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Shannon Smith - Folio of Recent Work

A folio of recent product design and development work.

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Shannon Smith - Folio of Recent Work

  2. 2. T60 AURA INTERIORProjectInterior design for Sealine’s flagship vessel, the T60RoleLead Industrial DesignerKey Tasks• Creation and development of design strategy and visual narrative.• Concept design and development of master cabin, main deck and helm spaces.• Pre-production GA’s including specification of materials and fittings.• On-going client liaison through to production. SHANNON SMITH
  3. 3. T60 AURA INTERIORThe Existing T60The 60ft, 8 berth T60 motor yacht had existed as theflagship vessel of the Sealine range since 2005. They felthowever, that the interior, with its traditional palette ofmaterials and finishes, was beginning to show its age.Studio Conran were asked to look at ways ofreinvigorating the design, to create an exciting,contemporary expression of space, light and comfort.We felt that the existing interior (right), was unnecessarilycomplicated and compartmentalised. Complex, curvedsurfaces and superfluous details cluttered the space, andprovided a difficult manufacturing template to consistentlyreproduce. Combine this with dark, muted colour paletteand the resulting space felt almost claustrophobic.Collaborating closely with the Sealine design team I, alongwith Studio Conran’s associate director, worked quicklyto establish the key design objectives and opportunities. SHANNON SMITH
  4. 4. T60 AURA INTERIORKey ObjectivesSpace - Increase the sense of space by improving sightlines - blur the boundaries between living areas.Light - Improve natural light levels with light colours,materials and finishes.Comfort - Warm and rich tactile surface qualities.Practicality - Maintain storage capacity; rationalise layout,simplify construction and improve level of finish.ORIENTATION We familiarised ourselves with the existing T60 interior with a number ofshort voyages, and by observing the construction process first hand. We were then able toidentify the design opportunities, and appreciate the unique challenges involved in designingand building the interior of such a dynamic space. SHANNON SMITH
  5. 5. T60 AURA INTERIORCONCEPTS Initial sketches of the master cabin. In order to increase the feeling of space,the intruding wall of the bathroom ‘module’ was removed. To add drama and intimacy tothe space, we introduced a bold feature wall to the forward end of the cabin. SHANNON SMITH
  6. 6. T60 AURA INTERIORCONCEPTS The helm station was a real challenge for us. Our concepts focussed onrationalising the dial layout, and developing low-profile, linear solutions that improvedvisibility, and allowed more natural light to enter the space. SHANNON SMITH
  7. 7. T60 AURA INTERIORCONCEPTS Sketches showing development of the main deck. We created a open-planstudio space, with linear work surfaces blurring the boundaries between spaces. In order tofurther enhance the perceived size of the space, we emphasised the dynamic lines of theT60’s exterior form with charcoal window framing, and simplified headlining details. SHANNON SMITH
  8. 8. T60 AURA INTERIORGENERAL ASSEMBLIES Once the design intent was agreed upon, we set aboutdeveloping pre-production GA’s. This provided another major challenge. As the T60 wasthe first craft to be produced by Sealine, no 3D CAD data existed on which to base ourdrawings. SHANNON SMITH
  10. 10. T60 AURA INTERIORTHE FIRST PRODUCTION VESSEL The Sealine T60 Aura was launched at Butlers Wharfby Sir Terence Conran in London earlier this year, and received unanimous praise fromjournalists and customers alike. SHANNON SMITH
  11. 11. T60 AURA INTERIORSome initial reviews of the T60 Aura following its launch. SHANNON SMITH
  12. 12. ‘BOOZE BUS’ProjectDevelopment of a new blood alcohol testing vehicle forthe Victorian State Police.RoleLead Industrial DesignerKey Tasks• Exterior concept design and development.• Initial A-surfacing of concept. This formed the basis forclay models and CAD engineering.The Booze BusThe Victorian Police Traffic Alcohol Section (TAS) runs a fleet of seven blood alcoholand drug testing vehicles known as ‘Booze Buses’. Established in 1961, the division’s fleetof vehicles were in need of a dramatic re-vamp to help counter the rising incidences ofdrink-driving and to provide a better more efficient working environment for officers. SHANNON SMITH
  13. 13. ‘BOOZE BUS’CONCEPT Styling was developed to create an imposing, yet memorable persona. Thiswas achieved through a heavily raked front windscreen and intimidating grille graphics.Headlights, indicators & strobes were merged into the bold lines of the grill and bumper. SHANNON SMITH
  14. 14. ‘BOOZE BUS’PRODUCTION Significantly improved lighting levels for night use were required. Our solution was an 8mtelescopic metal halide light built into the vehicle. This provided main illumination without blinding motorists, whileadditional lights on and below the vehicle also helped to increase visibility and safety to motorists and police. Sevenproduction vehicles were produced, subsequently earning an Australian Design Award in 2004. SHANNON SMITH
  15. 15. WEBBOOKProjectDevelopment of an exclusive, ultra-portable laptop computer forThe Carphone WarehouseRole• Project Leader• Lead Industrial DesignerKey Tasks• Development of design strategy and visual narrative.• Concept design and development• Pre-production CAD surfacing including material specification.• On-going project management through to production stage. SHANNON SMITH
  16. 16. WEBBOOK Educate EntertainThe WebBook Inform Communicate Organise Create SHANNON SMITH
