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Front cover radial analysis


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Front cover radial analysis

  1. 1. Front Cover Analysis
  2. 2. Radial Analysis of Kerrang Front CoverMan in the sunglasses looks like a stereotypical rock star. The glasses imply he is cool and he takes on a serious expression. This is different compared to two of the other men that are taking on a less serious approach, one is holding a Christmas cracker and putting on a sarcastic fake smile and the other another is blowing a party blower. This suggests that they are less serious about the way they are viewed by people.Bold, in your face fonts are used that stand out and are easy to read, which suggest the magazine is aimed at a wide age group, from teens to adults. They use contrasting colours to help the copy stand out such as the red with yellow and white.The woman immediately catches the reader’s eye as she is the only female on the cover. She stands out because the men are all in dark clothing; they are wearing colours such as black and grey, whereas the woman has bright ginger hair and red lipstick on.Ripped edging on the section looks rough and has connotations of not being clean and simple which could signify that they are not trying to ‘poppy’ but are mean and be like a rock star.The colour scheme supports the genre of the magazine very well. It supports the rock music theme as the red font connotes anger and aggression, as well as danger.Five main images showing celebrities from bands that will be featured in their magazine and they have done this as it should one of the main selling points of the magazine, that have celebrities who people want to know more about.The man in the mask is trying to make a statement. He is dressed in a different way from the rest which makes him stand out and makes a big contrast between the woman next to him.The title of the magazine, ‘Kerrang’ is in white writing, which is a superior contrast against the black background. It is slightly covered by the images of the people which shows their significance. The writing is broken which gives it edginess, this makes the text go with the rock theme.Magazine is a Christmas special; assets such as the cracker and party blower show this, as well as the stars that are scattered randomly on the cover.
  3. 3. Radial Analysis of Q Front CoverThe one main image is of Lily Allen, this shows the main article will be on her. There are two panthers on either side of her, this is could connote she has characteristics like the panthers. It is also a sexual photo so it could make male readers interested. Representation / a preferred meaning of her being sexually available has been constructedThe slogan ‘sexy beast’ can be used for the panthers as they are big cats or could be used for Lily Allen as she is shown in a revealing photo as she is topless. Signifies again that she is sexually avaliable.The logo/title of the magazine stands out from the cover; this could be done to show that it is a recognised music magazine which will have a lot of already existing purchasing customers. Upper case/sans serif - clear direct communicationThere are articles shown on the side which can widen the target audience as the articles are with artist from different genres, there was also names of bands at the bottom of the page. Burton – socially grouped & media groupedThe colour theme of monochrome is used throughout the front cover; this could be done to show it is a professional magazine or that these are colours Lily Allen is wearing. This also could be done as only Lily Allen and the Q logo are the only things in colour to show their importance and stand over the rest of the copy or images.The first thing to attract the reader is Lily Allen and then the panthers; this could show that the article is different and interesting.Certain words such as ‘wicked’ and ‘beast’ have been used in different colours than the rest of the copy, this could be done to stand out over the rest as they positively describe Lilly Allen’s behaviour or personality
  4. 4. Radial Analysis of NME Front CoverFront cover is meant to be quite spooky but Christmas themed. There is snow across the top of the title, sparkles, and Christmas ball balls. However the ball balls seem to be dripping like blood which adds to the creepiness, this could have been to connote that not everything is good about Christmas and this is why Simon Cowell has been related to the ‘Grinch’The FREE posters are pushed out of the way from the main image, and the text is more to the side which shows that the image of Simon Cowell is the main part of the whole cover, the rest of the text all being put over to the left hand side shows their less importance and slightly divides the magazine into to parts vertically.Advertising of six FREE posters, trying to sell their magazine, they stand out from the rest of the magazine as they have a different colour background, this is a selling point everyone would like to get something for ‘free’Dark/dull lighting with parts highlighted to appear shiny and Christmas themed. Lighting has seemed to be put up at Cowell’s face to represent he is bigger and angry.Simon Cowell looking directly into the camera makes him seem intimidating; it looks as though he is looking at you, and so it includes the audience.Bold writing is mainly used throughout the cover which are bold and eye catching.Man on the cover is dominating; you can see his importance in the image as he takes up the most of the magazine cover. The image is a close up shot which shows him smug/evil looking expression. You can see he is wearing a suit as the collar and blazer is slightly visible, this also shows his importance and tells the audience he is of high class. He is obviously popular and very well known as the main image of a magazine is a very important part as it has to sell the magazine.‘NME goes head to head with Simon Cowell’ is an interesting strap line. It would make me as the audience want to read on and find out what it’s going on about as it suggests the magazine being in competition with the man on the cover.The title is in bold red writing ‘NME’, with a white outline. The red follows the Christmas theme but is also a connotation for danger and aggression, which links to the bloody drips coming off of the festive decorations.Gold and white follow the Christmas theme, gold shows glitz and sparkle, and the white, snow and purity.