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S Kamal Portfolio

  1. 1. Surface Print Design - Textiles Grey’s Anatomy Variation on a single color and color schemes occurring in nature was the inspiration for this project. Texture mapping was used to apply the designs in an apparel context.RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  2. 2. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  3. 3. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  4. 4. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  5. 5. Color Theory Hue, Value, Interaction and AnalysisRedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  6. 6. Hue/ Value Interaction SchemesRedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  7. 7. Analysis of Color in NatureRedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  8. 8. Natural Dye Process - Textiles Experiments With Red A group project where we each experimented with different natural dyes. My specific three goals were: 1. to achieve a particular red on silk/hemp blend fabric using natural dyes; 2. to make a garment of the undyed fabric; and 3. to dye the garment with an ombré technique. The process of dyeing was so extensive and the results so far from the original idea, to dye the garment proved to be too far out of reach within the time frame (the un-dyed garment is shown at the end of this series). The dyeing process was an invaluable learning experience which required extensive research and discussion with a local master dyer, who also procures environmentally friendly silk and silk blend fabrics. Please visit Cheryl Kolander at www.aurorasilk.comRedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  9. 9. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  10. 10. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  11. 11. Sustainable Fabric Line - Apparel Natural Defense It was important with this line to embrace the neutral colors of the natural fibers - almost exclusively hemp/silk blends, plus 100% silk fabrics - and play up the colors and textures with lots of style lines, transparency, and the use of raw edges and selvages. Fabric piecework and metal works of armor were very influential.RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  12. 12. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  13. 13. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  14. 14. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  15. 15. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  16. 16. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  17. 17. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  18. 18. 1970’s Re-do - ApparelA Simpler TimeThe menswear look of Annie Hall was the primary inspiration, perhapsespecially the hat. During the 1970’s our society felt nostalgia for the 1930’s,which extended to ‘70’s fashions.
  19. 19. Technical Sketching - Apparel Snowboarding Jumpsuit This garment was designed in a group, then each group member interpreted the design separately. We worked towards achieving as much practicality and protection as possible in the one-piece design, and in the position of the pockets.RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  20. 20. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  21. 21. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  22. 22. Apparel Graphic - Dragon Boat Jersey Komochin Dragons Jersey graphic designed for my previous employer’s Dragon Boat team for the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races. Colleagues who chose the final design felt strongly it was necessary to use a dragon in the design; I also wanted to explore images that reflected the commitment of the people to the team effort. While designing the graphic it was not known which ink colors or jersey colors would be available. I advised it would be best to use only two ink colors, black plus an accent color, letting the jersey be the third color. The accent color could then be swapped out for any other, depending on the final jersey color that became available.RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  23. 23. SketchesRedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  24. 24. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  25. 25. Technical Design - Embroidery MedusaRedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  26. 26. RedFeatherDesign shahirakamal@gmail.com
  27. 27. Red Feather Design Shahira Kamal shahirakamal@gmail.com 5o3-984-4o76