All about Internet Explorer 10


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I have shared my knowledge about Internet Explorer 10 (Included in IE10).
Providing morel information in comment will be appreciated.

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All about Internet Explorer 10

  1. 1. Browsing Experience of IE 10
  2. 2. Windows Internet Explorer 10 (abbreviated as IE10)IE 10 is the next version of Internet Explorer currentlybeing developed by Microsoft , and the successor ofInternet Explorer 9.
  4. 4. Desktop IE Vs Metro IE• Desktop IE • Metro IE• Internet Explorer for the • Touch-friendly Adobe Flash desktop builds on the UI in Metro style Internet Explorer 10 , In Consumer changes that were Preview it was not introduced in IE9, and as a available. result it looks very similar • “Do Not Track” on By to the previous version of Default in IE in Windows 8 IE. , Consumers can change this default setting if they choose. • And many Other Key Platform Changes.
  5. 5. Metro
  6. 6. Launching IE 10 Metro Step1 : Click on Start button in charms or press Windows Key if you are on Desktop. By default You will be on Start Screen. Step 2: Click on IE ICON
  7. 7. By default Homepage will appear or if you have left choose blank as page as your Default option then Blank page will appear. Home Page Blank Page(Depends upon you , what you have definedas your Homepage)
  8. 8. Right Click on Top edge of IEwindow or at the Bottom of thepage to get the Address Bar andtab menu, such as open, close orswitch between tab/tabs.
  9. 9. Click on “+” tab to open new tab.
  10. 10. You can Open Multiple tabs at a time.Tabs
  11. 11. To switch between tabs, Click on tab you want.
  12. 12. To Close tab click on “X”
  13. 13. Click Here to open “New In Private Tab”Browsing “In Private tab” will not store any data , like Cookies, Password, History etc. InPrivate mode Badge On the Tab
  14. 14. Cleanup tabsWhen you click on “cleanup Tabs” it will close all tabs except thetab which is open.
  15. 15. Click here to go back to the previous page
  16. 16. The page Icon opened in current tab will be shown here.
  17. 17. Click here to Reload page.
  18. 18. Click on “Pin to Start” to pin a website.It’s like a Bookmark in previous versionsof IE
  19. 19. This Tile will appear on your pinned site area.You can personalize the webpage title as your wish.
  20. 20. Frequently Visited Sites Pinned SitesWhenever you will open a new tab, Frequently visitedand Pinned tab will be shown.
  21. 21. You can get application for this particular websitethrough “Get app for this site” directly inMicrosoft App Store, Instead of going to Storepage and finding app Manually.
  22. 22. You can find any particular word or sentence inentire page directly through “Find on page”option.In previous version of IE we need to press “Ctrl+f”to launch this option.
  23. 23. Since Metro IE is optimized for fast browsing anddoesnt support add on and flash for everywebsites, You can view any website in DesktopVersion of Internet Explorer that you are currentlyviewing in Metro IE.
  24. 24. Click here to go to the next page.(In case you have gone back to the previous page)
  25. 25. Desktop
  26. 26. Launching Desktop IEClick here to launch IE Desktop
  27. 27. Click Here to open new tab
  28. 28. To add Website as Favorite (Favorite is like Bookmark in previous version)Click here add Websitesin favorite bar
  29. 29. Websites added in Favorite Bar
  30. 30. More sites in Favorite bar
  31. 31. Click here to Explore Favorite bar
  32. 32. Favorites website or Bookmarks
  33. 33. Exploring Print Option
  34. 34. Exploring File Option
  35. 35. Selecting zoom size of Page
  36. 36. Alternate way to choose page zoom optionWe can use“Ctrl+ “+”to zoom inor“Ctrl + “-”to zoomout.
  37. 37. Delete Browsing History Press “Ctrl+Shift+Del” to delete browsing History
  38. 38. Browsing in “InPrivate mode”Browsing “In Private tab” will not store any data , like Cookies, Password, History etc. Press “Ctrl+shift+P” to start browsing in “InPrivate” mode
  39. 39. Enable Browsing in “Add on free” mode • (For fast browsing)
  40. 40. To Enable “ADD ON FREE” browsing Open ComputerClick here
  41. 41. And typec:program<space>filesInternet<space>Exploreriexplore<space>-extoff
  42. 42. Now you can browse in “ADD ON FREE” mode
  43. 43. Enabling “ADD ON FREE” Browsing Through Command Prompt To Enable “ADD ON FREE” browsing Open Command PromptType cd and hit enter to change Diectory
  44. 44. Change Directory to Program files-Internet ExplorerType cd Program filesInternet Explorer and hit enter
  45. 45. And then type iexplore –extoff and hit enter
  46. 46. Now you can browse in “ADD ON FREE” mode
  47. 47. FLASH for• Works on both Desktop and Metro (For some specific sites for Metro)
  48. 48.  No need to install flash player, because it is preinstalledwith IE 10.
  49. 49. SEARCHING
  50. 50. Open CharmsAnd click on search
  51. 51. Type Search keyword in search bar
  52. 52. And Click on Internet ExplorerIf you are connected to Internet the wizard will begin to search on the web.
  53. 53. SHARING Website
  54. 54. To share any website, pull charms from there itself and click on Share
  55. 55. And then select the option from through which you want to share, either by mail or by messenger.
  56. 56. To Share via mail put your friends email id, with whom you want to share this link
  57. 57. And if you select people
  58. 58. Then you will get option to share people on Facebook , twitter or LinkedIn
  59. 59. Setting IE as a default browser in windows 8
  60. 60. Open Control PanelAnd click on Programs
  61. 61. Click on Default Programs
  62. 62. Click on Set Your Default Program
  63. 63. Click on Internet Explorer
  64. 64. Click on Set this program as DefaultNow your IE is Default browser for surfing.
  65. 65. Settings
  66. 66. To open Internet Explorer Setting Click on Settings
  67. 67. Click onInternet Options
  68. 68.  By Clicking on “Delete” you will delete allyour Browsing records.
  69. 69. Permissions:On/Off :- Allows sites to know your physicallocation, where you are present at real time.
  70. 70. If you have already assigned your permissions(On/Off), You can “clear” that permissions and assigna new permissions according to your wish.
  71. 71. You can set “zoom” level of WebPages as yourrequirement or as per your screen size whichsuits your Display.
  72. 72. Encoding: This options allows you to Choose Encoding off/on. Encoding On : If some WebPages you are viewing , doesn’t looks like correctlanguage or you cannot understand that language then it will helpyou to encode that language to your default language. And thatparticular website will appear in your Default language.
  73. 73. Identify Your BrowserWeather IE is your Default browser or any other. If IE is your Default Browser If any other browser is your Default Browser
  74. 74. Hope you enjoyedThanks for Watching