Causes of the_crusades


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Causes of the_crusades

  1. 1. Crusades 1096-1291 Aim/Goals: What was the causes of the Crusades? Do Now: (1) What is the definition of “monotheism?” (2) Locate Jerusalem on your map. Homework: Create a poster or want ad for various groups in medieval Europe describing why they should join the Crusades. Be creative and use color.
  2. 2. Do Now Responses: (1) Monotheism is ______________________________. (2) Jerusalem is located in ___________________(country) ___________________(continent)
  3. 3. Jerusalem Jerusalem is here. There is fighting between Palestinian Muslims & Jews For this territory. Middle East
  4. 4. Document #1 (1) Based on this map, which holy city was the destination of the first four Crusades?
  5. 5. Who were the Popes? • Pope is head of the Catholic Church • Had enormous influence over all of Western Europe (Christiandom) • Popes supported & advised kings.
  6. 6. Pope’s Power • Popes thought they had supreme authority over all the people of Christiandom including Kings and Nobles. • This was based on the idea that Christ’s apostle, Peter, was the first “Pope” & represented Christ on earth.
  7. 7. Pope Urban II
  8. 8. Document #2 Read Document #2 and answer question #2. The goals of the Crusades were _________________________________ _________________________________.
  9. 9. Who were the Crusaders?a • Serfs who wanted change from their mundane lives • Children who believed in the idea • Women & nuns who believed in the idea • Knights who wanted something to fight for.
  10. 10. Pope Urban II called the Crusades, “Holy Wars,” (1096-1291) to: • Purpose: to drive Muslims out of the Holy Land of Jerusalem, in Israel. • Restore Holy Land for Christian Pilgrims who liked to visit there. • Give knights a purposeful mission. • To unite Christians under him.
  11. 11. Difference between a Crusade and a Pilgrimage • Crusade was a holy war, fought in Jerusalem against Muslims • Pilgrimage was a peaceful visit to a holy place (church, shrine) where a saint was buried or holy event took place.
  12. 12. pilgrimage
  13. 13. Crusade! Jerusalem is a holy city To Muslims, Jews, And Christians. It is Located in Israel.
  14. 14. Document #3 Read Document #3 and answer question #3 in full sentences in your notebook. The reasons why the people joined the Crusades was __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________
  15. 15. Document #4 Read Document #4 and answer question #4 in full sentences in your notebook. The Crusaders are considered hypocrites because _______________________ ________________________________ ________________________________.
  16. 16. Crusaders in Jerusalem What do you notice taking place In this painting?
  17. 17. What Happened? • Christians saw Muslims as “infidels” • “Infidel” is someone who doesn’t share your religious belief. • Muslims saw Christians as infidels, too.
  18. 18. Document #5
  19. 19. Response to Document #5 Many Muslims still consider Saladin a hero because ___________________ ________________________________ ________________________________.
  20. 20. Summary Question: • A major goal of the Christian Church during the Crusades (1096–1291) was to 1. establish Christianity in western Europe 2. capture the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from Islamic rulers 3. unite warring Arab peoples 4. strengthen English dominance in the Arab world
  21. 21. Results of the Crusades • Failure to win back the Holy Land. • Decline of Pope’s prestige & feudalism. • Interest in other places ideas, and cultures.
  22. 22. What do you think? • Were Crusades a poor decision? Good decision? Why or why not? • Should you impose your ideas on someone else? • Were there some good things that happened as a result? • Would you have supported the idea of Crusading?
  23. 23. The End