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It is mostly of alloys and its microstrcture lastly its application in enineering

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  1. 1. What are the main reasons behind alloying the elements?
  2. 2. The main reasons behind alloying the elements is to increase various properties such as hardenability,corrosion resistance,toughness,strengt h,magnetic properties,machinability & to prevent brittleness.
  3. 3. About 2-5% Nickel is added to steel to improve toughness And 12-20%to increase corrosion resistance
  4. 4. Nickel steels are widely used for parts subjected to fatigue and impact load . They possess greater tensile strength together with considerable ductility and toughness. The most nickel steels contain 0.25 to 0.4 % Carbon and 1 to 5 % nickel. These steels normally contain small amounts of manganese to stabilise the carbide phase.
  5. 5. Steels with high nickel content are extremely tough and are highly resistance to corrosion. They also have low coefficient of thermal expansion i.e. they expand very little with the change in temperature.
  6. 6. Nickel steels with composition 0.40% carbon, 1.50% manganese & 1.0% nickel is used in making
  7. 7. Nickel steels with composition 0.12% carbon, 0.45% manganese & 3.0% nickel is used in making