods are sold to the distributors and to the customer’s at a fixed market price only. The focus of its competitors is to penetrate in the rural and semi-urban mass markets. But Sony insists that it’s a high end technology driven player. That’s why the urban areas are still a focus area for it and only 30% of revenue comes from rural and semi-urban India. They have always been a hi-end technology driven player and want to keep that equity. Not surprisingly, the target customer for Sony products won’t be found in the price sensitive mass market .Adopting the lifestyle product platform. Sony’s aiming for the high-end premium market. Hence Sony has always been keeping premium prices. Sony claims it’s never been a price warrior- it focuses has always been on the premium market, which is why it has reminded a steady player in most product categories. It is difficult to achieve the ambitious target keeping in mind the pricing startegy of Sony. But, they believe that it takes time to ensure your supremacy in market share. Once you get your brand perception right in the minds of the customers as a brand that delievers the best technology and gives you value for money, then ultimately market share goes up. By outsourcing the assembly and using cost efficiencies we believe we have hit the sweet spot between price and quality Reason – There is not much difference in pricing from our competitor’s even though we provide with a better technology. Looking at the completion, we making an attempt to create a market share where we do not mind selling at a lower profit. We will be using psychological pricing so as to gain attention of consumers and create buzz amongst our audience. After making a great amount of market share in the market we will come out with a new feature or technology in the tablet (like higher version) and relatively increase the price of the product. Promotion  Offering advanced technology products and positioning itself on the technology platform will not help a company sell its product if it fails to communicate properly with the potential customers. High school and college festivals and other events were also targeted. In retail outlets, staff was asked to carry around a Walkman Tablet with a demo and offer customers the chance to use and experience it.In addition to such
  9. 9. grassroots marketing efforts, Sony will present a Walkman Tablet to various celebrities and asked them to try it. Magazine photographs of young pop stars using to a Walkman Tablet will certainly help to popularize the product. TAG LINE:“FEEL THE NEXT GENERATION” LOGO Online marketing:• FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENT AND POST • TWEET ON TWETTER • EMAILS • Demo on YouTube • Create a website. • Put web banners on the sites. Media Planning – Media plan in detail with current rates. PRINT Vehicles Cities Readership COST The Times of MU,AM,D, India CH, K, H,B 34,66,378 10,165 CPM SIZE Insertions AMOUNT Half 2.93 page 4 REASONS DATES Readership 15th and is high and 25th it's a march, 5th prestigious and 15th 3,25,28,000 newspaper. april.
  10. 10. DNA Mid day MU, B, AM MU 12,42,000 2,60,000 5,095 1,250 Half 4.1 page Full 4.8 page D Full 28,00,000 1,80,000 64.28 page India MU,AM,D, Full today CH, K, H,B 62,63,000 6,60,000 105.38 page New era 2 10th march and 5th april. 20,00,000 Target audience MU Full 8,50,000 2,32,000 272.94 page Total 6,50,000 High reach 22nd and target march and audience. 4th april. 2 3,60,000 CPM is low 12th and Target march and audience. 12th april. 2 CPM is low and it's a 17th prestigious march and 13,20,000 magazine. 17th April. 1 1,40,000 15th march and 15th April. 17 MU,AM,D, Full autocar CH, K, H,B 3,37,000 3,25,000 964.39 page BUSINESS WORLD 4 20th march,9th, Geographical 17th and 1,63,04,000 Selectivity. 25th april. 5,33,02,000 2 Target audience TVC Channels Timings Colors Sony 9 pm to 10 pm 10:30 to 11:45 pm Serials Big boss Crime petrol TRP 1.6 0.9 Insertions 24 22 Price per slot 1,50,000 2,50,000 Cost Dates 36,00,000 11th March, 13th March -, 16th March, 1st April , 6th May , 10th May 55,00,000 11th March , 13th March, 16th March, 1st April, 4th April, 10th May
  11. 11. Sab TV Star Plus Zee TV 8:30 to 9:00 pm 6:30 7:00 pm 1:30 to 2:00 pm 8 pm to Set Max 11:30 pm Cartoon Network 5:00 to 5:30 pm 2:00 to Food Food 2:30 pm NDTV 5:30 to Goodtimes 6:00 pm Nick Jr 11:30 am to 12:00 pm TMKOC Veera Qabool hain IPL Ben 10 MKM BBB BG Total Outdoor Medium 3.9 3.6 3.5 5 3.5 2.2 3.5 2.5 25 20 12 30 20 25 30 20 228 Cities Number 3,00,000 2,50,000 1,50,000 3,00,000 1,00,000 1,50,000 2,00,000 1,00,000 75,00,000 11th March, 13th March, 16th March, 1st April, 3th April, 9th May 50,00,000 10th March, 15th March, 22nd March , 31st March, 5th April , 10th April 18,00,000 11th March, 13th March, 16th March, 1st April, 5th April, 10th April 90,00,000 4th April, 6th April, 18th April, 22nd April, 5th May, 10th May 20,00,000 13th March, 20th March, 25th March, 1st April, 4th April, 10th May 37,50,000 14th March, 22nd March, 26th March, 28th March, 3rd April, 10th April, 60,00,000 13th March, 18th March, 19th March, 1st April , 2nd April, 10th April 20,00,000 10th March, 25th March, 30th March , 1st April, 5th April, 10th April 4,61,51,000 Size Cost
  12. 12. Hoardings 2 AM Total 14*48 feet-672sq. Feet 7,00,000 14*48 feet-672sq. Feet 4,00,000 14*48 feet-672sq. Feet 6,00,000 2 K 5,00,000 2 H 14*48 feet-672sq. Feet 2 D 5,00,000 2 CH 14*48 feet-672sq. Feet 2 B 9,00,000 2 MU 14*48 feet-672sq. Feet 14*48 feet-672sq. Feet 4,00,000 14 40,00,000 Radio Budget Stations Cities Radio Mirchi D,MU,K,,AM,B,CH Insertions Shows Timings Price Expenditure 25 Dheemi Local 2 pm - 5 pm 950 23750 700 19600 900 27000 Fever 104 FM K, MU 28 Zara Si Life 11 am - 2 pm Radio City AM, MU 30 Love Guru 8 pm - 10 pm
  13. 13. Radio FM 93.5 Radio One AM, MU D, MU, CH, B , K, AM Total 25 Morning No.1 7 am -11 am 800 20000 30 One Mumbai One Music 10 - 11 pm 750 22500 138 1,12,850 CitiesMU-Mumbai, CH-Chennai, B- Bangalore, K-Kolkata, AM-Ahmadabad, D-Delhi, H-Hyderabad. SerialsBig Boss-BB, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – NBTNMKK, Crime Patrol - CP, Bade, Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashmah - TMKUC, Veera - ek veer ki ardaas - VEVKA, Qabool Hain - QH, Ben 10 - B10, Mummy Ka Magic, BBB – Band Bajaa Bride, Bubble Guppies BG RADIO SPOTRadio Mirchi 98.3FM Fever 104 FM Radio City Radio FM 93.5 Radio One PRINT ADSPOSTERHOARDINGS- Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmadabad,
  14. 14. Delhi, Hyderabad AMBIENTTVC- Advertising Objectives – 80 percent awareness, 50 percent knowledge, 50 percent liking. To create awareness about our brand amongst our target audience. To impact on consumers mind why to take our product. Total Media Expenditure goes to Rs. 10,35,65,850. TARGET AUDIENCE : SONY’S is marketing to people who have a few characteristics. 1) Middle/Upper income folks who are willing to pay a bit more for a better user experience paying 500 more for a computer is not a huge deal if you have a decent income. 2) People who like to have fun with technology. No other platform offers as many entry level tools (the whole iLife bunch and more). This includes people who like to shoot a lot of digital photos or video. It's the whole digital hub concept. People are starting to buy into it. 3) Music enthusiasts and fans ages 12-35.
