process quality improvement


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process quality improvement

  2. 2. TABLE Group 03 THE INTRODUCTION The CEO of Meet Larry, Tasty Burgers. Tasty Burgers is receiving poor customer feedback. Customers are leaving him for other competitors.
  3. 3. TABLE Group 03 THE METHODOLOGY DMAIC Define Measure Analyze Improve Control
  4. 4. TABLE Group 03 Wait-time for other competitors were collected.DEFINE •Best in class competitors had a waiting time of 3-5 minutes. •Tasty Burgers had a waiting time of 6.4 Minutes. The Target would be to achieve a waiting time between 3-5 minutes.
  5. 5. The other aspects were also measured.DEFINE SERVICE Good WAIT-TIME Poor TASTE Excellent CLEANLINESS Excellent STAFF BEHAVIOR Good OVERALL Fair
  6. 6. TABLE Group 03 ACHIEVEMEASURE a time which is Between 3 to 5 minutes!
  7. 7. TABLE Group 03ANALYZE Documentation of Process •Receiving the order-00.30 •Transfer the Order to the Kitchen-00.30 •Acquire the materials like Bread, Cheese, Toppings, Sauces etc.-01.00 •Final preparation of burger-03.00 •Presentation of the burger-01.00 •Deliver to the customer-00.10 TOTAL TIME TAKEN- 06min and 10sec
  8. 8. TABLE Group 03ANALYZE Elevator Speech “It has been observed that Tasty Burgers is taking a lot of time to deliver the burgers to the customers and that is why it has received a very poor rating on the waiting time and is losing out it’s customers to competitors. The main purpose as such is to identify those processes that is taking up the time with the help of LEAN tools such as MUDA, 5S,Poke-Yoke and ensuring that the processes are streamlined and handled more efficiently by employing JIDOKA.”
  9. 9. TABLE Group 03ANALYZE Scoping Scope of operation includes: • Decreasing delivery time • Re-arrangement of Assembly line • Increase the efficiency of order taking
  10. 10. TABLE Group 03ANALYZE Analyze using LEAN tools TOOL MUDA •With MUDA methodology- wait time, human motion, unplanned inventory, extra processing and unnecessary transportation are found to be the defective. •Due to inefficient HUMAN MOTION there is a delay in the processing time of the burger and this can be reduced. Jidoka can be used to automate the process of acquiring of materials and this can reduce the time from 40 seconds to 20 seconds. •There is also the problem of UNNECESSARY TRANSPORTATION. During the process of preparing the burger, instead of the chef moving around, the things should rather come to him/her. This can greatly reduce the time taken to prepare one unit.
  11. 11. TABLE Group 03ANALYZE Analyze using LEAN tools TOOL 5S: sort→ straighten →shine →standardize →sustain •SET IN ORDER can be used to compare what should be present with what actually is there in the process and based on that a better protocol can be established. •By using the aspect of STANDARDIZE which advocates the concept of “everything in a state of order” a very flawless and streamlined process to procure the materials can be established which otherwise is not present thus contributing to the higher time of waiting. •The frequency, rush hour and number of burgers sold is analyzed: pre- heated burgers.
  12. 12. TABLE Group 03IMPROVE What is the change in Plan? •Receiving the order-00.20 •Transfer the Order to the Kitchen-00.30 •Acquire the materials like Bread, Cheese, Toppings, Sauces etc.-00.40 •Final preparation of burger-02.00 •Presentation of the burger-0.40 •Deliver to the customer-00.10 TOTAL TIME TAKEN- 03min and 40sec
  13. 13. TABLE Group 03IMPROVE What is the change in Plan? According to our analysis we found that the majority of defects and delays were because of inappropriate assembly line starting from allocating the inventory to the delivery of the final product. OLD TIME: 06min and 10sec NEW TIME: 03min and 40sec Difference: 03min and 10sec
  14. 14. TABLE Group 03CONTROL How will we control the changes •Sustaining the improvement. •Introduction of a Countdown timer whenever each order is placed, the aim being to deliver the order before the alarm- sound or light. •Maintaining a log of the different types of burgers sold and preheating the burgers based on the log generated so as to reduce the waiting time. •Putting Penalty on Delays. •Recording the delays and adjusting the time constraints.
  15. 15. THANK YOU