Introduction to Wimax


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Introduction to Wimax

  1. 1. Shahryar Ali
  2. 2. What is Wimax?  Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access  Wimax in simple terms is wireless broadband access.  Allows communications over long distances, covers approximately 50 km.  Operates on frequencies between 2-66GHz  Transfer rate of 70mbps.
  3. 3. “Wimax is actually not a technology,but rather a certification mark,or ‘stamp of approval’given to equipment that meets certain confirmity and interoperability tests for the IEE802.16 family of standards”.
  4. 4. WiMax Forum • It is a non-profit industry body dedicated to promote the adoption of wimax. • It ensures that different vendors’ products will interoperate. “WiMAX Forum Certified™ means a service provider can buy equipment from more than one company and be confident that everything works together”
  5. 5. Wimax and telecommunication
  6. 6. WWAN WiMAX WMAN 30 miles 70 Mbit/s 802.16a Wi-Fi® . WLAN 100 Feet 11-54 Mbit/s 802.11 PAN 10 meters ~1 Mbit/s 802.15.1 (Bluetooth)
  7. 7. History of Wimax • February 1997 AT&T announces development of fixed wireless technology code named "Project Angel“. Ideas IEEE 802.16 Good ideas • March 2000 AT&T launches first commercial high-speed fixed wireless service after years of trial. • June 2001 WiMAX Forum established. WiMAX Forum Profiles
  8. 8. • January 2003 IEEE 802.16a standard completed. • September 2004 Intel begins shipping the first WiMAX chipset, called Rosedale. • January 2006 First WiMAX Forum–certified product announced for fixed applications. • WiMAX are entering the Telco world with high pace and great momentum. • Currently more than 350 member companies and more are joining wimax forum.
  9. 9. Working
  10. 10. Working of WiMax • Wi-Max works similar to Wi-Fi – Use radio signal to send data from one computer to another – Offers higher speed • WiFi provides 54 Megabits per second • WiMax provides up to 70 megabits per second – Covers long distance • WiFi range 100 feet. • WiMax range 50 Km – More number of users – Availability of internet at remote areas • Supports two type of connections – Frequency Division Duplexing(FDD) – Time Division Duplexing(TDD)
  11. 11. Parts of WiMax • WiMax system consist of two parts – Transmistter • Wi-Max tower is used to transmit data and can cover up to 3000 square miles – Increased range is due to frequency and power – Weather and large buildings can effect coverage – Receiver • Receiver could be a small box or build into a laptop • Encrypted data keys to prevent unauthorized users from stealing access.
  12. 12. Two types of transmit/receive • Non-Line-of-sight – Device on our computer connects to the tower. – Uses low frequency range 2 GHz – 11 GHz. • Line-of-sight – Operates at higher frequency (66 GHz). – Data is sent from pole to pole using a microwave link – It is strong , stable and without errors
  13. 13. Wi-Max In Pakistan
  14. 14. Do you know? “Pakistan has the biggest wimax network”
  15. 15. Service providers • Wateen • Abu-Dubai group of companies. • Mobilink infinity • Orascom Telecom • Wi-tribe • Joint venture by Qtel and ATCO
  16. 16. Wateen • Launched in 2006. • Started operation in early 2008. • Using IEEE 802.16 ‘e’ based Motowi4 network. • Motorola based Hardware. • Wateen holds a licence for 20MHz of spectrum in the 3.5GHz.
  17. 17. Coverage • Wateen covers almost major cities of Pakistan Abottabad Jhelum Bahawalpur Karachi D.I Khan Lahore Sialkot Faisalabad Sheikhupura Gujaranwala Gujrat Peshawar Hyderabad Quetta Islamabad Rawalpindi R.Y Khan Sahiwal Sargodha Multan Okara Sukhur
  18. 18. Tariff Volume 256 kbps 512 kbps 768 kbps in GB’s Rs. 699 1 Mbps 5 Rs. 499 Rs. 599 Rs. 799 10 Rs. 899 Rs. 999 Rs.1,099 Rs.1,199 15 Rs.1,299 Rs.1,399 Rs.1,499 Rs.1,599
  19. 19. Mobilink Infinity • Second Wi-Max provider in Pakistan. • Launched service in Karachi early this year. • Motorola based hardware. • Purchased Dancom’s network. • Spreading the network across the country .
  20. 20. Tariff Volume GB 15 Kbps 256 Rs.1,000 512Kbps Rs.1,200 1Mbps Rs.1,500 GB 5 Rs. 450 Rs. 700 Rs. 900 Additional data rate will be RS. 30 per 100 MB Some upfront cost like CPE, security etc.
  21. 21. Wi-tribe • Leading Wimax providers in Asia and Africa. • Joint venture by Qtel and ATCO . • Purchased Burraq telecom. • Starting its operation in 2009(Pakistan). • Hiring heavily for their operation in Pakistan.
  22. 22. Benfits of WiMax
  23. 23. Benefits of WiMax • Long Range The most significant benefit is its range which is 5 miles (NLOS) 30 miles (LOS) which can cover up to 3000 sq miles (enough to blanket an entire city) • Cost Effective WiMax is an high speed broad band, so no longer have to rip up buildings or streets to lay down expensive cables • High Speed It can provide 70Mb/s enough bandwidth which can support more than 60 businessess at once. Also supports thousand homes at DSL speed connectivity
  24. 24. Benefits of Wimax • Quick Deployment As no wires need to be laid Wi-Max can be easily deployed. • Service It provide two wireless services Non Line-Of-Sight Operates at 2 to 11 GHz reverse compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology. Line-Of-Sight Can go as high as 66 GHz since signal is more stable and strong which leads to greater bandwidth.
  25. 25. Problems of WiMax • Hesitancy Companies are hesitant to use Wi-Max base station it has not reach to widespread use yet. • Research and development In order for Wi-Max to succeed New products must be researched & developed to incorporate Wi-Max. • Interference Other wireless electronics can interfere with Wi-Max connection and some time cause reduction in data throughput
  26. 26. Future of WiMax • Future looks bright in remote areas and specially in China. • The biggest market of Wi-Max is in China. Chinese government making Wi-Max as a national standard for fixed broadband wireless access at 3.5GHz. • Wi-Max will become the dominant technology for wireless networking within next 5 years, by 2009 industry anlayst project that WiMax market worth between 3 to 5 billion$
  27. 27. Future of WiMax • Intel produce chips embedded with Wi-Max technology and they also stated to introduce Centrino laptop processors in next 1or 2 years. • In Pakistan, Wateen telecom has announced WiMax (fixed wireless service) covering more than 17 major cities of Pakistan. • In short, Wi-Max opens the doors to numerous services and All developing countries could take advantage of this efficient, cost effective technology.