Swot Analysis of Bangladesh Tourism


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Swot Analysis of Bangladesh Tourism

  2. 2. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH TERM PAPER ON THE SWOT ANALYSIS OFTOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH SUBMITTED TO MD. ABDULLAH Assistant Professor Department of Marketing Comilla University SUBMITTED BY MD. SHAHADAT HOSSAIN SUNNY Exam Roll No: 01 001 Registration No: MKT 07 322 MBA, 1st Semester Department of Marketing Comilla University 2  Page
  3. 3. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH DATE OF SUBMISSION October 16, 2012 DEPARTMENT OF MARKETING COMILLA UNIVERSITY LETTER OF SUBMISSIONOctober 16, 2012Md. AbdullahAssistant ProfessorDepartment of MarketingComilla UniversitySubject : Submission of Term Paper.Dear Sir,By the grace of Almighty Allah, the most benevolent and merciful, I have beensuccessful to complete this report. 3  Page
  4. 4. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESHHere is the report on “The SWOT Analysis of Tourism Development inBangladesh”. It gives me immense pleasure to submit the report to accomplishthe partial requirement of M.B.A program. Preparing of this report helps me togather experience and knowledge that would be needed for us to meet today’schallenging job market. My effort will be highly glad if any one find it interestingand a effective one.I sincerely believe that the findings of this report may help to the academicians,students, researchers as references. For any kind of explanations and clarificationsof any part of this report, please make me oblige by contact. I sincerely hope thisreport will receive your attention and approval.Sincerely yoursMd. Shahadat Hossain SunnyExam Roll: 01 001Registration No: MKT 07 322MBA, 1st SemesterDepartment of MarketingComilla University ACKNOWLEDGEMENTOn the very outset, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Almighty Allah forbestowing me the ability to complete the Term Paper on “The SWOT Analysis ofTourism Development in Bangladesh”I would like to express my gratitude to all the people that were involved both directlyand indirectly in the preparation of this report. I apologize to the people whose namesthat I have not mentioned, and their contribution is highly appreciated by me. 4  Page
  5. 5. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESHMy heartiest gratitude to all whom have successfully, sincerely and constructivelyassisted me in preparing this report in a benefiting manner. I would like to extendthanks to the honorable Chairman Md. Abdullah, Assistant Professor, Department ofMarketing, Comilla University for his guidelines and valuable insights regarding thepreparation and completion of the report. More specifically, I would like to thank himfor imparting his time and wisdom.Finally, I want to thank my parents and my friends whose influence and inspirationhas enabled me to complete this report. At last I shall be grateful to those personswho read this report and who shall get benefit from this report at present and infuture. CONTENTS • What is Swot Analysis………………………………………..….………..…….06 • Tourism in Bangladesh……………………….………….……….……….…….07 • SWOT Analysis of Tourism Development in Bangladesh…………08 • Strengths of Tourism Development in Bangladesh…………………08 • Weaknesses of Tourism Development in Bangladesh…………….09 5  Page
  6. 6. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH • Opportunities of Tourism Development in Bangladesh………….10 • Threats of Tourism Development in Bangladesh…………........10 • Outcomes of the SWOT Analysis…………………………………………….11 • Bibliography…………………………………………………………………………….12What is SWOT Analysis?__________________SOWT Analysis is the technique through which managers create a well plannedoverview of the organization’s total strategic situation.The SWOT analysis comprises of the Organization’s internal strength andweakness and external opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis gives anorganization an insight of what they can do in future and how they can competewith their existing competitors. This tool is very important to identify the currentposition of the organization relative to others, who are playing in the same fieldand also used in the strategic analysis of the organization.Both manufacturing and service oriented business organizations start to possesssome weaknesses as time elapses. The weaknesses of an organization can beturned into opportunities if recognized on time. Moreover, overlooking any threatmay result in loosing valuable business opportunities. For this reason, an 6  Page
  7. 7. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESHassessment of every business organization is required to judge the performancefrom the aspects of its strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunitie Threats sThe usefulness of SWOT analysis is not limited to profit-seeking organizations.SWOT analysis may be used in any decision-making situation when a desiredobjective has been defined. SWOT analysis can also be used in pre-crisisplanning, preventive crisis management, corporate planning, marketing, andeven human resource development.Tourism in Bangladesh___________________Tourism has considered as the world’s largest and rapid growing industry ofmodern business world. It has a vital influence on economic development of acountry. Bangladesh is a new tourist destination on the map of the world.Bangladesh has enormous potential to develop tourism because of its attractivenatural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Tourism can add value in theBangladeshi economy if proper marketing plan and strategy can be built andimplemented for this purpose. However, this industry fails to reach its destinationdue to adequate marketing practices. 7  Page
  8. 8. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESHToday tourism is the most advantageous and up-to-date business all over theworld. It has become one of the major international trade categories. For manydeveloping countries, it is one of the main income sources and the number oneexport category, creating much needed employment and opportunities fordevelopment. Bangladesh has a great opportunity of become as a tourist nation.The tourism industry offers more employment opportunities than otherindustries. With the growth of population in the country, the problem ofunemployment has become acute. Thus, in view of the fact that Bangladesh has alabor-intensive economy the creation of more employment opportunities isessential. The tourism industry can create employment opportunities and aproductive labor force to a greater degree than other sectors.Bangladesh is trying to develop her tourism status to compete in local and globalmarket. Tourism is one of the main roots of developing the country’s economyand as well as skilled professional human resource. Governmental and non-Governmental institutes can keep such a vital role by giving emphasis on tourismmarketing.SWOT Analysis of Tourism Developmentin Bangladesh__________________________On the basis of primary and secondary data I have done the SWOT analysis. TheStrength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) analysis of TourismDevelopment in Bangladesh is as follows:Strengths of Tourism Development in Bangladesh 8  Page
