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Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter Display


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This includes descriptions of our priority campaigns. Local groups can order display materials by contacting us and letting us know which pages they need laminated by which date, and we will send this to you.

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Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter Display

  1. 1. Energy Efficiency: We can reduce the amount of energy we wastewith insulation, duct sealing, and installing more efficient light bulbsand windows. We support increased investments in energyefficiency through the Focus On Energy program. Since Wisconsinutilities started investing 1.2% of their revenues this program in 2001,we have created over 16,000 jobs, saved homeowners andbusinesses $1.68 billion on energy bills, and reduced carbon dioxideemissions by over 5 billion pounds. The Sierra Club is working toenact energy efficiency goals at the state and federal level.Clean Transportation: We have seen how dirty offshore oil drillingand tar sands oil threatens ecosystems from the Gulf Coast to borealforests in Canada. We are working to reduce Wisconsin’sdependence on oil by promoting transit, and bicycle and pedestrianpaths, and more efficient vehicles and fuels. Transit protects peoplefrom rising gas prices, increases mobility for disabled and elderlyriders, and connects people to where they work and shop. Transitnot only benefits riders, it also creates jobs, reduces traffic and cleansup our air. Every dollar in transit yields about $3.61 in economicbenefits for local communities. We support giving local governmentsthe tools they need to raise dedicated funds for transit throughstatewide authorization for regional transit authorities.
  2. 2. Moving Beyond Coal: Wisconsin depends on coal to meet 66% of ourelectricity needs. Coal-fired power plants are the largest source ofmercury emissions in our state. Mercury, a known nerve toxin, hascontaminated fish in every water body in Wisconsin. Coal-firedpower plants also emit carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is themain cause of climate change. They also emit sulfur dioxide andnitrogen oxides that form fine particulate pollution that leads toasthma, heart attacks, stroke and premature death. The Sierra Clubwon a lawsuit in 2007 that requires all state-owned coal plants tocomply with the Clean Air Act. We defeated Alliant Energy’sproposed coal plant in southwestern Wisconsin in 2008 that wouldhave cost ratepayers $1.3 billion in construction costs. We arepushing the EPA to create strong regulations for mercury to protectour health. Cleaner, safer alternatives to coal are available now, andinvesting in renewable energy will create thousands of jobs.Renewable Energy: The Sierra Club strongly supports increasing theamount of solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy in Wisconsin.Investing in renewable energy reduces the $16 billion per year thatWisconsin sends out of state for fossil fuels to meet our energyneeds. The Sierra Club supports goals for Wisconsin to obtain at least25% of our energy from renewable sources by 2025. We also supportpolicies that promote small, distributed renewable energy projects,such as net metering and fair uniform wind siting rules to overcomethe patchwork of local regulations that has threatened clean energyjobs. We support careful development of offshore wind resources inLake Michigan, which offer strong, steady wind resources of Class Vand above, and could provide power near population centers wheretransmission loss is low and demand is high.
  3. 3. Protecting Water Quality: Wisconsin depends on our 15,000 lakes,12,600 rivers and streams, and countless creeks for drinking water,biodiversity, recreation, and industry. Phosphorus pollutionthreatens water quality by causing toxic algal blooms that decreaselakefront property values, threaten public health, and jeopardizeWisconsins $12.1 billion tourism and our $2.75 billion sport fishingindustries. In 2010 we supported strong rules to control point andnon‐point phosphorus pollution, and laws to restrict phosphorus inlawn fertilizer and household cleaning agents. We are working toreduce threats to water from unsustainable agricultural practicesthrough monitoring and increased regulations in karst regions, whichare vulnerable because of cracks and sinkholes in these areas. Wealso support policies to stop Asian carp and other introduced,invasive species from entering the Great Lakes.Conserving Water: In 2008, the Sierra Club helped pass the strongGreat Lakes Compact, designed to prevent water from being divertedfrom the Great Lakes, which contain 20% of the earth’s fresh surfacewater, to other states or countries. We support updatinggroundwater regulations to reduce drawdowns with protections forsprings and science‐based permitting for high‐capacity wells. We alsosupport statewide water conservation policies.
  5. 5. The Sierra Club is the oldest, most influential grassrootsenvironmental organization in the US. Our mission is toexplore, enjoy & protect wild places through education,outings, lobbying, endorsing pro-conservationcandidates, and litigation. Help Protect Wisconsin’s Future…Join Today! Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter (608) 256-0565 222 South Hamilton St, #1, Madison, 53703