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Completed question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages
  2. 2. ConstructionWhile planning and constructing both my preliminary and final pieces, I used a series of technologies to help me. We did quite a bit of our planning work in the classroom – for this, we used Microsoft Publisher, Word and PowerPoint to produce our work.
  3. 3. ResearchBefore making my final piece, it was important toresearch exiting products on the market. Thisallowed me to discover to codes and conventionsneeded in producing a soap opera trailer.For this, I used YouTube, BBC iPlayer and ITVPlayer.
  4. 4. I used YouTube primarily for watching and evaluating Hollyoaks. I was able to watch trailers which had been made many years before which allowed me see the changing conventions. Furthermore, YouTube also recommends shows and trailers for me, based on my watching habits. This was extremely helpful in discovering my demographic.
  5. 5. &I was able to use institutions online TV players in order to watch soap operas I had missed on TV. As well as allowing me to watch the trailers, most of the programs also included adverts – further showing me who the demographic and target audience of the show were, based on the advertisements in the break. ITV Player also included a featured programmes section, and like YouTube I was able to discover who the soap was aimed at by looking at the programmes they would also watch.
  6. 6. Social MediaI used Social Media in order to communicate and present my work. Websites such as Twitter allowed me to communicate with my group and teacher, and other sites such as Blogger, SlideShare and YouTube let me present my work
  7. 7. To communicate with both my teacher and my group, we used the social networking site Twitter. This made it easy for us to communicate with one another, and also provided us with a way to send and view photos. Teacher Feedback Through Twitter, I was easily able communicate with my teacher and receive her feedback. This was much quicker and simpler than using traditional email, and I was able to complete my work at home.
  8. 8. As a way of presenting my work, I used to website Blogger. Here I was able to present all my work in chronological order and include PowerPoints, pictures and documents. My Blog:
  9. 9. Aquinas Blog:Here, I was able to keep up to date with information posted by my teacher, aswell as follow my classmates blogs.
  10. 10. This is my SlideShare account – I usedSlideShare to convert a PowerPoint so Iwas able to upload it t my blog.
  11. 11. iMovieI used iMovie in order to create my trailer. Here I was able to edit all my raw footage, as well as export it to YouTube.Click here to view how I did it...