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Lakme Fruit Blast Project

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Lakme ppt

  1. 1. PROJECT ON:
  2. 2. ABOUT THE COMPANY: Lakme founded in 1973 is anIndian brand of cosmetics,owned by Hindustan Unilever. Lakme started as a 100%subsidiary of Tata Group. Tata’s entered into a 50-50joint venture with HindustanLever Limited in 1995. In 1998 Tata sold off theirstakes in Lakme Lever to HLL,for Rs 200 Crore.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION The name ‘Lakme’ is borrowedfrom Lakshmi, the name of thepriestess. The rate is high in the skin-caresegment as compared to colourcosmetics. In the skin-care segment, price andvolume played an equal role in valuegrowth. Lakme has a range of beautyproducts to offer to its consumers.
  4. 4. “Lakme Fruit Blast Face Wash Series” Lakme Fruit Blast ‘BERRYLUSH’ Face Wash. Lakme Fruit Blast ‘MELONMELT’ Face Wash. Lakme Fruit Blast ‘CITRUSRAIN’ Face Wash. Lakme Fruit Blast ‘HONEYGLOW’ Face Wash.
  5. 5. USAGE REASON Pro’s:- It has tiny granules which arestrawberry seeds for exfoliation.-It has got a gel-like consistency witha strong and nice fruity fragrance.-It is reasonably priced. Cons:-Many women have complained thatit leaves a slippery feel on the faceafter its use.- Since it is soap free, it does notlather that well.
  6. 6. Lakme‟s Fruit Blast „Melon Melt‟ face wash Pro’s:- It is reasonably priced for thequantity given.-Doesn’t cause skin to break out atall.-It smells of freshly cut melons andthe aroma is just superb. Cons:-The granules in this face wash arequite rough.
  7. 7. Lakme Fruit Blast „Citrus Rain‟ Face Wash Pro’s:- It contains niacin amide or vitaminc which adds radiance to skin.-It smells of freshly peeled oranges.- It is another effective and newinnovation from the Lakme company.
  8. 8. Lakme Fruit Blast „Honey Glow‟ Face Wash Pro’s:-Deeply revitalise and protect yourskin from the winter.- The nourishing active ingredients;honey and avocado, are infused inthis hydrating face wash.
  9. 9. CUSTOMER PERCEPTION Perception is the process throughwhich we select, organise and interpretsensory input to achieve or grasp of oursurroundings. The commercial ad definitely stays inone’s mind and is hard to forget. The customers perceive the Fruit Blastface washes as a natural and soap freeway to protect their skin. The natural scrub particles andgranules of strawberry seeds have beenperceived well with the womencustomers.
  10. 10. MOTIVE Inferential-The customer becomes aware about a product by observinganother person talking about the product. Explanatory-The commercial ad has shown the importance of fruit essence to awomans skin.Predictions-If working women and college girls are motivated to keep theirskin hydrated they will try to take care of their skin.Multiple Motives-Catching and understanding different consumer motivation leadsto successful launch of the product.
  11. 11. SURVEY How often do you purchase Lakme Face Wash?-a) 60% - Once in a month b) 40% - Twice a month Out of the 4 types which face wash do you use?-a) 50% - Citrus Rain b) 50% - Others How do you find its pricing?-a) 30% - High b) Low – 5% c) Optimum – 65% Do you want any changes in the product?-a) 70% - Yes b) 30% - No.