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Min lee-portfolio-2010

  1. 1. mnlee.hubweb.net 2010 Background ContentsMin Lee This is Min Lees portfolio, which showcases selected design work and research projects for the 01 Collective Intelligence Community past five years.Portfolio 02 Yeosu Expo Pavilion2006–2010 I have a BFA in Industrial Design (2008) and a 03 Seoul U-bike Masters degree in Spatial Design (2010), both from Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea. The contents of this 04 Complex Space portfolio mainly comprise course work and academic research. 05 Cleaning RobotInterests 06 Gone with the Space While studying at Hong-ik University, I completed aUbiquitous Computing Environments, Responsive number of design projects regarding digital issues, 07 Balloon House and my Masters thesis detailed interactiveEnvironments, Smart Homes, Human-Computer Interaction, communication under ubiquitous computing 08 Reflective Space environments and collective intelligence. These have 09 MMORPG Interactive SpaceDigital Media, Interaction Design, User Experience stimulated my interests in ubiquitous computingDesign, Robot Design, Digital Games, Game Directing, environments, digital media, human-computer 10 All in ONE interaction, and information science.Virtual Reality, Design Methodology, Design for Future 11 LG DMB Mobile Phone Online portfolio URL: mnlee.hubweb.netEducationBFA, Hongik University, Korea, 2008MFA, Hongik University, Korea, 2010MajorDigital Spatial Design (Meta-Design), Industrial Design
  2. 2. Design Concept Interactive Community - Social GPSCollective Intelligence The concept of this communication designCommunity takes the form of a gravitational field grid. In space, an object distorts space-time via the direction of GravityInteractive Social Communication Design its mass, and this distortion isJun 2009 - Jun 2010 represented as a pulling force towards the mass-object. Just like space-timeCollective Intelligence Community is an interactive curvature (distortion) in space, communitysocial network system using social media in a takes place due to the pulling forceubiquitous computing environment. It is defined by a generated by the proximity of other peoplegrid representing the collection/dispersal of people. who share ones interests. This force glues The relationship between Physics and Sociology the social group together. People gathering is ruled by the gravitational force field. (image source: http://www.zamandayolculuk.com/cetinbal/ HTMLdosya1/RelativityFile.htm)KeywordsCollective Intelligence, Ubiquitous Computing Environment, How ones behavior influences the whole group is equivalent to the As the proverbs go, like draws to like; like attracts like; birds of featherSocial Network, Digital Media concept of gravitational wave effect . If an object oscillates or moves in flock together. People associate and mingle with people who share the gravity field, the gravitational wave also oscillates and pervades in similar interests and common values. This attraction is followed by aMedium/Media physical law; a law applied to an object in a gravitational field. space. Individuals influence each other in a dimension of energy. If oneAdobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator persons oscillation frequency rises, others’ pitch is affected as well. How It Works Data Flow Data Analysis Data Accumulation Person A is interested in Person B is interested in photography, shopping and SF movies, skatebording traveling and games. Reflect digital information over the physical environment During interaction with others, all data is saved and sorted later by users with their Each person, A and B, sees a different form of the topographical grid even with a Smart Device and read a virtual topography grid own classification and Tags. This creates samples of users’ preferences. though they are in the same place. This is due to differences in their inclinations from the throng. and interests. People are interconnected within ubiquitous computing informational grid systems by wearable computers and computerized intelligent devices such as Smart cell phones. When they visit a highly populated area, they obtain a virtual topography grid - an expression of the gravitational force field - through these devices, which represent highResearch Advisor topography when the wearer’s interests match those of another personProfessor Taigyoun Cho who may be worth meeting. By reflecting digital information over theReview Committee physical environment, the device works as a Social GPS, resulting in aProfessor Jungkyo Lee, Professor Jooyun Kim normal view (physical) virtual view (digital) higher chance of meeting new people who are suitable for collaboration and engagement in activities of shared interest.Presented Individuals who choose to participate, share, and interact accumulate relationshipsMaster’s Thesis, Hongik University and form a virtual/physical Collective Intelligence community. mnlee.hubweb.net 01
