Energy Efficiency Par Excellence


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Energy Efficiency Par Excellence

  1. 1. ffiffiENERGY MANAGEMENT: AII-electric machines s-E par excelfenc€ RisingTeW prics$-i$ srucial a issus withtheplastie pruoessills ierdu*try. a resurt, necd *onitl,,nJ As the reduce to sn*rgyconsumptinn [eccmrlnor* rras impcrtant thanever. hasgiven to n** i***lopments Ttris rise thetniectien moutding ir indusrry, ;,L;;_d iid uffi ;; mculdingmachines. Jaininalyses enectiven*ss Avani trre of thesem*ehines acfrieving in un*rgr*#*iency. he cost of energy has conventionally been between iniection injection moulding machinessaid fltltxilf;t#ffi:j"t* are to 4 and 5 per cent of the cost of a moulding, but this is rh.;;;;.*;;b1v;en two H"itri,l.#_?rr..ffTfl" the is increasing rapidly with rising the useof servomotors in electric energ.y moulding machines injection on trr. ,.rouang and the machine. ; prices.To remain competitive, as against the use of a business pumps in hydraulic must havean effectivee: injection moulding lhe plus polnts machines. Rohan Shrikant process. the Thus, ffiyfff:nT Regional Director - South Shahani Ail_"t..rrl. machines have several energ.y efficiency, which has E*t A;i;; .Jrrrrrr.r., over hydraulic machines. led to Machine Point Consutt*t, ,lih. popularisation of electric st, ..f, ,.*o motor used in an electric iniection "Energy consumption moulding machines. in drfferent inlection ,*"t rrr. only drives ,h. Ji required for Earlier, hydraulic injection moulding on how the th. *o.r.irrg process,crearing fflI::tchinestepends orrvesarepoweredTheproduct a direct machines ruled the market, but type,size exchangeoi..r"rgy and ensuring witfr and material can be a large contributor ress the advancementsin technolog;,,, to enel new developments now taking various the dirf.erence. consumprion. i, .,,.,sv A,".i3;ilyJir"-fi:;J".i:lJl* are place. conventional hydraulic Currently, all-electric machines machine ur., orr" the electric machine eriminates are or more pumps as a central the need making inroads into the Indian unit to drive for hydraulic market, the machine Two ;;;;;;; the need to with a 4-5 per cent shareoftotal injection aspectsof a hydrauric of-the ,""*firr ,lor", airpo.., "ri; miintain .oor the oir. -*, machine are the "rrd moulding machinerysales. Their demand architecture All-erectric machineseriminate of the s;ntem and the wasted the needis expected to increase in . fol cooring the hydraulic system, the near pump powerwhen besidesfuture due to their energ.y thereis no demand.In the associatedequipment requirements efficiency, contrast,all-electricgreater-deanliness, machinesreducelosses and quick start_up,betterrepeatabilityand noiseless by htsh;;;;;;; using tod,ive ,1,::::#:t"ir%: operations. injection moulding processes." -:io,. Al-elssu... -"u.,T?"T"i hydraulicmachines. All_electricmachines! *o*"rr: pla**i*e & F*tym*rs I November 2011
  2. 2. WAll-electric machines produce less noise as it does not have moulding machine is high in other pumps. The plumbing piping to the countries like Japan where 90 per cent plant can be greatly reduced for new of the machines are injection moulding construction. Moreover. these machines machines. As a result, the governments in are more preciseand good for repetitive these countries have subsidised the price operations," notes Shahane. of these machines for end-users." All-electric machines allow machine Adding to this, Shahane says, "In&$$"*$*m*r$s e$*s s&e*$Tfi movements to be integrated direcdy with India, people prefer to buy machines the control system.This greatly improves*#Ecs*$mm€* f*r ce*$$xrgmachine €fus ra**d that are less costly and bear the high set-up, adjustment and process maintenance cost throughout the year.&$re$eydrm*e$6* fu*s$des control. These machinesuse less water, *ys€e*w, Although the capital investment in€fums*e*$e**d * eqa*$peawert and, depending on the product, water electric injection moulding machine consumptioncan be reducedbyr*qaxEr*mea?&s mm{$ sffi*r*f #$*. per cent. Generally,all-electric up to 65 appear to be huge in the beginning, there machines are no further costs involved with them.& s$xwr€*r pnwda**t mskes require less maintenanceas comparedto *yc$m Thus, despite being energy efficient, the pr*dr**t$vm*fu***ssftstrffi t8xmm hydraulic machines. Overall, all-electric scope of these machines in the Indian machines have a relatively lower risk of market seems limited at present." hetfumfuydrmar$F*Eci*s. mesfu failure and are easy to maintain than continues, "But with the growth in auto, conventionalmachines.Thus, all-electric medical and electric & electronic sectors.RohanShrikantShahane machines can significantly reduce energy the investment in all-electric machinesRegional Director SouthEastAsia, - consumption and production cost for is expected to increase. This growth willMachinePointConsultants SL manymouldings.Thesemachines used are be fuelled by productivity improvement in applications that requirehigh precision, initiatives due to manpower shortage, wage eS, engineering and pharmaceutical inflation and higher power availability." applications. New technologes greater for Demerits efficiencies Despite the many advantagesof all- With the rising focus on energy electric machines,these do have certain management, companies are looking disadvantages,which might hamper beyond electric injection moulding their demand. Shahane observes."The machines. "For this purpose, newmachines market barrier of accepting all-electric like the Canbio VS serieswith electro- machinesis the cost differential between hydraulic system comprising servo-driven hydraulic and all-electric machines,which motor andvariabledisplacement pump are is almost 40 per cent. However, of late, producedby Negri Bossi," saysRamesh. this price has dedined by 70-20 per cent. Through completedigital control, Canbio Although all-electric injection mouldings VS provideshigh moulding accuracy and exhibit superior efficiencyin the plastics improved repeatability of the moulded manufacturing process,these cannot be parts. The use of digital variable&* m*rcxp*rmd &*$md$m, tfum used in applications that require high displacement pumps with integrated speedand high damping forces." electronic control of pressureand speed**r*xmmdm*$"*$e**r$* f*r permits higher energysavings.€m$***&mm rwmm$dF*rg $ss* snwsfu Demand scenario "These machinesare closeto electricFsfuEgtum€fu*r $m *maxsx*r$es $$k* The higher cost of electric injection injection moulding machines and can moulding machines than the conventional save more energJr other costs. This$epe*wken* pcn Sffi *srt* w$ hydraulic systerrxlimits their usage. V & gives them an advantage over electric&fuemc**$s&sB&$ ffitr# $m$**€$wn Ramesh,Chief Executive Ofiicer, Negri injection moulding machines,which arexmww*d*rag swms$x$sles. Bossi SACMI Engineering (India) Pvt expensiveand have certain limitations," Ltd, says, "Of the total injection moulding details Ramesh.Thus, in future, energyV Ramesh machinery market in India, electric management concerns expected rise are toChiefExecutive Officer,NegriBossiSACMI injection moulding machine constitutes further and machineswith higher output (lndia)PvtLtdEngineering only a small percentage. comparedto As and lower power consumption per unit India, the demandfor all-electriciniection will lure customersworldwide. ffi@ ruto*l*rnFia**ios & Fofyru*rs I November 2011