Aspose.Total for .NET and Java Brochure


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Aspose.Total for .NET and Java Brochure

  1. 1. • The Wholeness of Total • Aspose.Total = "n+" Components • Process a Multitude of File Formats • File Format Conversion • Comprehensive Rendering Support • Extensive Data Processing • Platform Independence • Ready to Use GUI and Visual Components • Packed with Utility FunctionsYour File Format • No Microsoft Office Automation
  2. 2. 2Aspose.Total Aspose at a Glance Aspose is a solid and stable industry leader with over 10 years of experience. for .NET and Java Aspose produces a wide range of quality products for .NET and Java platforms. Aspose also offers a variety of reporting solutions for SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports developers.  Founded in 2002  70+ employees in 7 countries  200 resellers worldwide  6000+ customers in 80 countries  35000+ licenses sold  50% customers of Fortune 100 Find out more about us at www.aspose.comThe Wholeness of TotalAspose.Total is a compilation of all of the components offered by Aspose. It is compiled on a daily basis to contain allexisting and potential components released by Aspose. Aspose.Total is available in two versions: Aspose.Total for .NET &Aspose.Total for Java, which contain all .NET and Java components respectively. Using Aspose.Total, developers cancreate a large variety of applications leveraging the power of different Aspose components included as part of theAspose.Total suite.Aspose.Total = "n+" ComponentsAspose.Total is a component suite similar to what many other component vendors provide but its unique feature is thatit includes "n+" number of components. “n+” components mean that Aspose.Total not only includes all Asposecomponents, which are already released but also those components, which will be released later. So, this plus (+) signindicates potential components that can be released by Aspose in future.For example, if you have purchased Aspose.Total for .NET version then all existing .NET components released by Asposewill be included in your Aspose.Total package. But, if new .NET component is released by Aspose within your subscriptiontime period then that component will also be included in your Aspose.Total package and you would be fully authorized touse those additional components.
  3. 3. 3Aspose.Total for .NET and Java Free Customer Support Support is an issue that Aspose takes very seriously. Aspose offers Free Support to anyone! Whether you are aProcess a Multitude of File Formats customer or evaluating an Aspose product we are always glad to help. OurWith Aspose.Total for .NET and Java you can build a very versatile file free support is handled through theprocessing system capable of handling a bunch of popular file Aspose Forums, which are maintainedformats. You can easily open, create, modify and even interconvert by our highly skilled developmentfiles in many different file formats. Aspose.Total for .NET and Java will teams. Rather than having aallow you to conveniently process the following file formats: disconnected support staff, Aspose lets you talk directly to the people who have Microsoft Word documents built and maintain our products. We Microsoft Excel documents know, by doing that, you are Microsoft PowerPoint documents guaranteed to get the solutions to your Adobe PDF documents problems more quickly and accurately. 1 Microsoft Project documents 1 Microsoft Visio Documents Windows Metafiles and Enhanced Metafiles 1 2 Flexible Licensing Outlook Express electronic mail Microsoft Outlook message file Aspose offers several different licensing options to allow you to select a balanced1 Only available in Aspose.Total for .NET license subscription which is cost2 Only available in Aspose.Total for Java effective and efficient. Our license subscriptions take into account the number of developers using the products and the number of physical Microsoft f locations in which the resulting Microsoft f Word Word o Microsoft f applications are used. We offer the Documents Outlook o Documents Excel c following license types for Aspose.Total Message File Message Message File Documents Documents for .NET and Java: Outlook Microsoft f Express Express Express pr PowerPoint P  Developer Enterprise Electronic Electronic Electronic c Documents Documents  Developer OEM Mail Aspose. Aspose  Site Enterprise Total Tota ot ot  Site OEM for .NET & Java .NET Java N T Enhanced Adobe Metafiles tafil PDF PD Documents Documents Free Updates Microsoft M From the date of your purchase, you are Windows do Metafiles ta Project roj entitled to receive any new product Microsoft ro Documents Documents updates published within your Visio s subscription time of one year. If you Documents Documents would like to continue receiving product updates after the subscription time has passed, you will have the option to Process a Multitude of File Formats renew your subscription at a minimum cost.
