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Organization in library


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Organization presentation

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Organization in library

  2. 2. WHAT IS ORGANIZATION The act or process of organizing Something that has been organized ormade into an ordred whole Something made up of elements with variedfunctions that contribute functions: anorganism A group of persons organized for apartcular purpose;an association:abenevolent organization
  3. 3. DEFINATION OF ORGANIZATIN A group of individuals who are joinedtogether to achive their predeteriminedobjectives. The procrss by wich the structure and alocation of jobes are deterimined. Organization is the establishment 0f therelashionship between the activities to beperformed.
  4. 4. TYEPS OF ORGANIZATION Formal organization Informal organization
  5. 5. FORMAL ORGANIZATION Formal organization is leagally consititutedor degreed by those autharities,this is theorganizing as it is supose to function basedon delibasate assingnment of tasks functionand authority relastionship.Infomal organization On the other handLosely organized and flexible it is oftencreated can existindependent .
  6. 6. For exemple four people who gether to playbridge constitute endTyeps of formal organization Line structure Lin and staff structure Functional structure
  7. 7. IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIZATION organization structure is a network ofrelastionship in wich the work is diveded intounits and departments Organiztional structure helps in putting right jobwich can be done by selecting people forvarious departments according to theirqualification ,skills,experience. Organization is a means of a creatingcoordination among different departments of theenterprise
  8. 8. LIBRARY ORGANIZATION Libraray is a social institution. it needs a simpleand systematic organizational structure to achieveits goals and objectives the librarians should beadopt various suitable criteria structure necessryprograms and activities of library for organization the function of a library itsactivities , relating to each function have to bedevided in to works and jobes and grouped andarranged to form a structure. so it is a practice todevided and grouped the activities of a library.
  9. 9. FUNCTIONS/UNIT OF LIBRARY Number Function Terrotory Geography contiguity Product Custmer Process of equipment Subject Material(books, periodicals, microfilms,microforms ,maps etc)
  10. 10. CONCULOSIONOrganization serve the public ,providng a widerange of services to improve of life of individualsor communities .Back grundand discussion ;it can be stated thatorganization use management conrol system inorder to influence employes behaviour in theright direction ,with aim of achievingorganizational goal nevertheless employesbehaviours can be dificult to direct in a desiredway,espacially if individual goal are not aligentwith the organizational goals .
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  12. 12. THANKS