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Biren Shah


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Biren Shah

  1. 1. meet Biren Shah
  2. 2. He is abusiness manager&construction technologist
  3. 3. He is abusiness manager&construction technologistwho worksindesign & project management turnkey interior projectsbusiness services strategic planning
  4. 4. Biren is excellent atmanaging business idea generationbusiness strategy formation time, quality & cost optimizationmaking business relationships
  5. 5. and bad atcooking work at home during week-ends
  6. 6. Biren worked at great organizations
  7. 7. and with awesome team too !
  8. 8. Biren presently works with a retail giant of India
  9. 9. he has created& presently heading a business servicesdesign studioa creative KPO working on interior design projects
  10. 10. which ishaving exposure to >1100 interior design projects certified ISO 9001:2008 services providing specialized 3D visualization & project planning services
  11. 11. would you like to meet him?
  12. 12. – 9327096879+91 - 9408284007 Thanks for reading…..