  17. 17. WEBBOOKCONCEPTS Initial sketches focussed on rationalising the underlying form, and departing fromtraditional notebook aesthetics. We wanted to develop a ‘familiar’, non-technical appearance. Thiswas taken a step further by incorporating an inter-changeable ‘book cover’, to protect the underlyingenclosure, and allow the user to easily customise their WebBook to suit their own tastes. SHANNON SMITH
  18. 18. WEBBOOKDEVELOPMENT 2D Illustrations exploring various material combinations. One of the mainchallenges was minimising the proportions while maintaining usability - oversized keys makemaximum use of the available space. The overmoulded santoprene edge trim, along with therecessed exterior casing design, lead to a more robust, ‘take anywhere’ character. SHANNON SMITH
  21. 21. WEBBOOKPre-productionRenderings of the final design, generatedfrom CAD block models prepared forthe manufacturer. SHANNON SMITH
  22. 22. FT-IR MICROSCOPE & SPECTROMETERProjectDevelopment of Varian Australia’s next generation infra-redinstrument system, consisting of a range of FTIRspectrometers and microscopes.Role• Project Manager• Lead Industrial DesignerKey Tasks• Establishing project parameters and timescales, feeschedules and co-ordination of internal design resources.• Concept design and development• Design definition drawings.• Client liaison from briefing through to production.The Varian 600-IR series FT-IR Spectrometer is an analyticalinstrument used to identify materials or characterise samples in awide range of pharmaceutical and forensic applications SHANNON SMITH
  23. 23. FT-IR MICROSCOPE & SPECTROMETERThe DesignWhile an aesthetic overhaul to harmonise the system within Varian’s family ofproducts was the primary focus, we were also required to rationalise theproduction process. This was achieved by designing commonality into mostmouldings to suit a number of model variations. Lower part counts resulted inlower tooling costs and shorter lead times SHANNON SMITH
  24. 24. FT-IR MICROSCOPE & SPECTROMETER.CONCEPT The styling direction for this range was influenced not only by practical packagingconsiderations, but also by Varian’s need to strengthen brand recognition via a strong, andimmediately identifiable visual language. To this end, Cobalt Niche drafted the Varian DesignGuide to ensure aesthetic continuity throughout its global range of instrumentation. SHANNON SMITH
  25. 25. FT-IR MICROSCOPE & SPECTROMETER Full Scale foam models Spectrometer prototypesDEVELOPMENT Once a design direction was approved, we used our drawings toproduce 1:1 foam models for concept validation. These models were presented toVarian management before proceeding with initial CAD data, and functional prototypes. SHANNON SMITH
  27. 27. DT80 DATA LOGGER Project Design and development of DT80 Data-logging instrument Role Project Manager Lead Industrial Designer The dataTaker DT80 is as an advanced, stand alone, low-power data logger. It is an extremely flexible recording device, tracking signals and measurements from a vast range of sensors, such as temperature, pressure, flow, load, voltage etc. The data can be viewed in real time or stored for later review and analysis. While it is unlikely to win any beauty contests, the DT80 is designed for performance in the toughest of environments. Innovation lies in its robust and versatile construction and a versatile set of features.. SHANNON SMITH
  28. 28. DT80 DATA LOGGER Early Concept Development It was important from the outset to generate designs based on very robust construction platforms. After exploring various configurations, and digesting the functional, aesthetic and manufacturing benefits of each, it was agreed that an aluminium extrusion, capped by a pair of die-castings would offer the right structural and aesthetic qualities. This direction also offered significant improvements to dataTaker’s manufacturing process. SHANNON SMITH
  29. 29. DT80 DATA LOGGERDetail DesignOnce the concept had been agreed upon, the next task was todesign the extrusion, and outline general geometry. This was doneconcurrently with PCB and electronics development, requiring anumber of iterations to optimise size, strength and functionality.Utilising an extrusion allows the internal components to be pre-assembled and loaded into place without fixings.The drawings on this page show an early configuration, in whichthe extrusion catered for two different batteries. SHANNON SMITH
  30. 30. DT80 DATA LOGGERUnlike all previous dataTaker loggers, the DT80 uses an extruded aluminium and die-cast case. This allows multiple model variations and extensions to be easily and economically manufactured. SHANNON SMITH
  31. 31. DT80 DATA LOGGER CG renderings illustrating the production flexibility of the extruded aluminium enclosure. Commonality of parts has reduced tooling investment significantly. SHANNON SMITH
  33. 33. LG L-04B MOBILE PHONEProject Mobile phone development. Client NTT Docomo & LG Role Project Management and Lead ID SHANNON SMITH
  34. 34. LG L-04B MOBILE PHONE The rear of the device is a little more human. We have tempered the rational user interface with a softer, more informal side. Rounded details fit comfortably in the hand and durable, soft-touch surfaces deliver a rich, comforting tactility. The rear panel slides off to allow access the battery compartment. SHANNON SMITH
  35. 35. LG L-04B MOBILE PHONE The Work/Play Space The front of the phone is clear, rational and accessible. Large, contoured keypad buttons are conducive to intuitive usage and navigation. Neutral colours and finishes ensure that the focus remains on the LCD display. Durable materials and robust finishes provide reliability and longevity. SHANNON SMITH