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Library committee


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Library committee presentation

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Library committee

  1. 1. P R E S E N T E D TO :D R . R U B I N A B H AT T IB YZA I B H A S S A NR O L L N O . 2 0B S ( 5 T H S E M E S T E R )Topic: Library CommitteeDepartment of Library & Information ScienceSession 2010-2014The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  2. 2. Library Committee The Library Committee provides a forum for opendiscussion of matters relating to the Library and itsservices Its membership is made up of the Director, and DeputyDirector of Information, all the departmental libraryrepresentatives, plus postgraduate and undergraduatestudent representatives
  3. 3. Library Committee
  4. 4. Objectives of Library Committee To decide and adopt policies to govern the managementand programme of the library To prepare the annual budget, rules and regulations ofthe library The committee also looks into students complains, ifany The Library Committee is a standing committee of theAcademic Council
  5. 5. The Library Committee consists of the following: Vice-Chancellor Chief Librarian Deans of faculties Representative Students One Person from each of the faculties, nominated by theAcademic Council, but not necessarily members of theCouncil. Two Research scholars, including M Phil students and twoPost-Graduate students, to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor Librarian
  6. 6. Library Committee
  7. 7. The duties and functions of the LibraryCommittee shall be: To frame general rules for the management of theLibrary To prepare the annual budget estimates of the libraryfor submission to the Executive Council To allocate funds, from the sanctioned annual budgetof the library, to the Schools, Departments andCentres of Studies for the purchase of books, journalsand periodicals
  8. 8.  To arrange for the stock taking of the library To prepare and submit to the Academic Council, anAnnual Report summarizing the activities andachievements of the library To perform such other duties as may be assigned to it bythe Academic Council To advise the Librarian regarding general librarydevelopment
  9. 9. Aims of Library Committee To develop collection of reading materialuseful for various courses. To provide full information support to theteaching-learning process in the college To provide various library services andfacilities to the readers To support research activity for its progressand qualitative development
  10. 10.  To exchange information about the library andinformation requirements of the academic communityof departments, centers and students To consider university-wide information strategies andpolicies To contribute to the development of library andinformation strategy, policies, services and resources
  11. 11.  To advise the University Librarian on the distributionof the Library materials budget To report to the Academic Board on significantLibrary initiatives To consider matters referred to it by the AcademicBoard
  12. 12. Library Committee arranges a student forum tocreate awareness among the students. Some aims ofstudents are as follows: Many students are not aware or do not know whattypes of research and learning skills classes andsessions are available. These sessions are listedunder the Library class booking system on thestudent portal. The Library will review how thesesessions are advertised to increase studentawareness and uptakeStudent Forum
  13. 13.  The demand for longer library opening hours isconstantly brought up by students. The Libraryregularly reviews opening hours to meet users’ needs.
  14. 14. Library Committee also makes some library rules for thestudents. Some general rules are as follows:1. Identity Card is compulsory for all enrolledstudents for availing of library facilities.2. Identity Card will be issued by the librarian onpresentation of admission receipt andphotograph.3. Misbehavior and misuse of Identity Card is anoffence and the student responsible for the sameis liable for disciplinary action.
  15. 15. 4. Suggestion box is kept in the library. Constructivesuggestions/complaints are entertained.5. In case of any grievances the users should contactto Librarian or Principal.6. No admission is permitted in study room withoutIdentity Card.
  16. 16. 7. Students can borrow text books, journals;question paper sets on their Identity Card in thestudy room.8. Books / Study materials issued in the studyroom will have to be returned before leavingthe study room, otherwise a fine of Rs. 10/- willbe charged per day.
  17. 17. ConclusionTo develop and review the Librarys programs ofinstruction, and to advise the Department Chair(s), theUniversity Librarian, and others responsible forimplementation and coordination of user education onmatters affecting these programs. To support curricularneeds, to plan future programs, to encouragedevelopment of a varied program as appropriate to thediverse skills and needs of the campus community.