Single Use Bioreactors (2012)


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Single Use Bioreactors (2012)

  1. 1. Single-Use Bioreactors A cost-effective solution for the current demands of multiple drug pipelines and rapid R&D turnover in the expanding biotherapeutics drug market 1st - 2nd November 2012, Visiongain Conference Centre, London, UK BOOK NOW! Key Speakers Tim Charlebois, VP Technology and Innovation Strategy, Pfizer David Pollard, Associate Director, Merck Chetan Goudar, Head Cell Culture Development, Bayer Matthew Pietrzykowski, Lead Scientist, GE Healthcare Nicolas Fouque, Section Head, Process Development, NovImmune Klaus Hermansen, Senior Specialist, NNE Pharmaplan Marc Bisschops, Scientific Director, Tarpon Biosystems Martina Micheletti, Lecturer, University College London Peter Walter, Chief Technology Officer & Principal Consultant, Hyde Engineering and Consulting Driving the Industry Forward | www.futurepharmaus.comMedia Partners Organised By To Book Call: +44 (0) 20 7336 6100 |
  2. 2. Conference Introduction Single-Use Bioreactors 1st - 2nd November 2012, London, UKDear Colleague, Media Partners: the bioreactors market, disposables are one of the fastest growing sectors with the In is the leading industry-sponsored portal for potential for many new breakthroughs and applications in the coming years. They are an attractive alternative to the traditional large inflexible stainless steel bioreactors the pharmaceutical sector. Supported by most of the leading which require substantial capital expenditure. The industry as a whole is experiencing pharmaceutical corporations, provides dynamic real-time news, an increased demand for biologics which requires the use of bioreactors to cultivate features, events listings and international jobs to industry professionals across Europe specific cell lines. The number of clinical monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in development and the US. is increasing and pharmaceutical companies are looking at developing a diverse For further information please email: pipeline of mAbs to fill several smaller niches and meet the demand for personalised medicine rather than large scale production of blockbusters. This has resulted in the industry demanding smaller batch sizes, quicker turnover rates and cheaper production costs as budgets are restrained. BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE is owned by BIOTECHNOLOGY Disposable bioreactors help fill this need as they are fast, flexible and cheap allowing WORLD. It is based and located in Warsaw, Poland. for quick experimental runs of new biologics and a scalable platform to a substantial Biotechnology World was founded in 2007 to provide the world’s biotech and pharma size of up to 2000 litres. They are pre-sterilised, thus removing the need for strict sterilisation and validation procedures. This process will play an important role for information and market to make it universally accessible and useful for scientific the manufacturing of cheap biosimilars in emerging markets due to a lack of legacy and business processes. Its first step to fulfilling that mission was building the infrastructure and low capital costs. The total market will increase to approximately BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE platform that will allow a quick spread of information in $59.1m by 2021, providing ample opportunity for growth. different channels. BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE offers companies completed internet public relations, publication and marketing solutions. One of the mains goals ofWhy you should attend this conference BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE is to integrate the Biotech and Pharma Sector in Europe to • Manage multiple pipelines for niche biotherapeutic products global biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science activities. • Analyse case studies examining ROI and cost/benefit potential For further information please visit: • Explore environmentally friendly methods of disposal • Manage a diverse supply chain and increase speed of RD turnaround • Find the right solutions to manage bench to full scale production Future Pharmaceuticals has forged powerful relationships Driving the Industry Forward | • xpand production in rapidly growing BRIC economies with fast implementation and E with key industry leaders to provide a platform for successful low capital costs brand recognition, and for senior decision-makers to have the means to procure and • Discuss the creation of standardised connectivity across the industry plan implementation strategies based on the topics covered. Positioned to be an • Improve downstream processing efficiency and increase capacity authoritative resource within top pharma companies as well as small, specialty, and I look forward to meeting you at the conference biotech, Future Pharmaceuticals magazine is geared to create a deep penetration into a highly targeted and responsive audience, bridging the gap between the industries’ Best regards top issues and the solutions top-tier vendors can provide. For further information please visit: Shahidul Islam InPharm is the online platform for exclusive pharmaceutical Conference Producer news, comment, contracts, services, jobs and events and is home to, Pharmafile and Pharmafocus. For further information please visit: Who should attend this conference? Presidents, Chief Executives, Chief Scientific Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads, Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities Senior Directors, Directors, Clinicians, Principal Scientists, Principal Investigators, Managers, Project/Team Leaders in: This event offers a unique opportunity to meet and do business with some • Bioanalytical Development • High-Throughput/High-Content Screening Operations of the key players in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. If you have • Drug Discovery/Validation a service or product to promote, you can do so at this event by: • Health Economics • Biotherapeutics • Hosting a networking drinks reception • Business and Alliance Development • Contract Manufacturing and Research Organisations • Taking an exhibition space at the conference • Drug Safety Risk Management • New Product Development • Advertising in the delegate documentation pack • Biosimilars • Vaccines • Providing branded bags, pens, gifts, etc. • Bioprocess Engineers • Drug Delivery If you would like more information on the range of sponsorship or • Lead Generatio • In Vitro Sciences exhibition possibilities for visiongains Single-Use Bioreactors Conference, • Pre-clinical Development • Medicinal Chemistry please contact us: • External/Contract Research • Global Research and Development Damian Gorman, +44 (0)20 7549 9934 • Business Development • Investment and Venture Capital
  3. 3. Day 1 Single-Use Bioreactors Thursday 1st November 2012 09:00 Registration and refreshments 13:40 Panel Discussion: What opportunities are there for the development of microbial bioreactors and what future upstream developments can we expect? Join 09:30 Opening address from the Chair us for this lively debate with input from industry and service providers. Email your questions to 09:40 B ioprocess Technology Innovation: Strategic Imperative for Challenging Times • hanging landscape of bioprocessing requires new approaches C 14:20 Supply chain security for single-use systems to production • ow to address the inherent risks associated with reliance on H • Perspective from a large global biopharmaceutical company single-use components Charlebois Tim • Develop a supplier management and quality plan VP Technology and Innovation Strategy Peter Walter Pfizer Chief Technology Officer Principal Consultant Hyde Engineering and Consulting 10:20 D esigning a biotech facility for the future with single-use technologies 15:00 Afternoon Refreshments • Building a modular facility to enable flexibility and reduce lead time • Integrating disposable tech with existing pipelines 15:20 Cost/benefit analysis of single-use bioreactors Klaus Hermansen • What is the real enefit of single-use systems? Senior Specialist NNE Pharmaplan • Case-study of a successful implementation and analysis of outcomes • hat applications are particularly suited for single-use systems and W which to avoid? 11:00 Morning refreshments 16:00 Upstream process advances and collaborations 11:20 Will small-scale, high-throughput upstream with service providers processes become the standard for cell culture development? • The unmet need for microbial bioreactors I disposable systems • Are small-scale technologies capable of advancing the industry further? • ontinous bioprocess using modular disposable systems and C perfusion systems • Can they continue to reduce costs and increase productivity standards? David Pollard • uccessful utilisation of multiple small-scale processes to allow access to S Merck cell line performance information in reduced time 16:40 Closing remarks from the Chair 12:00 Title to be confirmed • Engineering bioreactors to solve heat and oxygen transfer issues • ntegrating intensification technologies into disposables to create I higher yields 16:50 Networking drinks Martina Micheletti Lecturer Take your discussions further and build new University College London relationships in a relaxed and informal setting 12:40 Networking lunch Due to unforeseen circumstances the programme may change and visiongain reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers c Copyright visiongain Ltd, 2012
  4. 4. Day 2 Single-Use Bioreactors Friday 2nd November 201209:00 Registration and refreshments 14:20 be confirmed To atthew Pietrzykowski M Lead Scientist09:30 Opening address from the chair GE Healthcare09:40 Case studies of scaling up production using 15:00 Afternoon refreshments disposable technology • Rapid scale-up of vaccine production using disposables 15:20 K ey Considerations for Validation of Single Use • Advantages of disposables when time is of the essence Bioreactors and Risk Management for Leachables and Extractables • ssessing vendors initially and throughout lifecycle: Audits of Quality A10:20 Accelerating cell culture development System, Design History and Change Control Procedures, CAPA, and • Future biotherapeutic production plant design Supply Chain security. • argeted cell engineering to reduce variability and create T • electing equipment with construction materials, operating principles, and S stable cell lines performance characteristics based on whether they are appropriate for their specific uses. Chetan Goudar Head Cell Culture Development • nalysis of vendor extractables data and material compatibility with A Bayer process streams and operating conditions. Applying risk management principles for assessment of Leachables in a specific process.11:00 Morning refreshments 16:00 Downstream processing using disposable systems • urification of biologics in a disposable setting requires a P11:20 B ioSMB™: A Fully Disposable Continuous different approach Chromatography for the Purification of • Existing and emerging platform purification options Biopharmaceuticals • Solutions to overcome downstream bottlenecks Marc Bisschops Scientific Director Nicolas Fouque Tarpon Biosystems Section Head, Process Development NovImmune12:00 Sponsor spotlight 16:40 Chair’s closing remarks12:40 Networking lunch 16:50 End of Conference13:40 Panel Discussion: How can we drive standardisation in such a broad market to maintain supply chain security? The challenges and proposals for standardisation of connectivity. Email your questions to
