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  1. 1. Marketing strategies
  2. 2. Group members J] L K h
  3. 3. Contents • Summary • Marketing hierarchy of Ufone • Market definition • Technology • Market segmentation • Ufone competitor’s strengths and weaknesses • Demographics and psychographics • Mission statement • Vision statement • Marketing strategy (price and promotion)
  4. 4. BRIEF HISTORY OF UFONE • Ufone GSM is a company in Pakistan providing cellular services. • The current CEO of UFONE is Mr. Abdul Aziz. • PTML is a subsidiary of PTCL (Pakistan Telecom Company Limited), the largest operator in Pakistan. • The management of Ufone has also been handed over to Etisalat. • Ufone adopted Huawei's new-generation GSM solution to construct a GSM network covering 1,500 cities and towns of Pakistan • Its competitors are mobilink, Telenor and zong.
  5. 5. MARKETING HIRARCHY OF UFONE CEO HOD Assistant Managers Senior Executives Management trainees Internees
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY • Company has added VAS (value added services) • Providing all kinds of services that competitors are offering. • MMS (multimedia messaging serives) • GPRS (general packet radio serives) • VPN (virtual private networks), • WAP • Now its in 3G and 4G also
  7. 7. MARKET SEGMENTATION OF FEW BRANDS AND PACKAGES • Postpay: target market is corporate class • Life: it is targeted on youth • Public demand: it is targeted on lower class people • 5 ka 15: it is targeted on ladies • Walkie talkie: targeted on business class
  8. 8. By distribution channel: • distributes its Sims through franchises (wholesaler) • franchise further dispenses the Sims in local shops (retailers) • Local companies to distrubite banners cards in given areas
  9. 9. Competitors • Market leaders and market challengers Ufone has 4 competitors: • Mobilink • Telenor • Warid • Zong
  10. 10. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF COMPETITORS MOBILINK Strength: •Leading Telecommunications Company in Pakistan. •Strong Brand name •Good coverage •Speed Weakness: •High call rates •Competition •High tax rates •Increase in imported equipment costs
  11. 11. TELENOR Strength: •Network quality and design •Superior customer care •Financial Strength •Excellent Coverage and distribution •Contract with Siemens and Nokia •Brand image of quality. Weakness: •Relatively low market share •Low profit margins •Negative cash flows in the initial years.
  12. 12. ZONG Strength: •Network portability •Resources •Location •High growth Rate •Advertising •First company who introduced mobile. Weakness: •Coverage •Bad Image of Paktel •Weak MIS (management information system) •Old Staff
  13. 13. Demographics and Psychographics • Customer retention • Customer surveys • Identify possible problems
  14. 14. MISSION STATEMENT • Ufone, it’s all about U. we are where you want to be, we aim to provide you with wide coverage, superior connectivity clean signals and voice clarity. Wherever you are, ufone keeps you connected.
  15. 15. VISION STATEMENT • To be the leading telecommunication service provider in Pakistan by offering innovate communication solutions for customers while exceeding shareholder value & employee expectation.
  16. 16. MARKETING STRATEGIES TARGET MARKET: • ECONOMY : Upper class, Middle class, socio- economic class, lower class • AGE : Teenagers, youngsters, middle age, aged people • GENDER : Male & Female • OCCUPATION : corporate class, Business class, working class etc The basic target market of ufone is the “YOUTH”
  17. 17. POSITIONING • UFONE TUMHI TO HO • Image in peoples mind regarding the brand
  18. 18. Marketing strategies: price • Augmented product • Price has always been the core differentiation of ufone • Least call rates • Ufone follows market penetration pricing strategy
  19. 19. Discount and allowances • Low call rates on occasions • Low international call rates • Discounts on public holidays
  20. 20. Marketing strategies: promotion • Ufone pays different channels for marketing activities to convey value to customer • communication channels includes, sales promotion, advertising, public relations, direct marketing & personal selling. • Frequent attractive advertising
  21. 21. Media • Print media: daily dawn, Sunday magazine, akhbar e jahan, jung etc • Display media: billboards, screens, painting walls, posters etc • Events: musical concert in 2006 all over pak featuring mikaal hassan and junoon. • Ad shoots: adds are shot in pak as well as foreign locations • Broadcast media: adds on channels • Online media: internet marketing
  22. 22. Sales promotion • short term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service • Permiums: extra credit or package delivered to their numbers. • Promotional Products for sales promotion
  23. 23. Word of mouth • Basically foucused on youth so they feel proud to tell “they use ufone” to their relatives and friends.