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Networking and Building Communities Online


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A short presentation for Associations Forum Australia on 29 Feb 2012, Adelaide.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Networking and Building Communities Online

  1. 1. Networking and Building Shai Coggins Manager, Content & Community Online Communities Connecting Up, Inc
  2. 2. blog, website, online profile an ave se H ba on line ial net works flavors.meSoc
  3. 3. Image from: Media Tools.Maximizing online tools for networking community building
  4. 4. Top Social MediaPlatforms in Australia• Facebook• YouTube• Wikipedia• Blogspot• Twitter
  5. 5. FacebookNetworking Tips 11 M users• Plan for personal and professional use of your profile• Like, comment, share...• Encourage subscribers• Join groups and take part in communities
  6. 6. LinkedInNetworking Tips 2+ M users• Create and update your profile• Introduce and get introduced• Join groups• Share useful information
  7. 7. Twitter NetworkingTips 1.8 M+ unique• Complete your profile.• Follow individuals and organisations of interest, then interact.• Take part in conversations and learn hash tags.• Join TweetChats (eg, #npau, #leadershipchat ).• Take part in TweetUps!
  8. 8. More social networking communities...
  9. 9. Best Practice Tips Integrate Take it back to base Engage, collaborate, Connect bring it offline Use schedules and Simplify tools that suit your lifestyle
  10. 10. Questions? Discussions.@shaicoggins |