  4. 4. 4Aspose.Total for .NET and Java System Requirements Aspose.Total for .NET All editions of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems areFile Format Conversion supported:Aspose.Total offers a wealth of options to meet all your file format  Windows 2000conversion needs. The following conversions are supported by  Windows XPAspose.Total:  Windows Server 2003  Windows Vista Microsoft Word documents to PDF documents   Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Word documents to Images  Windows 7 Microsoft Excel documents to PDF documents Microsoft Excel documents to Images Please note that both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft PowerPoint documents to PDF documents editions are supported. Microsoft PowerPoint documents to Images PDF documents to Microsoft Word documents The following .NET Framework versions PDF documents to Images are supported: HTML documents to PDF documents XML documents to PDF documents  NET Framework 1.1 XSL-FO documents to PDF documents  NET Framework 2.0 Microsoft Outlook Message file to Outlook Express  NET Framework 3.0 Electronic Mail  NET Framework 3.5 Charts to Images  NET Framework 4.0 Images to PDF documents All editions of the following Microsoft Visual Studio versions are also supported: Microsoft Microsoft f Microsoft Microsoft f  Visual Studio 2003 Word Documents Documents PowerPoint Documents Documents Charts  Visual Studio 2005  Visual Studio 2008  Visual Studio 2010 Image Microsoft Microsoft Excel f Documents Documents Aspose.Total for Java Documents Documents Aspose.Total for Java runs on any operating system that has Java installed on it. HTML Adobe Adobe Documents Documents PDF Documents Documents The following Java versions are supported: Outlook Outlook Microsoft Microsoft f XML XSL-FO Express Electronic Mail Outlook Message File  Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 Documents Documents Documents Documents  Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 6.0 File Format Conversion
  5. 5. 5Aspose.Total for .NET and Java Aspose.Total for .NET IncludesPlatform Independence  Aspose.Words  Aspose.CellsAspose.Total for .NET and Aspose.Total for Java together cover mostof the popular development environments and deployment platforms.  Aspose.PdfYou can confidently use Aspose.Total for .NET to build any type of  Aspose.Slides32-bit or 64-bit .NET application including ASP.NET, Web Services  Aspose.Pdf.Kitand WinForms. Aspose.Total for .NET is easy to deploy because it isjust a group of class libraries without any dependencies (except on  Aspose.Tasksthe .NET Framework itself). You can even use Aspose.Total for .NET  Aspose.Diagramto build applications with Mono. Moreover, its also possible to use  Aspose.BarCodeAspose.Total for .NET in pre- .NET technologies (like ASP) as a  Aspose.NetworkCOM Wrapper. Aspose.Total for Java is available for Java 1.4 andabove and will run in any place where Java is installed.  Java ASP ASP .NET Web WinForms Application Application Application Service Application .NET JVM Interop .NET Framework Aspose.Total for .NET and JavaReady to Use GUI and VisualComponentsUtilizing our ready to use visual components included withAspose.Total for .NET and Java you can easily create complex userinterfaces in no time and present your data in a more appealing way.With Aspose.Total you will be able to add barcode functionality toyour application in a matter of seconds. It also includes a chartingcomponent that will instantly allow you to add a lot of different kindsof charts to your application. You will also be able to add a fullyfeatured text editor and grid control to your application without liftinga finger. In addition to this, with just a drag and drop, you can havea fully featured query builder GUI as a part of your application.
