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Cyber economics v2 -Measuring the true cost of Cybercrime


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Cyber economics v2 -Measuring the true cost of Cybercrime

  1. 1. Cyberonomics Measuring the true cost of Cybercrime Shahar Geiger Maor
  2. 2. B (daily)
  3. 3. Why Measuring Cyber Security? in :
  4. 4. “…Cybercrime Cost is estimated $1 Trillion worldwide” /mcafee-explains- the-dubious-math-behind-its-unscientific- -trillion-data-loss-claim
  5. 5. Risk Landscap e (2013)
  6. 6. 1.8% Of GDP UK = 27B₤ IL = 4.5B$ The Cost Of Cybercrime in Israel (#1) -industry-and-government-joint-crime-cyber-of-cost-
  7. 7. The Cost Of Cybercrime in Israel (#1) 4.5B$ 4.5B$ ~66% of 6.7B$
  8. 8. Why Measuring Cyber Security Is So Problematic? Too many sources of data The problems of under-recording and under/over-reporting Cybercrime surveys (lack of methodology) Conflicts of interest Terminology and rhetorics What to measure? (impact, loss) .pdf
  9. 9. The Costs Of Cybercrime To Society Defense costs Indirect losses Direct losses Cybercrime Supporting Infra. Criminal revenue Cost to society +customizations Terrorist’s gain Vendor revenue
  10. 10. 0.19% Of GDP UK = 4.5B₤ IL = 460M$
  11. 11. The Cost Of Cybercrime in Israel (#2) 460M$ Total cost of crime in Israel (2012): 4B$ Sex Crimes: 170M$ Murder: 100M$ Fraud+ ​Property : 1,960M$ x2. 7 x4. 2 23 %
  12. 12. Some Insights From An Israeli Security Survey This survey refers to 2009-2011 (included) Market Average: 2 incidents in 3 years Per organization Market score: ~400 incidents in 2011 An average security incident looks like this: • Inside factor or known vulnerability/threat • ~50 working hours per incident • ~50K$ per incident (~~~~~~~~~~~)
  13. 13. The Cost Of Cybercrime in Israel (#3) 20M$
  14. 14. A Brave New Economic Model Scope Target Impact Timing Reputation Economic gains
  15. 15. Government’s Role In Cyber Economic Measurement Quantitative risk assessment may improve cyber security controls and mitigation. So: Regulators should encourage the use of cyber economic measurement tools One methodology One focal point Discreet reporting
  16. 16. Thank You!