  3. 3. Yeosu, Marine City Elevator: How it worksYeosu Expo Pavilion For thousands of years,Ubi-com architectural pavilion proposal people have inhabitedMar 2009 - Jun 2009 wide plane areas. This is due to the longYeosu Expo Pavilion proposes an architecture space agricultural history ofin a ubiquitous computing-ruled environment. human beings. However,Elevators provide access to modularized units that architectural technologydivide the space. has allowed us to build our living environments upwards. Now, withKeywords ubiquitous computingUbiquitous Computing Environment, Architecture, Information technology, the physicalDesign environment that we believed to be rigid andMedium/Media fixed should evolve to aRhinoceros, 3D Max, Adobe Illustrator more dynamic and flexible space. We proposed a high-rise pavilion within the dotted space inside the Elevator computes the flow planning of people and distributes them by triangle zone above. This location is least disruptive to the underwater a six-chambered spinning apparatus. environment because it only minimally touches the ocean floor. Ubi-com Architectural Pavilion Modularized Space Units The function of each unit varies from private space to public entertain- ing quarters. skylounge bathroom with jacuzzi gym book & Cafe casino billiard club swimming pool rest area entertainment zone An information managing system will lead people to modularized rooms designed for specific functions to satisfy individual needs. barResearch Advisor Desperate restriction of ownership and defense of physical space isProfessor Taigyoun Cho rendered meaningless by this idea. Digital computing technology in karaokePurpose architecture provides everyone with appropriate unit space in time,Lab Research Project eliminating the urge to preserve the traditional way of keeping one‘s room. This solves the physical limitation of driving people into a singleSponsorProfessor Taigyoun Cho’s Lab, Hongik University large space without regard to individual interests. EV mnlee.hubweb.net 02
  4. 4. Urban Energy SystemsSeoul U-bike The main idea of Urban Energy Systems is to save human power energy that is otherwise unconsciously wasted when bicyclists hit their brakesEco-friendly, Smart bike Research and to have that energy returned back to us. By installing a small 60kg Man Hit break Once 1/60Mar 2008 - Dec 2008 electric dynamo to each bicycle and then gathering them collectively, a 13km/h kw/h can light 10watt bulb for 2min. huge amount of energy can be retrieved as a whole.Seoul U-bike is an urban systems design combiningubiquitous computing-ruled environments with the How it works: Users input their schedules and other miscellaneous 240000 kw/hmobility of bicycles. This design contains (1) an an amount of information into a personal ID chip/ USB key installed in their personal energy generatedenergy saving plan from bicycle braking and (2) the in one hydrolic Smart Device at home. This information is saved into a personal data Hit break 20 timesdistribution of information by bicycle riders through- power plant chip that will be used when they hire a bicycle. While people ride per hour on averageout urban areas. bicycles, they generate and save human power energy and receive smart location-based services at the same time. A kiosk center takes the gathered human power energy when the bicycle is returned. TheKeywords energy is then routed to the government energy undertaking. On their Seoul populationUbiquitous Computing Environment, Urban systems, Digital 1,000,000 people return, riders receive cash points based upon the amount of collectedUrban Manual, Information Design, Hyper-virtual City human power energy.Medium/Media Studies have shown that bicycle riding is efficient in cost and energy use.Adobe Illustrator This system has three advantages: (a) individually, people are offered According to Dr. V. Setty Pendakur, University of British Columbia, automobiles services such as smart information, digital cash points, and urban consume 1860 energy calories per mile per person, compared to 920 calories manuals; (b) publically, people are provided with a new type of traffic by bus, 885 calories by train, and 100 calories by foot. Yet, bicycles consume system utilizing otherwise wasted human power energy to relieve traffic only 35 energy calories. This indicates that bicycles are 50 times more energy hassles; and (c) environmentally, U-bike is an eco-friendly, alternative efficient than cars and 3 times more energy efficient than traveling on foot. energy source that will reduce air pollution. Systems: How it works energy recycled back to the city energy recycled back to the city Collected Human Energy Use the Point hire a discharged bicycle retrieve energy from the bicycle kiosk kiosk Generate human energy Read personal data Search bicycle hire info and Information is now in Plug out Plug in input their schedules and other your device saved into information into a personal ID a personal data chip. chip/ USB key installed in their Go to the nearest bicycle personal Smart Device at home. hire. Smart Service (Location-base Service) Digital Cash PointsResearch Advisor The navigator provide Smart Services according to users’ needs.Professor Taigyoun ChoPurposeLab Research ProjectSponsorProfessor Taigyoun Cho’s Lab, Hongik University mnlee.hubweb.net 03
