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Google ad words presentation

  1. 1. Reach your customers through network 1
  2. 2. Agenda Google Marketing Concepts Search Targeting Contextual Targeting ROI and Performance Tracking Summary Next Steps 2
  3. 3. Google Advertising Concepts Search Targeting Cost Per Click Text only Content Targeting Text/Image/ Videos Site Targeting Cost Per 1000 Impression Image / Text Ads = Maximum Return on Investment 3
  4. 4. Search Marketing Target clients when they are searching for you. Search Targeting Cost Per Click Text only Use Search • Serve ads targeted specifically around a chosen set of keywords e.g. “Hotels in Bangalore” • ROI based advertising - Pay only for clicks • Ranks ads based on a combination of both relevance and bid price • Ads displayed on the Google page as sponsored links next to natural search results 4
  5. 5. Evolving an Online Sales Strategy Search is “Pull” Advertising….. User types in a search query on Google Search The text ad is displayed on Google search results page under “Sponsored Links” User clicks on the ad and is brought to the relevant landing page 5 5
  6. 6. Contextual Targeting Target clients when they research services you offer. Use Google’s Content Network • Reach 30,000 sites • Ads shown only on relevant websites • 67% Reach of Internet Users Content Contextual Targeting • Single buy in – reaching the 30k sites is as easy as checking a box! • Delivered in a number of formats – text, image and video 6
  7. 7. Keyword Targeting Reach your Target Audiences as they Read Online 1. Keyword-targeted campaigns which run as content relevant to your offerings is published online Your Ads  CPC bidding  Text or Animated Image ads  Targets to content on web pages  Block Unwanted Sites 7 G oo
  8. 8. Serve ads on 3rd Party sites with the Google Content Network So how does it work?....... Source: Custom Analysis by comScore Network, October 2007 8
  9. 9. How does it work ? Page Analysis 1 Scan the page 2Analyze the page Machine learning technology turns keywords into targetable concepts and categories Keywords Flats, buy properties, real estate in India Concepts Real Estate Categories Real Estate 9
  10. 10. Managing your Internet Campaign Track the ROI • Bid for and Pay For Visitor / “Click” appropriately • Hence, every lead is cost-effective! 10
  11. 11. Summary: What does this mean for my business? Leverage the power of network • Search Network Millions searches happen every day your target audience is looking for you • Content Network Serve your message directly on 1000s of Websites Portals and blogs. Build brand equity • Improve awareness Cost effective branding solution to raise the overall profile of your organization. • Improve ad placements Use search and content network to increase visibility and help drive clicks to your sites. Increase ROI and profitability • Targeted advertising Promote your services and products when Customers are looking for your services. • Ease of use Reaching customers all around the world is as easy as checking a box! Promote Multiples Services. • Target users abroad Geo-target users – Target users abroad, convert on Your website. • Control the user experience Take users directly to the relevant section on your website 11
  12. 12. Google Advertising has worked for them! Why not you as well??...
  13. 13. Getting Started - Next Steps! • Confirmation of your account o • Planning your account o • Generating keyword lists, Adtexts, campaign structure Activation of your campaign o • Determining the precise objectives of your campaign Building your campaign o • Acceptance of terms and conditions and funding your account Going live online Evaluating the results o Use the tools available to track the results 13
  14. 14. It’s All About Results Thank you 14