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  1. 1. Facebook Phishing Attack • This can be one of the simplest and the most preferred technique used to hack Facebook password. After analyzing the several researches related to methods about hacking Facebook password. The final results of this research indicate “Phishing” is the key technique to hack Facebook password. Phishing attacks are illegal efforts to trick people into give up personal details by delivering them false emails that seems like they are from well-known organizations and companies.
  2. 2. Hacking Facebook password • Facebook is one of the best and the largest social networks with over 600 million users all over the world. As a result, an increasing number of people today ask for Facebook password-hack online. The techniques used to hack Facebook password and some reverse methods will also support you to secure your Facebook account from hacking. • The best techniques to hack Facebook password: • -Facebook Phishing Attack. • -By using password key logging. • -By the Primary E-mail address hacking. • -Social Engineering or simply by guessing your password.
  3. 3. By using password key logging • This is the second way to hack Facebook password, the one thing you require to perform is to install a remote key logger program (if you don't have physical access to the victim’s system). • Key loggers only track the keys pressed on the keypad. You have to install a keylogger and then put the file in the victim's system. This will record anything what the victim type in their system. The program will upload the .txt file with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or deliver you an email with every little thing what is entered onthe victim's keyboard, which involve Facebook password.
  4. 4. By the Primary E-mail address hacking • In case a Facebook hacker or any particular Keylogger, in any respect, hacks your primary Gmail account or Yahoo account that you are using as the primary e-mail address, then the hacker may easily hack your Facebook password by using “forgot password”. It is easy for Hackers to requests Facebook to send the password to the primary email address and the request Facebook administrator to send the reset emailson your primary e-mail address which is already hacked. This means that your Facebook password might be reset and also might be hacked!
  5. 5. Social Engineering or simply by guessing your password • This may not be a guaranteed way to hack Facebook password but, offered the time and determination, can provide quite exciting outcomes. Social engineering attack means to get details from your target or by making use of the prior information of the target and then make use of it to hack Facebook password of the target by guessing or resetting the password. Collect basic information about the target such as date of birth, Cell phone number, the skill he/she is good at, most liked historical personality and so on. From these details try out to predict the target password you will be amazed to see how many people have guessable passwords like this. • All social networking sites provide a password recovery method to help the user just in case they forget their password. Facebook also provides a password recoverymethod which can be cleverly used to hack Facebook accounts.