Infocamp Berkeley: Adding design to business


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  • Agenda

  • “exchange of value”
    give something to a customer and get something back

  • Ops: speed of your pageload
    Support: you want to do it yourself initially, then you can outsource it
  • Switching costs are probably low
    Though you can try to offset them
    So lock-in? branding?
    There is no widget set, no standard viewing resolution, no common browser

  • Tough to create, easy to criticise
    Makes it super annoying to get an uninformed opinion (and everyone has one). From your CEO, your boss, Product people etc etc

  • Is design aesthetics?

  • Other people in the company: X is stupid, why don’t you do Y? There’s no data to support X.

  • This is data driven design. Honing, but not new stuff.
  • The benefits of copying

  • Not just giving, and not just taking - doing both.

  • Infocamp Berkeley: Adding design to business

    1. 1. Practical Design: ++Business Shahid Hussain
    2. 2. #infocamp @shahidhussain
    3. 3. Good News Bad News Solutions
    4. 4. Good News
    5. 5. Why does the startup exist? It’s an exchange.
    6. 6. Business.
    7. 7. Community Strategy Marketing Easy to get Hard to get Ops Who you know Support Design/UX/UI
    8. 8. “Competition is just one click away.” - Google
    9. 9. Bad News
    10. 10. Everybody’s a critic.
    11. 11. All I can think of when I see that effect is a public bathroom with little puddles in front of all the urinals. Why do I want something I like so close to someone else’s pee. Not that my pee would improve the situation.
    12. 12. Just look at Wikipedia. In many ways, it is the perfect web application. How empowered do you feel when you use that site? You have easy access to almost anything you could ever want to know, and anybody who has used a computer in the past twenty years can figure out how to navigate it. Even my grandmother knows blue underlined text is a hyperlink. It’s a big flag that says “you can do something here!” - Anne K Halsall
    13. 13. Please make this bigger so the design “pops”. BUY
    14. 14. “Innovation”
    15. 15. If your idea is good, someone else is doing it.
    16. 16. Truly new things are indefensible.
    17. 17. “The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.” - Eric Ries on MVP == RELEASE THAT S***
    18. 18. Solutions
    19. 19. 1.You have data. 2.You are copying someone else successful. 3.They trust you. You get what you want.
    20. 20. Data driven design = making the pockets bigger
    21. 21. DATA
    22. 22. This is not Twitter.
    23. 23. This is not Xerox.
    24. 24. This is not Xerox.
    25. 25. Why does the startup exist? It’s an exchange.
    26. 26. Shahid Hussain