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Be informed of MDA’s initiatives, schemes and opportunities available for your company. Interact, network and exchange ideas with other industry partners.

For full set of presentations shared at the Media Business Forum 2009, please refer to the links below.

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Broadcast Music

  1. 1. BROADCAST & MUSIC Media Business Forum 12 March 2009 Presented by Yeo Chun Cheng Chief Information Officer/ Director (Broadcast & Music) Media Development Authority of Singapore
  2. 2. OVERVIEW - AREAS OF FOCUS Made-by- Grow Music Singapore Ecosystem Content Build Up Singapore Distribution Quality, Sound Services Scalable + High-Value Made-By- Singapore Content
  3. 3. BROADCAST Made-By-Singapore Content
  4. 4. 2008 - ACHIEVEMENTS IN BROADCAST 2180 990 Jobs Local Hours 41 35 Countries Awards
  5. 5. 2008 - PUBLIC SERVICE PROGRAMMES •The Little •Perfect Cut Nyonya (Wa Wa Pictures) (MediaCorp Studios) •Highest rated drama on Ch U •Highest rated since 2004 show in 15 years •Viewed by 1 in 3 •Guru Paarvai in Singapore (Blueriver Pictures) •Highest average •Jeritan Sepi rating of 15% on (Eagle Vision) Vasantham •Highest rated show on Suria in •Culture X 2008 (Third Floor) •Tripled okto’s ratings for info programmes
  6. 6. 2008 - INTERNATIONAL CO-PRODUCTIONS IN HD Journey Pictures ThreeSixZero Best Direction Sold to CBC, at New York Discovery Asia, Festivals 2008 NHK, Phoenix TV Sold to BBC Theatrical release HD, ZDF, TVB, Nippon TV Beach House Sitting in Pictures Produced with Natural History Distributed by New Zealand Fremantle Sold to US, HK, Book published Germany, Greece by Penguin The Right Angle Infocus Asia Media Produced with Co-production with NG Television Beijing TV Distributed by Distributed by BBC NGC Worldwide InternationaI
  7. 7. 2009 – TARGETS FOR BROADCAST 2380 1280 Local Hours Jobs
  8. 8. 2009 – AREAS OF FOCUS Made-by- Singapore International Public Innovative Service Partnerships 360º TV Programmes & Productions 2290 Hours
  9. 9. CALL FOR PROPOSALS – PUBLIC SERVICE PROGRAMMES What? Public service/educational value; innovative concepts • Reach viewers in Singapore and beyond • Cross platform potential • Slates - producers with track record in quality content • Who? All Singapore independent production houses, broadcaster • in-house production units How? Co-investment arrangement between MDA and production • houses (and third parties) When? March and September 2009 •
  10. 10. FOCUS - INNOVATIVE 360º TV In the forefront, sharpening our companies’ competitive edge Library Marketing Original Cast Programming Interactive Profiles Sneak Mini-sodes Series Interactive Peaks Footage Videos E-books Behind Commentaries the Games Scenes Innovative 360º TV Games Short-Form VOD Mobile Broadband
  11. 11. CONTENT 360º SESSIONS
  12. 12. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – ELECTRIFY TV What? Forum for Online Video Evangelists Why? Expand the role of Online Video as a Medium Who? Content Creators: Video Production Companies, Publishers, etc Distributors: Video Portals, Networks/Application Developers, etc Service Providers: Interactive Services, Ad/Marketing Agencies, Marketers, Ad Networks, Analytics Providers, System Integrators, Web Developers, etc Technology Partners: Platform Developers, Tools Developers, Device Manufacturers, etc When? 21 April 2009
  13. 13. CALL FOR PROPOSALS – 360º TV Who? Media Companies and Partnerships involving TV production companies, advertising agencies, platform/device owners, etc What? Original, Professionally-made TV Content > universal themes, innovative concepts, compelling storylines > engage global viewers through creative use of media technologies, social media tools, etc > available for wide distribution over online platforms, mobile/handheld devices, consoles, and other audience-interfacing media tools When? Details available at next Content 360º Session on 19 March 2009
  16. 16. MUSIC Revitalising the Music Industry
  17. 17. GOING DIGITAL: REVOLUTION TO INNOVATION 2008’s revenues increased by 25% to US$3.7b Market share up from 15% to 20% •Revenue streams for music expanding and diversifying •New business model of “Access” is leading the way Graphic:
  18. 18. GOING DIGITAL- REVOLUTION TO INNOVATION Global Digital Revenues by Industry 2008 •Music at forefront of 35% online and mobile revolution Growth from 15% in 2007 to 20% in 2008 •Higher revenue % growth through digital 20% platforms •Leverage on Music to advance into the digital world 4% 1% 4% Games Recorded Music Newspapers Films Magazines Source: PWC Global Entertainment & Media Report (2008) and IFPI
  19. 19. DEVELOPING MUSIC ECOSYSTEM •TRANSFORMING Singapore into a key regional and global media hub •ENHANCING value in any media sector •UNLOCKING the value and full potential of the Singapore music industry
  20. 20. DEVELOPING MUSIC SERVICES • Incorporating Made-in-Singapore Music into Made-by-Singapore content • Spur growth in professional music services to support Made-by-Singapore content and more
  21. 21. CALL FOR PROPOSALS - MUSIC What? • Projects to develop Music Ecosystem to grow the Singapore Music Industry. • New Singapore companies in Music Publishing, Licensing and Distribution for international markets. • Develop and produce Music related/themed content for international distribution. • Made-in-Singapore Music into Made-by-Singapore content When? March, September 2009 Partners:
  22. 22. 2009 - TARGETS FOR THE SINGAPORE SOUND 1330 $46m VA Jobs
  23. 23. THANK YOU