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Aspose.Network Brochure

  1. 1. Aspose.Network Product Family Aspose.Network for .NET combines a number of flexible .NET class libraries and components for creating a variety of network applications easily and quickly. It supports email management and synchronization, iCalendar features and even Twitter. Aspose.Network for .NET makes it easy to work with email and FTP servers. Save time adding useful features to your application and leave the complex network protocol work to Aspose.Network. Aspose.Network for Java is a class library that allows Java applications to read and write Microsoft Outlook documents without using Microsoft Outlook. Use it to manage recipients, subjects, body and attachments in MSG files, and reading contacts, messages and folder information from PST files. Aspose.Network for SharePoint is a flexible solution that provides email file format conversion, FTP and email synchronization features within Microsoft SharePoint applications.The tables below describe the features for each of the platforms in more detail. Get a free trial of Aspose.Network forany platform at and see for yourself how easy it is to work with.Family MembersAll Aspose.Network products work independently and do not need products other than the supported platform to be installed. Item Benefit Supported Platform Aspose.Network Work with common email files in .NET applications using a well-structured Document Object .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 for .NET Model. Add advanced email sending and transfer features to your applications with support for popular email and FTP servers. Add social media features with our Twitter API and generate occurence dates for recurrence patterns in the iCalendar format. Aspose.Network Work with MSG / PST file formats in Java applications, using a well-structured Document JDK 1.4 through 7.0 for Java Object Model. Aspose.Network Work with MSG / EML files from the SharePoint document library in SharePoint applications: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for SharePoint convert emails, synchronize files across email servers, and transfer and synchronize files between FTP servers and the document library. Your File Format Experts
  2. 2. 2 Aspose.Network Product FamilyFeatures for all PlatformsFile Formats and Conversion Formats Aspose.Cells Aspose.Cells Aspose.Cells for .NET for Java for SharePoint Standard Internet Message (EML) Create, load, save, convert N/A Convert, save Outlook Message (MSG) Create, load, save, convert Create, load, save Convert, save Outlook Personal Storage (PST) Load, extract emails Load, extract emails N/A Outlook Personal Storage for Exchange Servers (OST) Load, extract emails N/A N/A MIME HTML Message (MHTML) Create, load, save, convert N/A N/A Plain Text (TXT) N/A N/A ConvertTo find out more about Aspose.Network, look at the documentation, forums, testimonials and online demos at for .NET and JavaEmail Message Content Manipulation Element Aspose.Networkfor .NET Aspose.Network for Java Attachment Access, create, delete Access Recipients Access, create, delete, modify Access, create, delete, modify Sender Access, create, modify Access, create, modify Body Access, create, modify Access, create, modify Email headers Access, create, delete, modify N/A Embedded images Access, create, delete, modify N/A Subject Access, create, modify Access, create, modify Alternate views Access, create, delete, modify N/A Meeting request Create N/A Your File Format Experts
  3. 3. 3 Aspose.Network Product FamilyFeatures for .NETEmails Processingn FTP Client Feature Feature Send email using SMTP (regular and SSL) List, create, rename and delete directories Send HTML formatted emails with regular and embedded attachments List, rename, delete, upload and download files Send bulk emails to multiple recipients Resume file uploading and downloading Send meeting requests via emails Supports active and passive connection modes Download emails from POP3 mailbox (regular and SSL) Supports FTP servers with FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols Download emails from IMAP folders and sub-folders (regular and SSL) Download emails from all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server Save messages from mail servers to disk in EML / MSG format Add and append messages to IMAP folders Read and write email messages to Mozilla Thunderbird storage file Export contacts from Outlook PST files to VCF formatFeatures for SharePoint Feature Synchronize files in document library with FTP server after regular intervals Manually send selected files in document library to FTP server Synchronize emails with POP3, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange Servers Synchronize files with Dropbox Extract attachments from EML and MSG filesContact AsposeOur users depend on Aspose.Network to manage and synchronize emails and files from within their own applications.Implementation is easy and our open APIs make development fast and your code tidy. If you have any questions, pleasecontact us and we will be happy to answer them. Or download a trial and try it for yourself.Aspose Pty Ltd Tel (US) 888.277.6734Suite 163 Tel (Europe) +44 (0)800 098 842579 Longueville RoadLane Cove Email sales@aspose.comNSW, 2066 Email sales.europe@aspose.comAustralia. Your File Format Experts