Blogging for Social Good: YouLeaD Summit 2011


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This is the slide deck for a virtual presentation at YouLeaD summit in the Philippines.

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  • Hello and kamusta na mga kabayan?\n\nIt's really great to participate here in the YouLeaD Summit, even though I am delivering this presentation all the way from Australia. I wish I could've been there in the Philippines for this instead, as i think it would've been great to meet young Filipino change makers and social do-gooders from around the globe. \n\nIn any case, I want to say thanks to Cheryll, Eileen, Lance, and everyone else who invited me to be a part of this and made this happen.\n\nToday, I've been asked to share with you a topic that I feel really passionate about: blogging. And, in particular, how we can use this medium for social good.\n\nBut, just like any decent blogger would tell you, it's always about the story first. So, I hope you don't mind if I begin this by telling you mine...\n
  • My first entry in to blogging came long before the word web log was an official term. I was actually still living in the Philippines back then, when I decided to go online and start my own website late in 1997, early in 1998. I didn't know HTML and had no idea what I was doing. The only thing that helped me along was my interest in communicating with an audience and my passion for connecting with others. \n\nI moved to Singapore late in 1999 when I got married, and shortly after that, I started getting more and more work online, whilst I studied and later on, worked for nonprofits in the field of disability. \n\nThrough my various experiences and experimentation online, I ended up as the first web logs Guide at, which later became a company of the NY Times. \n\nThrough my work there, I got to meet a number of early adopters in the social web, and I learned a lot of valuable lessons in web building and online community. I later co-founded my own blogging network, which later became part of b5media, a global media network that gained a lot of attention. My work here received a lot of media coverage, which helped me to do more things.\n\nThrough all these, I continued to do some work in the community via nonprofits in the disability sector. \n\nMy love for online media, community, and social good had eventually landed me my job now as the Communications Manager of Connecting Up, a nonprofit organisation helping other nonprofits in Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the Asia Pacific region. And yes, in this job, I get to do blogging and other social media as an official part of my role. \n\nSo, now that you know the beginnings of my blogging life, let's talk about the beginnings of every blogger's journey... \n\n \n
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  • Blogging for Social Good: YouLeaD Summit 2011

    1. 1. Blogging for Social Good YouLeaD Summit Philippines September 2011 Presented by: Shai Coggins Manager, Communications & Web Content Connecting Up - Tweet Me During the Presentation: @shaicoggins
    2. 2. One bloggers story...Started late in 1997/early 1998...Using free website toolsBecame 1st Guide to Blogging (NY Times Company)Started own blogging network,AboutWeblogs - over a dozen femalebloggers, with 20-odd blogs...Became b5media - a Toronto-basedblog network with over 200 blogsNow, manages Comms for a nonprofitin Australia
    3. 3. Why Blog?Note: This is not a trick question! :-)
    4. 4. Reasons to Blog will determine... Style and Content Engagement and Expectations
    5. 5. Influence
    6. 6. Influence
    7. 7. CareInfluence
    8. 8. CareInfluence
    9. 9. CareInfluence Take Action
    10. 10. Blogging Influence For Good
    11. 11. Raise Awareness Cause Yours Others
    12. 12. Fundraising...Telling your Petitions... Recruiting... story Engaging...
    13. 13. Blog Action Day ( Blogmarathons Community Projects
    14. 14. Teaching Others Ideas and Brainstorming Lessons and failures Sharing resources
    15. 15. 3 Hallmarks of Good Blogging
    16. 16. 3 Hallmarks of Good BloggingAuthentic
    17. 17. 3 Hallmarks of Good BloggingAuthenticCreative
    18. 18. 3 Hallmarks of Good BloggingAuthenticCreativeEngaging
    19. 19. Questions and Feedback?
    20. 20. Questions and Feedback? Twitter: @shaicoggins Email: