5th mesopotomya medical conference


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5th mesopotomya medical conference

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5th mesopotomya medical conference

  1. 1. t The 5th Mesopotomya Medical Congress First Circular - Sulaimani-Iraqi Kurdistan - Organizing committee:Main Kalandar Kasnazan (Chairman of Organizing 1. Dr. Themes: Committee). 2.1. Dr.Layla Amin (International adviser,Sweden) Chemical weapons attack on Halabja documents. 3. Profesor Bektas( International adviser &organizer). 2. Chemical weapons: short & long-term effects. 4. Professor Shehmus (North Kurdistan adviser & organizer) 5.3. Assistant Professor Dr. Tahaon human body systems. Chemical weapons effects Mahwi (Chairman of Scientific 4.Committee). Lung diseases: Local researches& reviews. 6. Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Al-Shekhani ( secretary /member 5. ofRelated free communications & case presentation scientific committee). 7. Professor Dr.Anwar Shekha( Member of scientific committee). 8. Professor Dr.Adnan Hamawandi (Member of scientific committee). 9. Professor Dr.Faruk Kurda (Member of scientific committee). • Deadline for T h e 2 n d Cppts e rJanuary f st 2013 Abstracts& o n f – e n c e 1 o r 10. Dr.Tishk Nuri Shawais(Member of scientific committee). Medical Sciences 11. Dr.• Registration starts - scientificstcommittee). Dler Nuri (Member of Ocober 1 2012 - University of Sulaimani - 12. Dr.Zhian Ahmed (Member of scientific committee). • Exhibitors registration - scientificst 2012 13. Dr.Kosar Mohamed (Member of October 1 committee). • Final program: March 1st 2013. w w w . m e z o p o t a m y a t i p k o n g r e s i . o r g / w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / g r o u p s / 3 5 5 0 9 2 7 9 4 5 0 8 7 5 0 / h tt p s: / / gr o u ps . go o gl e. c o m/ f or u m/ ?f ro m gr ou p s #! f or u m/ k o n gr eya- t ib a- mez o p ot am ya
  2. 2. ‫رزري رك رى‬ ‫ث رش ر‬ ‫ري رة رمرى‬ ‫ر‬ ‫ث َ رنرج‬ ‫رؤرن ر رررا رى‬ ‫ك ف رنرس ر‬ ‫ري ر رورث رورترورمري را‬ ‫م ز َ َ َ ر‬ The 5th Mesopotomya Medical Congress - S u l a ‫ل رب‬a ‫ رارر -رس‬a ‫ا‬q i K‫رمر‬r‫رؤرت‬i ‫رلر‬t a n - ‫ رط ر‬n ‫ر‬i ‫ م‬I r im ‫رلرخ‬ ‫ ر‬u d ‫ م‬s‫ا‬ ‫ر‬ Remembering ‫رو‬Halabja ‫رلر ريرر رورب ر رت رمربرريرا‬ ‫ر‬ ‫ا م ز و‬ tragedy in - - ‫السليمانية‬ The 25th anniversary C oof s the e n c e , a b s t r a c t s r r e p o n d chemical Dr.Mohamed Al-Shekhani Secretary of the conference :h o t e l r e s e r v a t i o n & weapon attack. Tel; +(964) 770 1522682 Email: alshekhani@hotmail.com shaikhanimohammad@gmail.comSulaimani , March 13th -16th 2013