  5. 5. Digital Urban ManualSeoul U-bike (Continued) The mobility of people significantly improves when they are on bicycles (rather than driving cars). With this mobility, information (regarding shopping,Eco-friendly, Smart bike Research health issues, friends’ location, tourist attractions, parties, etc.) penetrates into all corners of urban areas provided by individuals’ Smart Devices.Mar 2008 - Dec 2008 With this location-based service, a bicycle and a personal device (ID chip/USB key) function together as an Urban Manual, and this will allow people to enjoy urban life more than ever. Using a bike Point Search a bicycle Bike hire info Total travel distance for hire. Install Human power Energy retrieval Earn cash points Information Gained Energy & Points bicycle hire data energy is stored from bicycle according to the when you hit amount of and course Today’s wether Total points guidance break while energy gathered information to riding bicycle the personal chip. Navigation Energy Flow search. Load Plug-in Plug-out Send the gathered-energy personalized to the government energy Personal Data Find a Short approximate Selected Useful Return Information Transfer today’s travel undertaking interface where Information for the information it has all the data Cut travel time and User(Shopping, Health, MUSEUM Find friends, Travel, laid in to the Theme Course speed THEATER Party events) bicycle. The paintings is on exhibition Mileage-5km Gether the energy Point-200 Use point for public facilities Plug-in You can use Showtimes for HOTEL sporting goods! "Titanic" are 1, 5 and 9 Show the fine view weight - 60kg DEPARTMENT RESTAURANT Blood pressure-100 STORE Famouse korean restaurant You need COMPANY losing weight There is your friend near here park MARKET Searching vacationland OPERA HOUSE Discount sale Your fridge is until today! empty! Going to school Take a shortcut together The riverboat The “Carmen” is HOSPITAL playing is available You need seeing a doctor Whole distance-3km Get the bike The time required-10m RIVERBOAT SCHOOL t g-ou Some of sculptur- Plu es are exhibited Take a rest in the sculpture garden Shopping Healthcare Searching Tour SCULPTURE GARDEN Shopping Healthcare Searching Cultural life Tour Cultural lifeWhen you pass by stores, Shopping Healthcare Service checks your physical Friends Finder detects Using a bikeService reminds you about products on condition including height, weight, and friends near your location Tourism Navigator Information on special Energy Flowyour shopping list and notifies you which cardiac function. Based upon this and shows you how to directs you to events, parties, festivals,stores are offering discounts and sales. information and the total amount of reach them if you are in hotels, tourist and exhibitions that you KioskAlso, it displays information on new desired exercise per day, it recommends the mood to spend time attractions, and might be interested in isproducts that you might be interested in. which riding courses to take. with them. restaurants. also available. User personal IDResearch AdvisorProfessor Taigyoun ChoPurposeLab Research ProjectSponsorProfessor Taigyoun Cho’s Lab, Hongik University mnlee.hubweb.net 04
  6. 6. Stretching Public Transportation SystemsSeoul U-bike (Continued) By merging U-bike with existing public transportation systems, we can expect a diffusion effect on traffic systems. With the unified Central Metro Service available and a reduced number of bus stops, public transportation would run more efficiently, saving time and cost.Eco-friendly, Smart bike ResearchMar 2008 - Dec 2008 When people are on foot, the distance to a bus stop needs to be less than 1 km. However, if people were on bicycles, bus companies could eliminate short routes; thus, people would transfer less to get to their destination. Taking U-bike on KTX (Korea’s high-speed railroad which runs over 300km/h) would allow people to travel to other cities (out of Seoul) and to other countries (out of Korea) within one day. KTX is building the ‘Iron-Silk-road,’ which links North East Asia with Europe. U-bike + Public transportation Time it take to get 1km → to the existing You need a short distance to get to public transportation when you are walking. With the unified Central Metro Service and a public transport- reduced number of bus stops, public ation facilities transportation runs more time/cost-efficiently. It is beneficial to ride U-bike. SUBWAY Unified Seoul Metro You can get to the destination faster by eliminating short routes and transferring less. + kiosk 2-3km within 100M Longer distance doesn’t matter when you are riding on a bicycle. _Increased energy efficiency 2-3km Reduced number of bus stops _Public transportation moves faster U-bike + Public Transportation _Short onboard time for public transportation _ Rush hour traffic jams are resolved From Seoul to Busan by KTX U-bike to Seoul Central KTX Travel Busan by U-bike kiosk Stn. (train station) kiosk SEOUL BUSAN U-b ike Busan Station kiosk provides U-bike + Public Transportation + KTX Train sC o nne new destination information. Tra cc ve citi U-bike connected to public transportation and KTX ling es allows traveling to many different cities. to dif feren tc SEOUL itie s BUSAN Russia To wo Travel world wide rld wid by U-bike e by U-b Canada GWANG ike JU Europe China Japan United States DAEJON IndiaResearch AdvisorProfessor Taigyoun ChoPurpose BrazilLab Research Project AustraliaSponsorProfessor Taigyoun Cho’s Lab, Hongik University mnlee.hubweb.net 05
