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Singleton Technologies - Company Presentation


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Singleton Technologies - Company Presentation

  1. 1. Singleton Technologies Ltd. Company Overview Contact:
  2. 2. Singleton – Who we are Dynamic software house Experts in Telecom, Network and Mobile Systems With a track record of success in very complex projects With strong technical skills in key disciplines And top tier customers
  3. 3. Singleton – What we do We supply turn-key software projects End-to-end telecom based solutions and applications Based on our proprietary technology and know how
  4. 4. Networked VAS Platform Comprehensive platform for deployment of mobile end-to-end solutions. Mobile application Development • Mobile platform ready with networked infrastructure • Testing, Deployment, Content management tools. • Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone platforms Carrier-side systems ready for deployment • Carrier grade system (5 9s) • Billing connectivity • SS#7 connectivity • Common mobile services: SMS, MMS, Mobile web Enterprise server for connectivity to enterprise services, DBs and applications.
  5. 5. Technological Expertise End to end networked application development (carrier, enterprise, mobile). Server technologies, communication infrastructure software, GIS, tri-play (video/voice/data integration) IP / Telephony protocol expertise: SIP, SS7 stack, RTP, RADIUS, Inet protocols over different links.
  6. 6. Singleton’s Strengths Telecom, Network and Mobile – ‘Complete Picture’ Capable of tackling any technology issue High level of attention dedicated to each project, ensuring top quality On time delivery
  7. 7. Selected Customers/Projects Microsoft R&D (MMS Gateway, Charging Gateway) IXI (Networked automatic testing for Mobile) MOBIXELL (WAP Radius Server, Communication Probes) Pontis (CDR processing gateway) SCHEMA (Wireless Optimization GIS) IAI (Knowledge Management) TTI-Telecom (Partitioning, Oracle infra.)
  8. 8. Singleton - Profile Privately held. 8 Years in business. Strategic projects delivered to tier 1 customers. Based in Israel. R&D facilities in Israel, off-shore sub-contractors in east EU + Asia. Up to 25 highly proficient experts available to tackle the most challenging projects.
  9. 9. Singleton Technologies Ltd. Thank you! Contact: