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02 neolithic revolution


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02 neolithic revolution

  1. 1. AIM: How did the Neolithic Revolution change how civilizations develop? Do Now: You were just stranded on a deserted island. What would be five items that you would bring? HW: Create a venn diagram comparing & contrasting the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age.
  2. 2. PrehistoryPrehistory I.I. Paleolithic Age – Old Stone Age (Est. 2 mil BC-9000 BC)Paleolithic Age – Old Stone Age (Est. 2 mil BC-9000 BC) 1.1. Hunters & GatherersHunters & Gatherers A.A. Nomad: Moving from place to place in search for food.Nomad: Moving from place to place in search for food. B.B. MenMen  hunted & fished.hunted & fished. C.C. WomanWoman  gathered fruits, nuts, etc.gathered fruits, nuts, etc. 2. Way of Life A. Cave paintings B. Stone tools & pottery C. Domesticated dogs II.II. Neolithic Age – New Stone Age (9000 BC – 3000 BC)Neolithic Age – New Stone Age (9000 BC – 3000 BC) 1.1. FarmingFarming  Neolithic RevolutionNeolithic Revolution A.A. People could remain in one place.People could remain in one place. B.B. Herding of animals – goats, sheep & cattle.Herding of animals – goats, sheep & cattle. 2. Community – A. Council of Elders/Chief – made important decisions. B. Warrior class C. Kept possessions.
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