  7. 7. BackgroundComplex Space The goal of this project was to suggest a new space paradigm for hyper-mass architecture ruled by ubiquitous computing technology. If we can use digitalSpace Scenario Design information via a network and the Internet just as we breathe air, buildings couldMar 2009 - Jun 2009 adopt a diverse non-linear spatial condition.Complex Space is a novel space system combining I designed a space scenario and a structure that allows people to use rooms in athe hardware, the software, and other conjoining more flexible way. Traditional means of architectural planning are largely intendedelements in a hypermass architecture/building by a to guide people to move in certain directions throughout a building with confinedmultidimensional, multilayered approach to the use of walls and room layouts. This requires complete pre-planning for the architecturala room. space. However, instead of fitting in a configuration of floors and walls by a designated supervisor, Complex Space is incomplete and unplanned, which leaves its arrangement to be finished by users.KeywordsUbiquitous Computing Environment, Intelligent Architecture, A part of the space completed ahead of time functions as the prime control of theRFID Tag whole space until the other part of the space reforms, modifies, and starts to affect the entire space program. This space program is constantly evolving toMedium/Media changes in its use of rooms (i.e., change to fit modified user’s need, change in3D Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator the time period, alteration for special occasions). The building material for the physical environment is the evolving virtual information—intelligence—within the architecture. Spatial Structure 3D Space View Consists of wrapped planes and wires, it reduces the physical distance within the flat (the existing building. space structure) wrapped Complex space Complex Space utilizes the architecture of complexity systems. A large chunk of space (hyper-mass) and the non-linear structure interconnects and unites the space in a system.AdvisorProfessor Taigyoun Cho There is no complete plan for this space. Complex space is planned by space users and their changing needs. Complex Space merely offers the structure. TheCourse set up for how this space works is dictated by the space program that contains allgraduate Design Studio 3 the relationships within the space.Presentedgraduate Course Year Book, Hongik University mnlee.hubweb.net 06
  8. 8. FunctionCleaning Robot My cleaning robot, Mimi has two basic functions: (1) cleaning, (2) showing affection to its owner.Robot HCI Design In regards to the cleaning function, the cleaner consists of two parts: Mimi andSep 2008 - Dec 2008 mice. Mimi is a cat-like robot that consumes high power energy to move and function. Mice are small mouse-like expendable devices with dust sensors thatCleaning Robot (robot name ‘Mimi’) is a small, scan all corners of the house to locate dust.intelligent, cat-like robot that vacuums the housewhile showing affection to the owner as their artificialpet. How it works The mouse searches every nook and corner of a closed area to spot areas of the house that should be cleaned. Placing more than one mouse device can boostKeywords the cleaning process. Mimi, although in sleeping mode, receives information fromHuman-Robot Interaction, Evolutionary Psychology, Product mice via radio waves indicating where to go and perform cleaning. This prolongsDesign the life span of the robot body by using energy in an effective way without looking for areas that need cleaning.Medium/Media3D Max, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator sleep mode Interaction the owner returns home the owner at the end of calls the day Concept, Design Motif hostile don’t come walk away near by for 5 min. I picked the pet cat as my motif to design the cleaning robot because cats are reaction place-oriented animals and many people want to show affinity to living animals. shows While dogs show great loyalty to their owners and regard themselves as part of affection the rank order within a household, a feline shows strong attachment to hunting go somewhere grounds. A cat-like robot and mice co-working together to clean house is a normal play shortly else reaction metaphor for cats hunting prey in their territory. Also, although many peopleAdvisor prefer dogs as pets, people still raise cats and other organisms to fulfill theirProfessor Taigyoun Cho magnanimity for living things (i.e., astronauts overcome melancholia by raising plants in space). What people expect from this robot is not a simple one-to-oneCourse Reaction of friendly correspondence. People want their robot-pets to recognize them and react play continuouslySpace Digital Entertainment the owner reaction differently to different situations. Further, the experiences and interactions between the human and the robot should be cumulative to allow the robot toPresentedKOBDA International Exhibition, Italy learn and obey. mnlee.hubweb.net 07
