Questions about front covers


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Questions about front covers

  1. 1. Music Magazine Front Covers By Shafiqur Rahman
  2. 2. Identify thefeatures/characte ristics 4 front covers all have
  3. 3. They all have a house style (specific fonts And colours)which Carries continuity across the whole Cover. All of the front covers have the Main image composed at the Centre of the page and the shots Are either close ups or group shots They all have a masthead that Flows and doesn’t clash with The house style of the magazine They all have coverlines and Different fonts/sizes All have barcodes/issue no./ Date/price The colours and font are Suited to the target audience e.g. top of the pops is dominated With pink and their target audience Is girls.
  4. 4. Why are these featurespresent on all of the magazines?Why are they important?
  5. 5. All of the features that are present on all of the magazines are media conventions that are there to attract readers and engage current audiences of the magazines. They are also there to bring in potential new subscribers/buyers.Features and there importance:Masthead: A masthead is present in all of the magazines. The importance of a masthead is for readers to know what the magazine is calledand as the masthead remains the same in every issue of the magazine; it creates familiarity for the reader as they are able to recognize themagazine through the specific colour /font and appearance of the masthead.Specific House Style: The reason why a specific house style is present in all magazines is so that the interests of the target readers are metthrough the colours/composition/layout etc. e.g. top of the pops has a pink cover and simple font and their target audience is teenage girlsand the simplicity of the font and the colour pink automatically associates the target audience with the styling of the magazine.Main Cover Image: The main cover image is probably one of the conventions that are paramount in importance in comparison to otherconventions such as the barcode/price. The image on the front of a music magazine is normally of an artist that the specific target audiencemay have an interest in. From the above examples this is clear as ‘KERRANG’ have their main picture of ‘Black Veil Brides’ who are ametal/rock group and the target audience is also people who are keen on this genre of music.Coverlines: coverlines are there to give a vague insight into what is contained within the magazine and the specific articles that are includedBarcode/Issue No/Date/Price: these are all essential as the reader knows they are buying the latest/most up to date issue and these areneeded in order to sell copies of the magazineRule of thirds: This is a photography term for the image on the front cover and is used to create a more interesting visual perspective to themagazine cover/image and this is also a way to attract more readers. Sometimes the rule of thirds is also challenged
  6. 6. 5 differences between the magazines and why 1. Each magazine has a different house style and the reason why they have this is so that the style is specific to the intended Target audience of the magazine. Kerrang has more dark and bleak colours and this associates with rock/gothic people (target audience of kerrang) 2. The type of artist in the images on the cover are different in accordance to the genre of music Each magazine covers. Kerrang has an image of a rock band and their target audience is a rock Market. Drake is on the cover of this magazine which may be a magazine intended for the R&B niche Market. The Jonas Brothers are on the cover of ‘Top of the Pops’ and they are a pop band and Liam Gallagher is on the cover of ‘Q’ and the reason being is that they may intended to attract more of an Indie/alternative audience.3. Both ‘Billboard’ and ‘Q’ connote more of a serious tone through their front covers and the reason why I think they do is because they use minimalColours and less slang to reach out to their audience unlike top of the pops. Billboard also have their picture in Black & White and this may alsoEmphasise the more seriousness of the magazine in comparison to kerrang and top of the pops, also the reason may be that the target market is an olderAudience and various colours are not needed to attract them.4. The only magazine with what seems to be more of an extreme niche audience is ‘Top of the pops’. The magazine is dominated with pink and brightColours and by lines such as “no more secrets’ which instantly suggests gossip which is something that teenage girls are interested in. The colour pinkAlso shows that the magazine has a very narrow target market of just girls and maybe a homosexual.5.Both Billboard and ‘Q’ have decided not to add a footer on their cover and this may be because they want to emphasize on their simplistic and moreSerious theme and approach in the design process. Or the reason why they have a serious tone to their front covers is because maybe they have moreInformative things within their magazine instead of gossip; like top of the pops would typically have.
  7. 7. Take one of the magazine coversand say what typeof music magazine it is and provide 4 specific examplesfrom the magazinethat supports your claim that It belongs to this particular genre.
  8. 8. TOP OF THE POPS The genre of ‘top of the pops’ is that it is a pop magazineBright colours connote fun The name of theAnd so does pop music, Magazine is a clearTherefore the use of bright Indication of theColours links in with the genre Genre of music itOf pop. Belongs to Gossip stories are there Fashion and shopping And gossip is normally Advice and tips that are Associated with pop Normally in pop magazines Magazines. Picture of boyband and boybands are normally Associated with the genre of pop.
  9. 9. TARGET AUDIENCEThe target audience of this magazine (top of the pops) is obviously teenage girls, the reason whyI make this judgement is because there are many aspects of the magazine which associatesGirls with the style and conventions the magazine includes. For example- The colour pink is the main colour of the magazine and this automatically links to girls- -the use of ‘the jonas brothers’; a band which many girls are attracted to because of theirLooks etc and music. With them being the main image, this emphasises the fact that thisMagazine is aimed at teenage girls. Also the cover has cheryl cole on it and she is a personMany girls aspire to be like; because she is flawless and a successful woman- Fashion and shopping advice is present in the magazine and this links to the target audienceOf teenage girls as teenage girls are very image conscious and there is the stereotypeThat girls love shopping and looking good.