  6. 6. 6Aspose.Total for .NET and Java Aspose.Total for Java Includes  Aspose.WordsPacked with Utility Functions  Aspose.CellsAspose.Total for .NET brings to you a very handy set of utility  Aspose.Pdfcomponents which allow you to perform some of the most common  Aspose.Slidesyet difficult tasks with great ease. You will find that it includes  Aspose.Pdf.Kitexcellent components for spell checking, recurrence patterns,network protocols (SMTP, POP3, MIME, IMAP, FTP, DNS, ICMP and  Aspose.MetafilesWHOIS), workflow engine and extending the features of ASP.NET. All  Aspose.BarCodethese components are very easy to deploy and allow you to achieve  Aspose.Networkyour goal with minimum effort and with very little cost.No Microsoft Office AutomationAspose.Total for .NET and Java dont require Microsoft Office to beinstalled on the machine in order to work. All the componentsincluded with Aspose.Total are totally independent and are not affili-ated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved byMicrosoft Corporation. In short, Aspose.Total is a better alternative toautomation in terms of security, stability, scalability/speed, price andfeatures.Case StudiesAdeptive Software, USAProject: ResWareRequirement: Adeptives leading product, ResWare™ V3.0, is a realestate process flow software package that can be customized tomanage any workflow process in the industry. They were usingMicrosoft Word and Excel automation for generating templates andGhostscript to generate PDFs. They began having seriousperformance problems and wanted to remove the server sidedependency on Word, Excel, and Ghostscript.Solution: Adeptive recoded all of their PDF generation and Word andExcel template population to use Aspose components. Recoding didnot take long at all. They found that the API was very clean andintuitive, and the documentation was excellent. Redistribution was asimple task for them, as each component has a single DLL with nodependencies. Re-writing the code, which had taken severalman-months to develop, took just two man-weeks to entirely swap out.
  7. 7. 7Aspose.Total for .NET and Java Featured CustomersResult: Once implemented, they immediately noticed a 4x speed Accenture, Autodesk, Children’s Hospitalincrease in the template population and PDF generation. Their Boston, Cincinnati Public Schools, Clicktemplate generation is very reliable now, and they are confident Commerce, Inc., Compucom,that they can handle the load that their larger clients demand. They Constellation Energy, Coxdon’t even need Microsoft Office installed on the server anymore! Communications Inc., CSB/SJU, FidelityTheir clients are much happier and they receive fewer support calls, Investments, Barclays Bank, Dell, IBMwhich obviously saves time and money. DEFRA, Insight UK, Ministerio de Hidrocarburos y Energia, Australian Sports Commission, Microway Pty Ltd,Ubisoft, France, Banque Saudi Fransi, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital,Project: Human Resource Management System NedbankRequirement: Ubisoft required components which could offer thefollowing functionality for their HRMS. Contact Usa. To manage Excel Spreadsheets (reports generation in Aspose Pty Ltd various formats .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, …) and to handle Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road Excel features like advanced formatting, charts, pivot Lane Cove, NSW, 2066 tables. Australiab. To generate PDF documentsc. To manipulate Word documents (creation, parsing, Tel (US): 888.277.6734 etc.) Tel (Europe): +44 (0)800 098 8425The components should support Microsoft technologies (.NET Email sales@aspose.comFramework, IIS web application server, etc.), easy to use and Email sales.europe@aspose.comflexible enough to meet Ubisoft subsidiaries diverse business needsand recruitment volumes. This should be stand-alone componentsnot requiring any software (such as Microsoft Office) to be installedon the system hosting the applications.Solution: After evaluating and benchmarking various solutionsUbisoft came to the conclusion that the best choice wasAspose.Total for .NET. Aspose.Total for .NET includes a wide set ofcomponents that allow them to manipulate Excel, Word and PDFdocuments and fulfill all their business needs. The quality of thedocumentation including tutorials, articles and API Referencesallowed them to easily and efficiently implement their solution.Result: Ubisoft now use various components of Aspose.Total for.NET in their applications. The overall end-user satisfaction istremendous and Ubisoft IT teams are able to deliver high qualityand powerful solution. Your File Format Experts