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Wft s.presentation 5.3.1

  1. 1. LFD – Low Flow Detector Investors Presentation
  2. 2. The problem: Water loss High levels of NRW (Non Revenue Water) are detrimental to the financial viability of water utilities. The problem realize in water gauges as:  Unmeasured real losses (leaks)  Apparent Losses (theft & metering inaccuracies)
  3. 3. Metering inaccuracies Between 5%-15% of unmeasured flow, results in incorrect customer billing. The problem increases in countries that suffer from old piping infrastructure and/or advanced age of water gauges.
  4. 4. Water meters Most of the meters world wide are Multi Jet meters. About 1/3 are Positive Displacement (PD) meters. Our device suits all, and extends the life span of the meter considerably, hence preventing changes in production lines & high costs of field service including meter replacement.
  5. 5. Placed at the exit of the apartment water meter, enables low flow metering (leaks, thefts), that would otherwise go unnoticed (None Revenue water). 5%-15% of the supplied water are not measured by the utility. By installing the LFD this water will be charged for. The solution – LFD (patented)
  6. 6. The solution – LFD (patented)
  7. 7. Marketing strategy: Signing licensing agreements in each territory with a key water meter manufacturer, to supply local water utilities. World wide TAM:  700M water meters with a 5 year life cycle.  Annual replacement of 70M water meters.  970 water meters manufacturers worldwide.
  8. 8. Current status & Sales  The product completed R&D stage and is now ready for commercialization & roll-out for PD meters. For Multi Jet meters 4 months are required for DMR completion after successful prototype tests.  WFT successfully completed Pilot installation at a major Jerusalem utility, and demonstrated equalization between apartment and joint consumption.  July 2012 – Short & long term tests completion in USA. Technical US regulations approval. Current days - first territorial exclusive agreement negotiation for North & South America. (1B$ co. a leading manufacturer and marketer of products and services used in the transmission, distribution and measurement of water).
  9. 9. Current status & Sales  WFT was accepted to Jiangsu Wujin Economic Zone plan for registration of the company in China, and receipt financial & business escort to relate with local production facilities & main Chinese local water meters producers that will offer the LFD to relevant provincial water utilities.  WFT made first steps according to the marketing strategy & business model. Itron (France), Schlumberger (France), Siemens (England), Elster (Germany) – all in early stages of correspondence.
  10. 10. Intellectual property The LFD is protected by a global registered patent, after a PCT examination and accepting all claims. IP in Israel as well as key markets including: USA, Europe, China, India, Australia etc.