  9. 9. Design ConceptGone with the Space Gone with the Space deals with various aspects regarding future society. The goal of this project was to propose future transport systems using aFuture Concept Design computerized network. My team illustrated the world run by information, howMar 2007 - Dec 2007 this information reacts, and how it is implemented in our community.This work is a rhetorical expression in the form of a A smart surface on each transporter module constantly changes to fit tovideo clip (running time 45 sec.) for (a) alternative individual needs. This becomes dynamic information; data that will be storedtraffic systems, (b) intelligent room fabrication, and in personal ID cards. A piece of information evolves to form an infinite mass(c) social network systems in the future. as time passes and changes to form a different mass in response to a new issue or topic. Transporter modules are built from bottom-to-top, and they emerge into a complex phenomenon as individuals randomly move within them. Such movements represent the use of social media, which gathersKeywords people with similar interests together.Exterior Design, Concept Design, Future Society, Rapid Proto-typing, Information DesignMedium/Media3D Max, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects Colors show each individual’s characteristics. Also, intelligent modules draw (above) Once people enter a room it fabricates itself and its interior according those of the same color together and they separate different colored to personal data. modules. Colors change while modules are still moving. This indicates a shift (below) Transporter modules are made of jelly-like material, and are manipul- in personal interests. ated by mobile devices.AdvisorProfessor Taigyoun Cho, Professor Jungkyo LeeCourseSpace Design (4-Environment)PresentedUndergraduate Graduation Exhibition, Hongik University mnlee.hubweb.net 08
  10. 10. Design Concept BackgroundBalloon House The background of Balloon House deals with DNA-modified plants in metropolitan areas like in the story “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The goal of thisFuture Concept Design project was to imagine what a house should be like, how it should be built,Mar 2007 - Dec 2007 and how people should live there in the future.Balloon House is a conceptual design work for Made to completely break out from a fixed-idea of living, my team focusedfuture housing and interiors. In a future city on an air balloon floating naturally among man-made constructions. Thiscovered with giant DNA-modified plants, habitants attempts to ease the relationship between humans and ecology. Balloon House reacts to the amount of light, different times of the day, and changinglive in a balloon-like house. weather. It embraces the idea that people should live in harmony with the natural environment.Keywords In Balloon House, people can modify their space according to individual needs or to the respective time period. The elastic, rubber-like nature of theInterior Design, Concept Design, Future Housing architectural material (which will be developed in the future) allows this What should a house be like in the future? How should a house be built in the flexibility. Moreover, by the definition of nomad culture, people often move future? How should people live in a metropolitan area with DNA-modified from one place to another; therefore, with this design they could have their plants like in the story “Jack and the Beanstalk?”Medium/Media house move like a balloon when they move.3D Max, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PremierePeople can modify their space to fit individual needsaccording to it’s respective time period. The elastic,rubber-like nature of the material allows this. Spatial Structure The structure of this house is very simple. Inside the structure are skins in three layers: outer skin, water layer for use, and inner skin. Water layer is connected to the xylem, where plants carry water and nourishments to the water pipe. Function People rest, cook, wash, and work using a water tube and balloon-furniture inside the house.AdvisorProfessor Jooyun Kim, Professor Ikseo ChoiCourseSpace Design (4-Interior)PresentedUndergraduate Graduation Exhibition, Hongik University mnlee.hubweb.net 09
  11. 11. Design Concept 2D PlanReflective SpaceInterior Design with jigsaw puzzlesMar 2006 - Jun 2006The goal of the Reflective Space design project wasto design a six-cubic-meter space by applying one’sidentity. This space reflects echoes of one’s hobby,inclination, characteristic, etc. Founded on the fundamental level of spatial design, this project attempts toKeywords discover one’s interior design identity by looking at one’s hobbies, tendencies,Interior Design, Spatial Design, Jigsaw Puzzles, My Crazy characteristics and so on. I was assigned to design six-cubic-meter space, where IHobby focused on one of my hobbies—jigsaw puzzles.Medium/Media Just like finishing homework before I could play when I was young, I was obsessedPhotoshop, Transparent films, Cardboards, Aluminum planes with finishing puzzles before I could move on to do other things. I could not stop doing a puzzle until I finally finished it. While working on puzzles, I rarely went outside. What if a 3 dimensional space was made up of puzzle pieces? Walls, floors, and windows would be easy to separate, split from, and attach back to the building structure. The physical objects that we have long believed to be anchored in one place to support the building structure can be dismantled and reformed.place to support the building structure. They can be disintegrated and reformed. 