  15. 15. 4) Professionals in media and design. The first two groups do overlap, but it's a huge market. Way bigger than 5% or whatever. Sony’s problem is not really pricing. These are the same people who pay $500 to get seats that warm up your behind. Apple's problem is the status quo. Sony's market share and success will grow in the next ten years for the simple reason that our generations X and Y who have been exposed heavily to the internet weren't using computers much during the 'compatibility' days But anyway, the 'compatibility' problem dies when the people who believe in it are not young anymore. Teenagers: Teenagers are considered one of Sony’s target markets. Teenagers use iPads for many reasons. Some of these reasons are to socialize with friends, listen to music and go on Facebook, MSN, twitter etc. There are also many gaming apps that appeal to them. IPads have become quite a trend with teenagers. College and university students: College and University people are also targeted by Sony. These students use Sony products such as iPad's to quickly record notes. These notes are kept organized in their devices. Also these products are light which makes carrying devices to and from school much easier. Business people:
  16. 16. Business people are very intrigued by Sony products. All SONY devices have a business quality that is very useful. These devices are used to finish work efficiently and to communicate with clients easily. In addition, sending documents is easy and organized. Kids: Sony products are also useful to young children and kids. The reason for this is that devices such as iPads are easy to use due to their touch screen quality which is good for children. Parents can download learning game apps on Sony devices to teach young children and kids. How will you position the product ? Sony is known for innovation ,best voice quality and clarity. Sony walkman product are perfect for sports and fitness POSITIONING STRATERGY The concept to position the brand may be based on the functions provided by the product ,the experience it offers or symbols it conveys. Developing positioning stratergy requires integration the product ,price, value chains and promotion stratergy to focus them on the market target. The positioning stratergy matches the firm’s capabilities with the buyer’s preferences. WHY WILL CONSUMER BUY THE PRODUCT ? PRODUCTIVITY
  17. 17. 46% of respondent were using their tablet for Professional purpose, 20% of tablet owners use their device to create or edit files, NETWORKING 54% use Emails, 39% social networking daily services, 74% use for their tablets for composing and replying, COMMERCE 78% use their tab to search for shopping, 72% of tab owners make purchase from their devices on a weekly basis, RESEARCH 78% use their tab to earch information , 77% read reviews, 63% compare prices, 65% compare products information on their devices, ENTERTAINMENT 84% of tab users use their devices for gaming, 46% read e-books. COMPITITORS IOS (APPLE) Market Leader has the most application, users and sales out of the entire tablet industry. Over 5,50,000 apps available. Of which 275000 designed for ipad, most popular applications are available. Exclusively on Apple hardware platform. Full compartibility with iTunes and the apple range of products product ecosystem. WINDOWS 8 (MICROSOFT)
  18. 18. New player in the tablet space .very few users and sales not yet released. Full integration with the Microsoft ecosystem. Multiple devices and manfactures to choose from. ANDROID (GOOGLE) Second in overall market share.Android tablets offer lower prices and good value to their customers. Over 675000 apps on the PLAY STORE . Wide variety of forms and manfactures to choose from. Best value in hardware-to- price ratio. KINDLE (AMAZON ) Differentiated market positioning.Positions on the lower and of pricing with subsidized hardware. Full support of Amazon Kindle books which sync across devices.Akey device in the Amazon Prime ecosystem. Ability to run Android apps and full integration with the Amazon ecosystem, Low Price Survey report Questions 1) Are you using any tablets? a. Yes (60%) b. No (40%) 2) What size of tablet would you prefer? a. Small (10%) b. Medium (80%) c. Large (10%) 3) Which of these is your favorite feature? a. Camera/music/video b. Connecting/browsing/socialmedia c. Gaming d. Ms office/pdf/book reading (40) (50%) (5%) (5%) 4) What features do you look for in tablet? a. Size/weight/colour (15%)
  19. 19. b. Screen resolution (25%) c. Sound quality (35%) d. Camera quality (mega pixels) (15) e. Battery life (10%) 5) Which operating system do you prefer? a. Android os (70%) b. Windows os (10%) c. Ios (20%) d. Amazon (kindle) (0%) 6) How much are you willing to spend on a tablet? a. Rs.15k-Rs.20K (25%) b. Rs.20K-Rs.25K (15%) c. Rs.25K-Rs.30K (50%) d. Rs.30K-Rs.35K (10%) Bibliography