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Veneer & Face Options - Wood Veneer Species


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Veneer & Face Options - Wood Veneer Species

  1. 1. All Noise Control 561-964-9360 (tel) 561-964-9359 (fax) info@allnoisecontrol.comVeneer & Face Options - Wood Veneer SpeciesWith face options youd expect like birch, cherry, To learn more about veneer, visit these other sections:walnut, and oak to exotic choices like Birdseyemaple, makore, and sycamore, the magnitude of Wood Veneer Cutsconfigurations is inspiring. Wood Veneer MatchingBelow are some examples of the variety of veneer Wood Veneer Gradingspecies available on our All Noise ControlSignature Series doors. If you have a different Wood Veneer Design Solutionsexotic veneer species in mind, contact us and wewill put our veneer experts to work to locate your WDMA Guide to Door Faceselection. Veneers Ash, Natural, Ash, Selected White, Birch, Natural * Birch, White * Bubinga Plain Sliced Plain Sliced Bubinga, Cherry Cherry no Sap, Cherry w/Sap, English Sycamore Quarter Sliced Plain Sliced Plain Sliced European Beech Figured Anigre Grey Elm African Mahogany Koa Lacewood Makore Maple, Birdseye Maple, Natural Maple, White Oak, Quarter Oak, White Pecan Red Gum Red Oak, Sliced, Flake Plain Sliced *