NeuroMagnetism- Inspire Desire


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Understand the brain of the consumer and increase sales. understand how to inspire desire

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NeuroMagnetism- Inspire Desire

  1. 1. NeuroMagnetism The Art to Inspire Desire
  2. 2. Today we’ll talk about: ● How to inspire desire ● NeuroMarketing ● How to create desire online
  3. 3. The age of famous But where is attention? How is our marketing doing? 95% of all marketing is wasted, not scientific, not effective. 98% Direct mail 98% of sales e-mails 93% of sales calls 50% large branding campaigns
  4. 4. The Art to Inspire Desire What is NeuroMagnetism? NeuroMarketing+ Brand Identity= A Magnetic Brand. Neuromarketing is a simple, scientific way to understand what motivates people and what makes them take action
  5. 5. Become more significant Significance is about making things useful and it is also about making things desirable Bigger profit margins live here
  6. 6. The Brain How many changes in the last few years? ● Change is constant and accelerating. How often social networks change? One thing hasn't changed in the last 50,000 years: The brain:
  7. 7. Human Brain 95% of our purchases happen first on an unconscious level. Meet the reptilian brain: ● Emotions ● Senses
  8. 8. How People Buy ● Our buying decisions must be filtered by beliefs and values, therefore we buy unconsciously first. ● Memories factor into the decision process. you don't analyze and make decisions, your unconscious mind does. ● People buy feelings, identity, values and imagination. They buy what they feel!
  9. 9. How you sell? Talk to the brain's needs: ● Keep me safe ● Touch me ● Feed me
  10. 10. Keep me safe ● The brain needs to know the future- Tell what will happen ● Careful navigation- Brain likes simple ● Find the broken windows. ● Use Imagery ● Establish positive associations
  11. 11. Touch Me ● Tell stories ● Create contrast- claims ● Brain likes rhythm and only thinks in positives ● Imagination buys- Show the positives ● Show solutions ● Set expectations- "You're Gonna Like The Way You Look, I Guarantee It"
  12. 12. Feed Me ● Learn to keep in touch ● Show what is in it for them- Evidence ● Brain loves novelty ● Habit and repetition ● Control the process
  13. 13. Examples Storytelling: site and packaging
  14. 14. The need to Belong
  15. 15. To the point ● Emotional connection ● Tell them what they have to do
  16. 16. Create Connections:
  17. 17. Approachability, Fun, Contrast
  18. 18. Word of Advice Work with your customer's brain and how it is wired All senses matter. Apply NeuroMarketing in your sales efforts, negotiations, packaging, store isles, Website, Social Media Efforts.
  19. 19. BuzzBooster Marketing Call us if: ● You want to increase sales ● Want to market better ● Want to train your team ● Book us to speak to your group 801-842-9765 Watch our show at