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There you can find out more about all 12 starsigns

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  1. 1. Capricorns have huge intellectual and creativetalents. They are daring and audacious,hardworking. Capricorns are attracted with allserious, honest, durable, constant and right, butthey avoid all that are illconsidered, chaotic,impulsive. Capricorns are not easy-going and mostof them are pessimist, so they can be often depressed. As a rule they are stay-at-home. Capricorns are compatible with Taureans, Cancers, Virgos andScorpios. Interesting is that Capricorns are long-lived persons. Lucky dayfor them is Saturday, lucky colors – brown and black, lucky gems (or simpleminerals) – onyx, malachite and ruby. Good present for Capricorn issomething old, classic, traditional or business-related as they are dedicatedto their career, so your present would be appreciated.
  2. 2. Aquarians are sincere, open-hearted, sociable,steady, clever and sentimental. They are interestedin all new, out of the ordinary, secret. Aquariansoften have literature talent and live imagination.They are fair, faithful, rectilinear and tolerant.Sometimes Aquarians are wasteful, unstable intheir characters, submit to somebody’s will.Lucky month for them is August, day – Saturday,number – eight, gems – zirconium and garnet,color – purple. Aquarians are compatible withGemini and Librans. The best present forAquarian will be something original, one-of-a-kind item or up-to-the-minute gadget.
  3. 3. Pisces have discrepant characters. They are steadyand in the same time they become angry very easy,they are modest and ambitious, they are looking forpeople’ company, but keep a distance with them.Most of Pisces are nice and warm-hearted, so theyneed to care about somebody. Often they areirresolute, timid, generous and moody persons. Pisceshave very good intuition. They are compatible withCancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. Luckymonth for them is September, day – Thursday,number – four, gems – amethyst and pearl, colors –blue and dark purple. Good present for Pisces are anaquarium full of colorful tropical fish, tickets to thecinema or the CD with their favorite film.
  4. 4. Ariens are strong, stubborn and persistent,tend to command others well. They don’t likecowardice uncertainty, obscure situations,indecision, unsaid. It is impulsive, aggressiveand very active people. They are full ofinitiatives, talents, intellectual abilities andskills to concentrate easily. Ariens aregenerous and magnanimous, they are usually good friends. Sometimes Ariensare despotic and impressionable, can be easily make offended and angry. Theyare compatible with Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini and Aquarius. Lucky month forAriens is October, day – Thursday, number – one, color – red, gem – all redgems and brilliant. As Ariens are adventurous and full of energy your gift forthem may reflect it to be the best.
  5. 5. Taureans are notable for patience, forbearingand endurance. They are quite and friendly,sometimes lazy and wasteful. Taureans havevery good esthetic taste. In love andfriendship they are faithful and constant.Taureans are compatible with Scorpio,Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. Their lucky dayis Friday, number – six, colors – blue andpurple, gems – sapphire and turquise. Tauruswill enjoy a wallet, a mirror, a familymemento, some lotions, bath oils or parfumes,a night at the opera or a performance ofclassical music as a gift for them.
  6. 6. Gemini people like changes, they are often unpleasedwith status quo in their life. They are restless in souland ambivalent in their character. Gemini are sosincere, sociable and rectilinear, but they are able tobe secretive and crafty people. Gemini can bealtruists and egoists, inconstant and thoughtless.They rarely are alone, like to travel and learn foreignlanguages without any problems. Gemini arecompatible with Librans, Aquarians, Ariens andLeos. Lucky day for them is Wednesday, number –five, color – white, gems – chrysoprase, beryl andagate. An ideal presents for Gemini are tickets toanything, a mobile phone, a craft kit or the book.
  7. 7. Cancers are very impressionable, self-contained,sensitive, sentimental and dreamy. They have astrong sense of duty and responsibility, theiractions are designed and validated. They arecapable of self-sacrifice and delicate. Cancers aretalented, they collect antiques and other valuableitems. Cancers are compatible with Scorpios andAquarius. Their lucky month is January, day –Monday, number – two, gems – pearl, chrysoberyland emerald. Good present for Cancer can be donewith the “good old days” or have sentimentalvalue. Also, if you know what the Cancer in yourlife collects use it to choose the present to him.
  8. 8. Leos are sincere, open, truthful, kind and forgiving,sensitive and a little naive. They are distinguishedby courage and persistence in the pursuit of goalsand have a great influence on other people. Theyare confident in yourself and believe in his owninfallibility and inerrancy. Leos egocentric andnarcissistic, they are sociable and nice. Leos arecompatible with Ariens, Sagittarian, Aquarians,Scorpios and Pisces. Lucky day for Leo is Sunday,number – three, colors – all shades of yellow, lightgreen and white, gems – topaz and amber. One ofthe best presents for Leo is some gold things, to hirea limousine for the evening, or arrange for them tobe the star guest at a special event or party.
  9. 9. Virgos zealous, careful, diligent, conscientious, constant love and order. They are executive, reliable,specifically thoughtful and sometimes shock peoplewith their excessive minuteness and economically.Virgos appreciates quiet and orderly way of life.They are compatible with Sagittarians andCapricorns. Virgo’s lucky month is March, day –Tuesday, number – four, colors – all shades ofgreen, gems – carnelian and jade, framed in silverand platinum, but not in gold. You can give thempresents connected to health, useful presents,presents which can help them to organise their lifeor a gift connected to health.
  10. 10. Libras are noted with desire to harmony, peace andorder. They are supporters of the compromisesolutions, justice and mutual understanding, sofighting and aggressive behavior are alien to them,but in a desperate situation, Libras can rush intobattle with an unexpected fury for them. Theyare charming and attractive, wonderful friends,trusted guardians of other peoples secrets and theyoften show artistic abilities. Libra attached totheir persona. Libras are compatible with Aquariansand Gemini. Lucky month for them is April, day –Friday, number – six, color – azure (blue), gems-talismans – opal and lapis lazyli. Librans lovebeauty, so present connected with it will be great.
  11. 11. Scorpios are brilliant and expansive personality,their emotional life is rich and deep, this type ofobservers, philosophers, with a rich imaginationand intuition, it is both the materialists andmystics. Scorpions - the extreme individualistswho can be loyal friends and dangerous, vengefulenemies. They are sarcastic, ironic and sometimeslend themselves to a sudden burst of anger.Scorpios are energetic, intelligent, assertive, self-confident and hardworking. They are compatiblewith Taureans, Cancerian, Pisces and Capricorns.The best present for Scorpio is a gift with a secret,because they enjoy playing at being detective.
  12. 12. Sagittarians are daring, confident, and theylike movement and active work. With relativesthey are sincere and open-hearted. They aredistinguished by the extraordinary nature ofrightness of character. Sagittarians are faithful infriendship. They are generous, talkative, funny,easy to make new acquaintances, gladly stay in alarge society. Sagittarius is inherent in the peaceof mind everyday optimism and carelessness. Theyare compatible with Leos, Scorpios and Virgo.Sagittarius’s lucky month is June, day –Thursday, number – eight, colors – all shades ofpurple and green, gems – topaz and amethyst.Good present for them is some foreign gifts.