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Shahbaz hussain 3


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Shahbaz hussain 3

  2. 2. Prepare your minds: Truth is notsimple
  3. 3.  Simulation, in industry, science, and education,a research or teaching technique that reproducesactual events and processes under testconditions. Developing a simulation is often a highlycomplex mathematical process. Initially a set ofrules, relationships, and operating proceduresare specified, along with other variables. The interaction of these phenomena create newsituations, even new rules, which further evolveas the simulation proceeds. There are many examples of thesesimulations……………….
  4. 4.  Computer simulation,is a progarm use torepresent the dynamic responses of one systemby the behavior of another system modeledafter it. A simulation uses a mathematical description,or model, of a real system in the form ofa computer program. The mathamatical model is composed ofequations that duplicate the functionalrelationships within the real system.
  5. 5. systemMathamicalmodelsimulationPhysicalmodelExperimentWith actualsystem
  6. 6. The book of nature is written in thelanguage of mathematics NEWTON.
  7. 7.  A simulation can also take the form of a computer-graphics image that represents dynamic processesin an animated sequence. Computer simulations are used to study thedynamic behavior of objects or systems inresponse to conditions that cannot be easily orsafely applied in real life. Simulations are especially useful in enablingobservers to measure and predict how thefunctioning of an entire system may be affected byaltering individual components within thatsystem.
  8. 8.  Examples: Blue Brain Project ,Life,Krick-Suleman model. Computer simulation is widely use in the fieldof scientific research ,engeenering,ecnomics,industrial research etc
  9. 9. THEEND