  5. 5. Registration Form Single-Use Bioreactors 1st - 2nd November 2012, London, UK Angel Conf. code VG Pentonville Road Single-Use Bioreactors Ci tyStandard Prices Ro ad 1st - 2nd November 2012Conference only Fee: £1299 VAT: £259.80 Total: £1558.80 Old Street Location: Visiongain Conference Centre Old Street Address: Number of bookings: Total cost: 230 City Road London City Road EC1V 2TT UKPromotional Literature DistributionDistribution of your company’s promotional literature to all conference attendees Fee: £999 VAT: £199.80 Total: £1198.80 How to book Email: Details Web: UK Office:Forename: Surname: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7336 6100 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7549 9932 Job Title: Company: Visiongain Ltd 230 City Road LondonMain Switchboard Number: EC1V 2QY UKAddress: General information Venue: Visiongain Conference Centre 230 City Road, London, EC1V 2TT. United Kingdom. Closest tube station is Old Street (Northern Line). Accommodation: Thistle City Barbican, Central Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 8DS, Phone: 0871 376 9004 / +44 845 305 8304, Fax: 0871 376 9104 / +44 845 305 8343, Postcode: Travelodge London City Road Hotel, 7-12 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AE, Tel: 0871 984 6333, Fax: 0207 628 2503, Fax: Payment terms: Visiongain require the full amount to be paid before the conference. Visiongain Ltd may refuse entry to delegates who have not paid their invoice in full. A credit card guarantee may be requested if payment has not been received in full before the event. Visiongain Ltd reserves theEmail: right to charge interest on unpaid invoices. Substitutions/name changes or cancellations: There is a 50% liability on all bookings onceSignature: made, whether by post, fax, email or web. There is a no refund policy for cancellations received on or after one month before the start of the event. Should you decide to cancel after this date, the full invoiceI confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of booking must be paid. Conference notes will then be sent to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer places between conferences. However, if you cannot attend the conference, you may make a substitution/ name change at any time, as long as we are informed in writing by email, fax or post. Name changesMethods of payment and substitutions must be from the same company or organisation and are not transferable between countries. Please note that discounted delegates places at a visiongain event are non refundable.Payment must be made in sterling Invoice alterations: There will be an administration charge of £50 for any changes to an invoice, By Mail: Complete and return your signed registration form together with your cheque excluding substitutions/name changes, requested by the customer. This will be charged to the customer by credit card prior to the changes being made. payable to Visiongain Ltd and send to: visiongain Ltd, 230 City Road, London, EC1V 2QY, UK Indemnity: Visiongain Ltd reserves the right to make alterations to the conference/executive briefing content, timing, speakers or venue without notice. The event may be postponed or cancelled By Fax: Complete and fax your signed registration form with your credit card details due to unforeseen events beyond the control of visiongain Ltd. If such a situation arises, we will try to +44 (0) 20 7549 9932 to reschedule the event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot be held responsible for any cost, damage or expenses, which may be incurred by the customer as a consequence of the event being postponed or By Phone: Call us on +44 (0) 20 7336 6100 with your credit card details cancelled. We therefore strongly advise all our conference clients to take out insurance to cover the cost of the registration, travel and expenses. Credit Card: Fill in your card details below and fax back to +44 (0) 20 7549 9932 By Data Protection: Visiongain Ltd gathers and manages data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. Your personal information contained in this form may be used to update you on By Bank Transfer visiongain Ltd products and services via post, telephone, fax or email, unless you state otherwise. We may also share your data with external companies offering complementary products or services. If you Please debit my credit card: wish for your details to be amended, suppressed or not passed on to any external third party, please send your request to the Database Manager, visiongain Ltd, BSG House, 226-236 City Road, London, Access MasterCard Visa American Express EC1V 2QY. Alternatively, you can visit our website at and amend your details. Please allow approximately 30 days for your removal or update request to be applied to our database. Following your removal or update request, you may receive additional pieces of communication from visiongain Ltd during the transitional period, whilst the changes are coming into effect.Card number: Fee: The conference fee includes lunch, refreshments and conference papers provided on the day. This fee does not include travel, hotel accommodation, transfers or insurance, (which we strongly recommend you obtain).Expiry Date: VAT: VAT will be charged at the local rate on each conference. TaxPort USA Corp. specializes in recovering cross-border VAT. Delegates may be able to recover VAT incurred by contacting TaxPortSecurity number (last 3 digits on back of credit card): USA Corp.on: Tel: USA 802.860.0250 or +1.888.298.8296, Europe +41(0)21 310 01 50 or via email on:,, For further information please check Terms and Conditions on the web siteSignature: How we will contact you: Visiongain Ltd’s preferred method of communication is by email and phone. Please ensure that you complete the registration form in full so that we can contact you.Cardholder’s name: Unable to attend Obviously nothing compares to being there but you need not miss out. Simply tick the box and sendNews updates with your payment. You will receive speaker talks in PDFs two weeks after the event.Please tick if you do not want to receive email news updates in the future Yes, please send me speaker talks Price£550 VAT:£110 Total:£660