Content Marketing in Education: A Case Study


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Content Marketing in Education: A Case Study

  1. 1. Content Marketing in Education: A Case Study
  2. 2. Content Marketing in Education: A Case StudyShane HaggertyCEO/Director of StrategyGreat Heights Marketing +
  3. 3. Why the Shift?Internal Surveys Guided the Way (2008 survey):>65% don’t subscribe to a local newspaper>85% have home internet connection>99.2% have a least one personal email account>75% visit OHP’s website frequently>93% watch online videos>81% have no idea what Twitter is>75% never use Facebook
  4. 4. Why the Shift?Internal Surveys Guided the Way (2010 survey):>77% visit the OHP website frequently>85% use Facebook>40% use Twitter>70% visit>87% want OHP to use social media to communicate>49% prefer their cell to receive information, 46%prefer the internet
  5. 5. Why the Shift?Other reasons:>Newspaper readership is down (our local paper hasa mere 6,000 readers)>Radio listenership is down and fragmented>Technology allows our audience to skip ads ontelevision>A press release won’t reach everyone
  6. 6. Allowing our students to tell our story
  7. 7. Full-Scale Strategic Plan-Raise the visibility of our school district-Make a contribution to our industry-Give prospective students & parents a look at what life is reallylike inside the classroom at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center-Give our constituents a better understanding of how we reallyare preparing students for college and careers-Increase participation in campus events and recruiting activities
  8. 8. Full-Scale Strategic Plan-Target audiences: Sophomores & parents, community-at-large-Guidelines established including a contract with the bloggersand their parents-Utilized existing district use of technology policy-Provided training to students-Content control and management
  9. 9. TacticsHi-Point Journeys Social Media Campaign>Students use FlipCams & Digital Cameras>Students blog weekly for an entire school year>Students able to post on Facebook (Year 2)>Students make personal appearances and take partin recruiting process
  10. 10. Method>Built on a WordPress blog>Customized by Oxiem>Utilized InnoGage’s InnoBlogs plug-in>Students were able to upload their own content
  11. 11. Integrated into marketing planVideo created for online use & TV
  12. 12. Bloggers used in collateral
  13. 13. Integrated into social mediaFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr
  14. 14. Integrated into social mediaFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr
  15. 15. Building relationshipsStudents as spokespeople
  16. 16. Building relationshipsStudents as spokespeople
  17. 17. Content is King>Various trainings for students>Students provided with technology to tell the story>Utilize media outlets to share their content>Push it out through various channels
  18. 18. Results>Hi-Point Journeys site visited by 2,500 uniquevisitors and 5,500+ visits with nearly 20,000 pageviews>Hi-Point Journeys Facebook page has 460 fans>In a survey, Journeys was #2 behind direct mail astop way to reach out to sophomores>70% of current students visit Journeys
  19. 19. What was learned?>Students are responsible with social media when you teachthem how to be>Parents are online and respond to social media>There are stories to tell and they are more effectively told bystudents>Hand pick your students>Less is more
  20. 20. Other Schools Inspired by Content>EHOVE Career Center>Madison Local Schools>Upper Valley Career Center>Apollo Career Center>Delaware Area Career Center
  21. 21. Content Marketing in Education: A Case Study QUESTIONS?