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Scope of digital marketing auto mobile


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Know the various methods in the digital marketing methods for an auto mobile industry.
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Scope of digital marketing auto mobile

  1. 1. Scope of Digital Marketing for Auto Mobile Dealers By SeaMedia, Calicut
  2. 2. THE SECTIONS Old Marketing Methods Digital Marketing The Scope Email Marketing Digital Marketing the Rise Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing – Types Search Engine Optimization: Ads Locally at searches Blog Marketing Car forum websites and Mobile Optimized Website auto expo websites Website Ads Online auto magazinesContent sites related to automobiles
  3. 3. Old Marketing Methods TV, Newspaper ads Magazines Billboards Exhibitionsetc
  4. 4. Digital Marketing The ScopeEmergence of Internet –Fast communicationsInstant MessagingEasy display – Easy reach to millionsMore effective tools to analyze businessQuick Implementation
  5. 5. Digital Marketing RiseDuration Money InvestedLast Year $ 3.82 billionNext Year $ 4.3 billionBy 2015 $ 5.80 billion
  6. 6. Digital Marketing – Types1. Email Marketing2. Website Ads3. Social Media Promotions4. Local Listings5. SEO6. Blog Marketing7. Mobile Optimizedetc
  7. 7. 1. Email MarketingCollect the email database - potential customersNeeds graphics to display the discountsSame design must be used at your websiteCan Use Email marketing toolsGathering answers from the customers for thequestions – improves firm
  8. 8. 2. AdvertisementsTo Public websites, having potential customersGiving link at the ads to our home pageHighlight discounts to attractMake the same design appear at webpageHighlight Group-buy discounts if possible
  9. 9. 2. Ads – the different typesa) Content sites related to automobiles:b) Online auto magazines:c) Car forum websites and auto expo websites:d) Social networking sites:e) 30, 60-second ad On YouTubeetc
  10. 10. Advertisements - Types1 Ads Locally – Search Engine Results2 Content sites related to Automobiles3 Online auto Magazines4 Car forum Websites and Auto expo websites5 While watching video - YouTube
  11. 11. Give Ads – 1- Locally – Search Engine Results Users search via search engines Examines location also So give ads to get local customers that can reach showroom Eg : Next Slide
  12. 12. Give Ads - 2 - Content sites related to Automobiles read and followed by people interested in knowing the latest auto mobile updates + people who desire to buy a vehicle high chance of getting a click from the people
  13. 13. Give Ads - 3 - Online auto Magazines very high traffic from the cars and bike lovers. Contains articles from the experts includes the comparisons of vehicle Performance and tests Such audience can be attracted via Ads
  14. 14. Give Ads - 4 - Car forum websites and auto expo websites thousands of unique visitors daily engage themselves in the discussions reviews and comments giving ads - surely increase your visitors
  15. 15. Give Ads - 5 - While watching video People get more information, watching videos See videos of New vehicles - launching event YouTube – most used video website.
  16. 16. YouTube Ads - TypesDisplaying Ads in Home PageDisplaying Ads in Search ResultsDisplaying Ads in Right top while watching videoDisplaying Ads as 30, 60 second
  17. 17. ads
  18. 18. Blog MarketingCan Promote the images and videosCharts and ReportsShowroom price lists, offers, seasonal discountProper call to actionsChance to get sharing to social media sites
  19. 19. Social Media Marketing very inexpensive method It’s the favorite method of getting updates build brand awareness REGULAR UPDATES Facebook Page, Twitter Profiles, Google+ Page etc Social Media Analyzing tools availableEg: NorthSocial, SproutSocial
  20. 20. Mobile Optimized Websitepercentage rise - auto mobile search queries from mobile Year Percentage 2010 17 % 2011 24 % 2012 31 %
  21. 21. Why to Create separate Mobile website?Search engine prefersShows all information – no information are missedNormal Site - horizontal scrolling – fails to showimportant datadominant over your competitorsbetter user experience makes a customer to comebackFor the mobiles that do not support java scripts
  22. 22. Local ListingsSubmit at major local directoriesBuild customer reviews, ratingsUploads photos and videosSubmit at popular maps, place services
  23. 23. Search Engine OptimizationPeople uses the search engine to get results87% of the clicks of the online queries goes OrganicSearch engines updates search algorithm, so do SEOkeyword researchgiving keywords in the website content, titles, metakeywords, meta descriptions, headings, URLfresh contents, company promotions via bloggingAnalyzing the competitor strategies
  24. 24. Digital Marketing Service SeaMedia Ph: +91 495 4014118