  9. 9. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESHStrength is a resource skill or other advantage relative to competitors and theneeds of the markets a firm serves or expects to serve.The strengths of Tourism Development in Bangladesh are given below-  Bangladesh is unique for its natural resources.  She has the largest sea beach in the world.  Bangladesh is renowned for its archaeological and historical places.  She has unique natural beauty and greenery.  Nation famous for hospitality.  Rich cultural heritage and religious harmony.  Bangladesh can be reached by air from any part of the world. Biman, the Bangladesh Airlines connects Dhaka with about 30 major cities of the world.  She has the accommodation facilities available throughout the country. Rupushi Bangla, Radisson, Westin and Panpacific hotel chains are in operation in the capital city.Weaknesses of Tourism Development in BangladeshA Weakness is the limitation of deficiency in resources skills or capabilities thatseriously impedes a organization’s effective performance. Like these, TourismDevelopment in Bangladesh also has some Weaknesses.The weaknesses of Tourism Development in Bangladesh are given below-  Tourism sites are not properly explored, extracted and managed.  Lack of investment. 9  Page
  10. 10. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH  Low quality services.  Lack of safety, security and hygiene.  Lack of infrastructural development.  Visa requirement and complex visa procedures.  Absence of sales plan and public relation activities.  Lack of private initiatives in tourism development.  Bangladesh cannot offer tourist products and destination packages exclusively to local and foreign tourists. As a result, tourists have to go back to their home with low level of satisfaction.  The number of supply chain member in the tourism industry is not sufficient to build up a strong base.  Small number of tour operators, inefficient national airlines, and insignificant role of travel agencies.  Shortage of professional guides.  Price of some tourism components like the star and standards hotel rooms, food items, package tours and river cruise programs are much higher than those of neighboring countries like India and Nepal.  Lacking of promotional and marketing activities of tourism by both public and private sector.Opportunities of Tourism Development in BangladeshTourism has vast opportunities in Bangladesh. The opportunities of TourismDevelopment in Bangladesh are as follows-  Due to globalization scope for dissemination of information and communication media.  Scope of making the tourist spots more attractive.  Research and development to attract more tourist and making favorable tourism policy.  Development of tourism culture. 10  Page
  11. 11. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH  Arrangement of international events like World Cup Cricket, Football, etc.Threats of Tourism Development in BangladeshTourism in Bangladesh also has some threats. The threats of TourismDevelopment in Bangladesh are as follows-  Political Instability of the country.  Harassment by the police and the broker in the airport.  Language barrier of the people of the country.  Conservative social and religious systems.  Strong competition within the region, barriers to overcome the image crisis of the country.  Lack of awareness among the mass people regarding the benefits of tourism both locally and internationally.  Illegal hunting and fishing in Sundarbans create loss of valuable wildlife.  Absence of sufficient trained safe guards in the beaches to aware and save the tourists in case of emergency.  Shortage of sufficient accommodation, food and beverage services and other amusement services.  Tourists presently hold misconceptions about Bangladesh as a tourist’s destinations. Foreigners now know Bangladesh as a country of poverty, baggers, flood, political unrest and corruption  Absence of proper tourism policy  Political collision between tribal and Bengali peopleOutcomes of the SWOT Analysis_____________Considering the SWOT analyses, the present study attempts to outline thefollowing suggestions for the betterment of the tourism industry in Bangladesh. • Positive image of our tourism industry must be expressed by ourdiplomats, ambassadors, consular representing Bangladesh in different countriesof the world. 11  Page
  12. 12. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH • Billboard, leaflets, brochure, magazines and other promotional materialscan be displayed in different places in home and abroad. • Local people have to be informed about the attractions rich in history,culture, and heritage. • Different beaches, rivers and other wetlands have to be converted withvarious establishment activities like river cruise, boating, beach volleyball,waterskiing, fishing, etc. along with boatel based food and accommodationspecially in Sundarbans area. • Adventure tourism like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, hunting indifferent hilly areas must be established by building up different clubs andorganizations. • Tourist fair can be arranged in an adequate number in home and abroad toinform the latest updates of our tourism products, services and overall tourismindustry to attract the tourist. • Government can formulate long term and short term master plan for theoverall tourism development by growing interest to the investors and commercialorganizations. • Both the foreign and the private sectors’ investment are quite insufficientin tourism. This paper suggests taking necessary policies to attract theseinvestments.These are the outcomes of the SWOT Analysis of Tourism Industry inBangladesh. BIBLIOGRAPHY 12  Page
  13. 13. THE SWOT ANALYSIS OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN BANGLADESH Philip Kotler, “Marketing Management” Philip Kotler & Gray Armstrong, “Principles of Marketing” Class Lecture on SWOT Analysis. “Bangladesh Parjoton Carporation” Publications. Bangladesh Tourism Development Board Reports. News paper articles on Tourism Bangladesh. Bangladesh Tourist Guide. Web site: Official Website of Bangladesh Parjoton Corporation www.bangladeshparjatoncorporation.com ~ THANK YOU ~ 13  Page