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Circulatory System


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Published in: Education
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Circulatory System

  1. 1. Circulatory System Circulation Heart structure 100’s of free ppt’s from www.h library dr shabeel pn
  2. 2. Function: To transport materials around the body Oxygen Carbon dioxide Digested food Hormones Waste chemicals - urea Heat
  3. 3. Double Circulation Left side Oxygenated blood from the lungs enters the heart and is pumped to the body organs and tissues Right side Deoxygenated blood from the body is returned to the heart to be pumped to the lungs
  4. 4. Systemic – to the organs of the body Pulmonary system – up to the lungs OXYGEN CARBON DIOXIDE
  5. 5. Structure of the heart
  6. 6. You need to be able to label all parts of the heart
  7. 7. LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE Left ventricle – has a thicker muscle wall than right side – why? Right ventricle valve right atrium ? Blood from lungs Blood from ?
  8. 8. Body organs
  9. 9. LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE Left ventricle Right ventricle valve right atrium Left atrium Blood from lungs Blood from ? Blood to the ? Blood to the ?
  10. 11. Beating heart – blood flow The valves prevent the backflow of blood.
  11. 13. How do the valves work? How many can you see?
  12. 14. Atrium and ventricle muscles force the blood through and out of the heart out in in Can you see the 4 valves?
  13. 15. VALVE between the atrium and ventricle Ventricle wall Ventricle chamber
  14. 16. The end