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Q magazine analysis

  2. 2. The masthead: The masthead for ‘ Q ’ magazine is just the letter Q, it is in upper case font which may be to stand out and also the white colouring of the font is layered upon a prime red and this helps it stand out a lot. This masthead is unique and readers can automatically recognize/familiarize with it and can associate the unique masthead with ‘ Q ’ magazine. Use of flasher: The flasher is noticeable but does not overpower the front cover. The word ‘ exclusive ’ suggests to readers that this is special to them and the content that ’ s inside this article is exclusively available to them if they purchase the magazine. The use of the ellipses also shows that there is a lot more to come inside and creates a sense of tensity for the reader. With both these factors, readers would buy the magazine. Main cover line: The writing ‘ Lady Gaga is in upper case and contrasts against the grey simple background, also some of it is behind lady gaga and some of it comes around in front of her and this sets more of a 3D perspective on the image. The writing being this way may also connote that she shows some things and the things people recognize her by and there may be a side to her that she doesn ’ t show. rule of thirds Barcode/Price/Issue No. The barcode is clear along with the price and issue date of the magazine, it is important that this is apparent as people know how much they ’ re paying and will know if they are buying the most up to date version of the magazine. The style of the magazine consists of the colours red, white and black and in this example the magazine cover has a grey background. Header: The header stands out because it is in a banner format with the background being black and the writing being white. There is irony in this example because the header says ‘ The UK ’ s biggest magazine ’ and next to the word ‘ biggest ’ there is lady gagas big hair, this may have been done on purpose. Main image: The main image is a picture of Lady Gaga centred on the page with all the writing around her. The image makes her look powerful and that she is the focus of the front cover. Cover Lines: The cover lines seem bigger and bolder in order of importance. ‘ 100 most shocking ’ is at the top and in red writing, unlike the rest of the cover lines and this may be because it has the most importance over the other things. Other artists are mentioned in the cover and this may be so that ‘ Q ’ show that other artists/bands are mentioned in this issue of the magazine. FRONT COVER ANALYSIS
  3. 3. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSIS rule of thirds Masthead: The masthead is the same as it is on the front cover and it sets continuity from the front cover to the contents page. Also, the word ‘ CONTENTS ’ is bold and stands out and may be so that readers can acknowledge the fact that it is the contents page of the magazine. Date: The date is shown clearly at the top along with the website which readers can access the magazine at, and also there is a MySpace page address and this may be so that the magazine keeps up to date with current things which many people network on and also may be because the target audience go onto MySpace. Main Image: The main image stands out of madonna and has a black background and this may be to fit in with the styling of the magazine. Headings blocked in red: The main headings; Features. 2008 preview and every month are blocked out in red and has white writing. The house style of the magazine being red, white and black continues here aswell. Under the ‘ features ’ and ‘ every month ’ section the writing underneath is in black upper case font with a brief insight underneath written in lower cased small lettering and the page numbers are labelled in red. Under ‘ 2008 preview ’ the background is black with the page reference/heading in white upper cased lettering and has the same brief insight under each heading. But, the page number remains red and may be so that the red flows along the side and though there is a contrast of black and white between each section, they are still part of the same magazine. House Style: The house style of the magazine remains the same as it was on the front cover. The front cover had the colours red, black and white and this colour choice has been used on the contents page too Mode of address: The magazine addresses its audience formally and directly. It doesn't’ t use slang etc and this may be because its targeted at an older generation rather than younger people.
  4. 4. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ANALYSIS Layout: The layout of the double page spread is very striking and is really appealing. The colours red, black and white have been continued through from the front cover and contents page. On one page there is just a monochrome picture of lady gaga and on the page on the right, I the article which is split up into 3 columns and the letter L is covering the whole page and the writing can be seen through it. The L is very prime and large and this may have been used to represent how big lady gaga is as an artist and also it is her first initial. standfirst Page Number : The page number is there as a reference so that readers know what page they're on and also can be directed from the contents a lot easier. Also the Q logo is present next to the page number. Tagline: The tagline is almost like a title in this double page spread and introduces who and what the article will speak about. Main image: The main image is of lady gaga who is a worldwide artist who is known for her weird outfits And music which is inspirational to many. In this picture she takes up the whole page and it Is a medium close up of her and it has been edited to look black and white/monochrome. The picture relates to the article as it is about her and she looks very mysterious in the Picture and makes people want to know what she's thinking about and then they Might go on to reading the article .
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE/BACKGROUND INFORMATION Q magazine is the biggest selling monthly Magazine in the UK. October 1986 was the first publishing Of the magazine The target audience of the magazine is the older Generation of people, the age range at which they Target their magazine is 30’s to 40’s Founders Mark Ellen and David Hepworth created the magazine because they felt the music press of the time were ignoring the older generation of music buyers. http://www.qthemusic.com / is the website for where Q magazine can be viewed online