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Fuel in oxygen fuel gas cutting


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Fuel in oxygen fuel gas cutting

  1. 1. GROUP DISCUSSION GROUP 4Workshop Theory and Engineering Materials 2013
  2. 2. BASIC Oxygen Spark Fuel
  3. 3. Lists the gas commonly used as fuel in oxygen –fuel gas cutting?Identify the control on gas cutting blowpipe and state their purpose?
  4. 4. LIST OF COMMON USED AS FUEL Mostly use acetylene. Others : propylene Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) Propane Natural gas Hydrogen MAPP Gas
  5. 5. •Blue valve is for controlling the flow/pressure ofoxygen. Usually mark as ‘O’ or blue cap.•Red valve is for controlling the flow of fuel(acetylene). Usually mark as ‘F’ or red cap.
  6. 6. OXY-FUEL AND SINGLE TANK Torches that are not mix with oxygen are not considered oxy-fuel torches, they are identified as single-tank. They are use such as soldering and brazing.
  8. 8. GASOLINE More power than acetylene and propane Cheaper to operate Safer; the torch cannot backflash up the fuel line, due to fuel is liquid. Leak can be detect.