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Introduction - SA Print Media


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Introduction - SA Print Media

  1. 1. s.a. plastics ’009 08.qxp 2009/08/05 10:52 AM Page 50 MachinePoint global TSM ‘Multi goes Blend’ can handle up to 12 Rohan Shahane, ex-Windsor India, is MachinePoint’s components new man for Southern and East Africa The latest version of the Multi Blend™ IN great market in these areas. It can allow gravimetric blender RESPONSE to plastic processors to produce high quality from TSM of Ireland, continuous growth products that could compete in the the TSM3000, can handle up to 12 opportunities and increasing market international markets. individual material components at any given time with total automatic demand for good quality used European The key for producing high quality cleaning between recipes. The unit can machinery for the plastic and beverage products is to have a good technology. As be centrally located, supplying any industries, MachinePoint Consultants is we all know, European brands have no number of machines. The use of expanding its global presence by rivalry in terms of quality and buying them centralized off-line blending to feed opening offices in India and North Africa. as used, makes the deal more attractive multiple machines has many cost MachinePoint is one of the largest and affordable,” said Rodriguez. advantages, such as the elimination of trading organisations dealing with used MachinePoint has recently appointed gravimetric blenders for each machine. plastic processing machinery in Europe. Rohan Shahane as its new manager for Thereafter, individual material recipes It has sold equipment to more than 55 the East-Southern Africa/Indian are simply entered into the TSM central blender control panel. When a machine different countries to the satisfaction of subcontinent markets. Rohan is an requests a material fill, the TSM both buyers and previous machinery honours graduate in Polymer blender prepares the required job owners, said MD Cesar Rodriguez. Engineering from London Metropolitan recipe, mixes the material, before Headquartered in Spain, MachinePoint University who most recently worked at conveying it off to the respective has a presence in the ‘mature’ markets of Windsor Machines Ltd in India. machine. Finally, the blender’s Western Europe along with rapidly Mouhammad Al Habib Charrada is the automatic self-cleaning feature is developing markets in Eastern Europe. new manager of the MachinePoint North initiated in anticipation of the next fill “We have great plans for our expansion Africa office in Tunisia. request or masterbatch change. in Asia and Africa. We believe that good www.tsm-controls.com. www.machinepoint.com quality used European machinery has a 50 AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 PLASTICS EXTRUSION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT 27 YEARS EXPERIENCE in all aspects of processing PVC and HDPE pipes and fittings. Expertise offered in the following areas: PLASTIC PIPE processing and plant selection PROCESSING MACHINERY Multilayer (foamcore), UPVC and MPVC material technology and Exceptional Price Competitiveness on a world wide scale process conditions, supported by on-site trials aimed at output, quality Extremely short lead and cost improvements Optimised fast cycling moulds introduction of effective production Cost effective control systems and product costing manufacture skills improvement through Over 60 years collective experience mentoring of production management and operational staff Competent injection project implementation of quality and ISO systems moulding and testing facility interim management of processing Local world class TUV ISO 9001-2000 and operational challenges CONTACT Paul Scherpenhuyzen tel: 082 553 9688 SICA REPRESENTATIVE: email: pnscherp@mweb.co.za