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Latest technology in the field of automobiles


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Its basically about traffic light assistant of audi

Published in: Engineering
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Latest technology in the field of automobiles

  1. 1. “Latest Technology in the field of automobiles” Presented By: Shaik Afzal Mohiuddin 15011D1009
  2. 2. Latest Technology in the field of automobiles
  3. 3. PAST
  4. 4. BUT NOW
  5. 5. Traffic light assistant
  6. 6. VIDEO CLIP
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES Helps you hit every green light Make efficient flow of traffic in metropolitan areas Enables CO2 reductions of up to 15 percent Fuel-Efficient Make use of your time efficiently
  8. 8. DISADVANTAGES Difficult to implement & costly Presently technology available only with Audi Requires GPS Difficult to get local traffic light control information Presently only available to 4-wheelers
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