3D Plan & Dummy Mock Up Special Features of Puzzle House 1. Moveable wall Outer and inner walls consist of 4 puzzles pieces. They are separable and movable along the partition line. 2. Elevation apparatus The first floor and the second floor are connected through an installable iron bar and a ladder. 3. Windows Windows are merely the missing pieces in puzzles. You can punch a window anywhere you want by pulling out a piece, and close it again by embedding the piece back. Left Side View Front View Right Side ViewAdvisorProfessor Jooyun KimCourseSpace Design (1-Interior)PresentedN/A mnlee.hubweb.net 10
  12. 12. Design ConceptMMORPG Interactive This work attempts to flexibly bridge the gap between the virtual space ofSpace electronic information based on the Internet and the physical space in which we actually live. The focus of this study was to apply interactive game design methodology andInteractive Narrative Design flow theory in an attempt to discover where the two worlds merge and how theyMar 2008 - Jun 2008 should manifest physically through game software. To explore the fusion of the two worlds, I designed a narrative of augment realityThis is a personal game narrative for augmented in connection with my real life via a series of episodes in a game. Thus, a playerreality via a series of episodes in the game World of exists, fulfilling ones desire in the virtual space by experiencing flow, and standsWarcraft. The goal of this project was to consider by in connection to the digital space through narrative episodes.spatial issues.KeywordsDigital Narrative, Interactive Communication, Game Flow,Digital Games, MMORPG, World of WarcraftMedium/MediaAdobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator Stories are linked to my personal daily events. Différance Matrix ∫( z ) : ( x ) → ( y )AdvisorProfessor Byukho ChoCoursegraduate Design Studio 1Presentedgraduate Course Year Book, Hongik University mnlee.hubweb.net 11
  13. 13. 2D PlanAll in ONEBathroom idea proposal (3rd Prize)May 2006 - Jun 2006All in One is a bathroom proposal that combinesShower + Basin + Toilet. For economical use ofbathroom space, a drawer-toilet is placedunderneath the shower booth.KeywordsBathroom Idea/Design, Competition, Interior Design,Spatial DesignMedium/MediaAuto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Alias, Acrylic 3D Plan & Dummy Mock Up Application All in ONE is both bathroom furniture and a bathroom itself. It is suitable for bigger bathrooms and dry-type bathrooms, which are becoming a trend in Korea.Advisor All in ONE is designed to fit a toilet, a basin, and a shower booth in just one square meter. For economical use of theProfessor Jooyun Kim room, the moveable toilet eliminates dead space. Shower and basin are in the shower booth, which takes up only aPurpose square meter of space. A toilet is built in as a drawer underneath the shower booth and next to the storage shelves.Bathroom & Kitchen Idea ComptitionSponsorHyundai & Korean Society of Interior Architects Designers mnlee.hubweb.net 12
  14. 14. Background User TargetLG DMB Mobile Phone DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) phones were becoming a trend in Korea back in 2006. LG’s main challenge in this DMB project was that, unlike other 18-35, maleMobile Phone Design former cell phones, this one required a phone stand in which to set the mobile to clubbingMar 2006 - Jun 2006 a flat position for watching TV on the small screen, or for accommodating a comfortable posture that allows people to watch TV when they are traveling, such bikeThe goal of this project was to design a new DMB sk8 board as on the subway or bus.(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) phone for the nextgeneration of mobile devices. This was an industrial- Assigned to Outdoor theme, I selected a male user, target aged from 18 to 35. To street fashion pla-modelseducational cooperation project. specify the user scenario, I analyzed the user target group and extracted several keywords from them.Keywords User target: 18~35, maleProduct Design, Mobile Device Design, Target User Study, Keywords: Hongdae clubbing, bike riding, skateboarding, likes pla-models,LG DMB, Outdoor interested in street fashion and brandsMedium/Media I used an army radio device as my design motif and characterized it with khakiAdobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator color and an army uniform pattern. Furthermore, I placed grooves on the front panel for a vintage look. f. meterial f2. guje, vintage f3. retro Development FigureAdvisorProfessor SangTae ByunCourseProduct Design 1PresentedLG MC Design Lab, LG, Korea mnlee.hubweb.net 13